I Bought An Insane $40,000 Mclaren Part And It's The LAST ONE In The WORLD! (Adds $100k In Value!) 

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18 сеп 2020






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Ed Bolian
Ed Bolian Пре месец
Great find!
InfinityBladeSX Пре 25 дана
@slyonerz wat?
Cool Guy 99
Cool Guy 99 Пре 26 дана
Ed Bolian it sure is. And it’s also extremely rare too.
Itsmejak 78
Itsmejak 78 Пре 29 дана
@SupraRyu it wouldn't be McLren original and therefore it would be worth less than if you just put the stock McLaren roof back on
Master of None
Master of None Пре месец
If only we had the level of supercars to choose from in Australia!
Juan Cusi
Juan Cusi Пре месец
Just A Greek Internet User
So if u 3D model it and print in on a 3D printer, u get ur money back multiple times...
ปาร์ค ตง ฮี
Where did you boy this monicoque bro ? Iam thai and looking this ti make my project car, please tell me 😃
Life in Washington
Life in Washington Пре 2 дана
Jared was bitten by a rare snake. The McLaren box snake is the most exspensive and rare of all the snakes and much faster than the Cobra or the viper.
RobbieV Пре 2 дана
When did you both come out of the closet as lovers?
Alexander S
Alexander S Пре 2 дана
Why. Does every. RSvid. Car guy... talk. Like this...??
Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff
Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff Пре 3 дана
I would have been pissed at the shipper and whatever yutz packaged your thousands of dollars in parts.
Christopher Sheeran
Christopher Sheeran Пре 3 дана
That whole pallet is worth more than I make in a year!
EyeMWing Пре 4 дана
Ordering the last of a particular part in the world is... Astonishingly common. I've hunted numerous Subaru parts to extinction for one not-even-particularly-interesting car. My personal favorite is the last of a particular gear knob.
Jack Pitcher
Jack Pitcher Пре 5 дана
That was definitely a cocaine joke near the end 🤔
Raw 4C
Raw 4C Пре 5 дана
remember to always cut away from yourself.......5 seconds later, proceeds to cut open the boiler box towards himself lol
Col. Strayga
Col. Strayga Пре 5 дана
That's funny things only get fixed when bad PR threatens to negatively impact their stock prices. 🤔
si t
si t Пре 5 дана
That truck driver gave zeeero fucks on unloading that box properly lmfao gave the good ole "meh" attitude
Leonard R
Leonard R Пре 5 дана
Lol my neighbor now owns the green 675lt at 2:49, I have proof
No Time
No Time Пре 6 дана
Watching this car be put together and all the rare parts is incredible.
Dave Wright
Dave Wright Пре 6 дана
Elaborate on exactly what is more interesting than a mcLaren?
Morgan B
Morgan B Пре 6 дана
It would have been funnier if it was a boiler
Morgan B
Morgan B Пре 6 дана
Mak a Porsche a mid engender car with a 2jz and mclaren trans and make it al 81 Porsche 911 and a vvti 2jz
deaks25 Пре 7 дана
You need a boiler for tea. Making tea is important!! That's why UK tanks have a boiler as a standard requirement. Because even when you're at war, making tea is important. Also, 'Hi' from the UK.
Fadi Sarsak
Fadi Sarsak Пре 7 дана
omg the shipping is awful, every thing is out of it's box, how much would it cost to fill all empty spaces with foam cubes or pellets, 10 - 15 or even 50$ more!!!!!?????
Lee Fall
Lee Fall Пре 7 дана
Please sort your hair bro!
Taylor Cruz
Taylor Cruz Пре 8 дана
Jared makes my days so much better with his awkward moments lmao
blueovalfan23 Пре 10 дана
Wtf.. That much for a roof and it double sided tapes on?
Clarity Auto Details
Clarity Auto Details Пре 11 дана
I would have lost it seeing that damage
Malte Laurids Brigge
Malte Laurids Brigge Пре 11 дана
22:25 Jeez, I wouldn't want him to be estimating anything for me. How is it possible that a viewer of the video can estimate a distance vastly better than a guy standing just a few feet from the car can?
ReviewTube tv
ReviewTube tv Пре 11 дана
Make a "McLovin" sticker instead of mcnugget after
ReviewTube tv
ReviewTube tv Пре 12 дана
You just called Jared a person.?.... Since when??!! Lol!!
Bryan Salvador
Bryan Salvador Пре 12 дана
Just realized that I’ve been watching Tavares’s for about a couple years and I hadn’t sub’d. Oops
Gamer4Life 1027
Gamer4Life 1027 Пре 12 дана
Most viewers: 👁👄👁 it’s a roof You: OMG LOOK ITS SO LIGHT AND ITS ALL CARBON FIBER (I wasn’t saying that to be mean but I was just trying to summarize what you said)
StreetSweepers Пре 12 дана
*brings it to mclaren dealer a couple months later* gets offered 100k
gorge washington
gorge washington Пре 12 дана
nice part sad for the secret one at the end
Timber land
Timber land Пре 12 дана
The company that you bought the parts from really needs to learn how to package and ship stuff
Banana Пре 12 дана
*when you expect to increase the value of a fully rebuilt mclaren just by adding a rare roof* 🙃
nashville slim
nashville slim Пре 13 дана
Yeah nah, just take the transmission apart then you'll know.
rasch19785 Пре 13 дана
Nice unboxing but whoever packaged it didnt put any effort into it at all
Anthony sitch
Anthony sitch Пре 13 дана
Love watching this mclaren project!
Chris Utley
Chris Utley Пре 14 дана
MAKE A MOLD OF THAT ROOF! And as an aside: thank you for not kissing, and/or punching Jboi in the mouth.
Jalin Wilson
Jalin Wilson Пре 14 дана
Yo that is the worst box truck driver why didn’t he turn it to the side on the lift and drop the pallet jack
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Пре 14 дана
invest in a cmm and outmated milling machine and make / duplicate your own parts?
scotie690 Пре 15 дана
So basically it’s a 9k 3rd party scoop that’s worth an insane 40k if it was from factory. Looking forward for more.
J Bac
J Bac Пре 15 дана
Windshield I bet is in that "important" box.
J Bac
J Bac Пре 15 дана
These guys don't give a fuck about their new parts lol. This is hilarious.
J Bac
J Bac Пре 15 дана
That delivery was nightmarish at best lol. Fuck.
Terry Hollis
Terry Hollis Пре 16 дана
Best bromance in the car world. ❤️
snek Пре 16 дана
Wow that truck driver had no F'n clue what he was doing.
Steve Baker
Steve Baker Пре 17 дана
That car will never drive again
Skiddins Пре 17 дана
Wow, yet another delivery driver who doesn't know how to manouver a pallet truck so the load doesn't 'fall' off the back. It appears to be a multinational thing!
Basoy BDA
Basoy BDA Пре 17 дана
Great work Tavarish . Really enjoying your channel and projects . I would be disappointed that they did not pack the roof scoop better considering the rariry. I would have expected it to be in it's on wooden box within the other box Keep up the good content
shaz awan
shaz awan Пре 18 дана
Overacting. Just too much.ruining the build.
J Time
J Time Пре 18 дана
Could that have packed that crate any worse?? OMG they just threw the stuff in there like a pile of shit!!!!
Clap Chow
Clap Chow Пре 18 дана
You have the breasts of a woman.
xenocore01 Пре 19 дана
Kudos to rembering the rules to get your totin chip card! Proper knife handling procedures!
Dace Rogers
Dace Rogers Пре 19 дана
Wow,I cannot believe I have only just come across this,my father is on the board of directors at McLaren .
FollowJeff Пре 20 дана
hell yes!!!
John Malloy
John Malloy Пре 20 дана
Did that box come packed exactly like that? Nothing protecting the skirt and the carbon fiber piece from the metal pan in between them? If that is how it was shipped your parts company did an absolute crap job of packing and shipping.
John Malloy
John Malloy Пре 20 дана
Watching more of the video and this company is criminally bad at packaging and protecting expensive car parts. Bubble wrap, packing paper and tape are cheap. I would hesitate to ever use this company for parts based on their careless approach to packing.
David Farmer
David Farmer Пре 20 дана
I'm sorry but screw freight drivers. Every time I get something delivered freight, and I pay extra for the lift gate, they fuck up the delivery. Clearly they don't give a shit and aren't getting anything extra for having to use the lift gate, because they just get the package off as quick as possible. I had a mini split dropped off earlier this year for my shop, and they were supposed to knock on the door and get a signature. I was home the whole day, they never knocked, and the pallet was all jacked up and the fins were all mashed.
Andycap 84
Andycap 84 Пре 21 дан
I love the cease and desist reference to Deadmau5 😁
JamesJoyce12 Пре 21 дан
really good argument why no one in the entire world should ever own a McLaren
Michael Penney
Michael Penney Пре 21 дан
Given the price paid for all that stuff, it was so badly packaged - Hybrid Performance LTD should be embarrassed.
MSTR-RPTR Пре 21 дан
Maybe the ding was on the roof already and they knew about it since they did not seem genuinely terrified of the damage? Also why would anyone sell a $40000 part for $9000 it it was in mint condition.
Aidi Пре 21 дан
Lol I shit you not I don’t think anyone actually makes these cars I’ve been making them for about 5/6 years now all of those carbon components are sub par. That “shipping issue” was a manufacturing issue with a product that was finished with an inclusion most likely by the looks of it the breather separated from the Hailer and left excess material from the breather on the component. Sorry you want real parts higher a real composite laminator to source and manufacture each component for you
jarrad Moore
jarrad Moore Пре 21 дан
Get your finger out.....v-tuned would have had this half done in this episode alone
Brandon Hanks
Brandon Hanks Пре 21 дан
Cut towards your buddy, not your body.
j al
j al Пре 22 дана
21:24 9000 $ roof but its ok
Syncopia Пре 22 дана
"Why are you a quitter!?" 1 scene later "I'll pay you.. $100 to lift an entire transmission" Jared: begins lifting "Jared, no!" I think he's the opposite of a quitter 😂
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Пре 22 дана
I would have asked the frame guy you sent the tub to and see if he could turn the old roof into a roof with a scoop.. lol
deezynar Пре 22 дана
I'm really enjoying this build, but I don't think the value of the finished product is going to be what you are insinuating you think it will be. Once a potential buyer hears that it had been crashed, and repaired by a couple of guys who are definitely not McLaren certified, the number of zeros they'd be willing to put on a check will drop by at least 1.
ny Пре 22 дана
There was a time, not too long ago, when Tavarish was one of my favourite RSvid creators, but the amount of waffle in these videos lately, drives me nuts. I manually click forward now to avoid the banter and stalling and long, pointless, repetitive explanations. This should have been a 5 minute video. I hope things speed up in coming episodes.
Sauron969 Пре 23 дана
Jared says dont cut towards yourselves next cut cuts toward himself 4 times lol
T Lee
T Lee Пре 23 дана
i get that you need to upload to keep the channel relevant ... but please put some effort into post. really hard to watch as someone new to your channel
Nick Mase
Nick Mase Пре 23 дана
If that R50 Nissan Pathfinder is a 4x4 you should definitely build it!
j johnson
j johnson Пре 23 дана
get a Toyota
aserta Пре 24 дана
If you haven't thrown the broken parts, keep them. Mostly because those are good for a sale, for smart owners, but also because if you get in deep squiggles, you'll at least have a fighting chance to repair that part, with a graft.
Stone Heart
Stone Heart Пре 24 дана
According the parts you using it should be called McLaren 662.5 LT.
Lisa B
Lisa B Пре 24 дана
How much are you getting from shipping insurance for improper packing?
Kelvin David
Kelvin David Пре 24 дана
12:19 I can relate. Heart breaking when you had plans.
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona Пре 24 дана
I wouldn't be shocked if in two years he buys the vacuum forming equipment and starts producing his own carbon fiber parts.
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona Пре 24 дана
What bank was it?
Down Shift 183
Down Shift 183 Пре 24 дана
I want ur ls400
dougal445 Пре 24 дана
The shoddy way those parts were packed and crated was disgraceful considering their worth. Add to that the terrible way the crate was unloaded and who knows what other horrors it went through on its journey.
Spencer Пре 24 дана
That $40k option isn't going to add $100k in value on your rebuilt mclaren
Larry Ganz
Larry Ganz Пре 24 дана
Sorry, but this is a great advertisement on why not to buy a Mclaren.
Larry Ganz
Larry Ganz Пре 22 дана
@JackM Maybe just sorry to say that he's got a money pit that can only be fixed this one time?
JackM Пре 23 дана
Why are you sorry?
# 1stunna
# 1stunna Пре 25 дана
Amazing 😱👍🏾
Doublet 59
Doublet 59 Пре 25 дана
Dodge Rider
Dodge Rider Пре 25 дана
More than anything, I love seeing you guys get the "kid in a candy store" excitement over the work you do.
Darrell Baker
Darrell Baker Пре 25 дана
That just brought my interest up 220%. This Mclaren is going to be way more unique then all the others. Great decision, I always say..why don't people put a roof scoop on those cars. Definitely completes the look!
Joaquin Rueda VI
Joaquin Rueda VI Пре 25 дана
(Honda Engine)
robert jones
robert jones Пре 25 дана
You must breathe through your ass lol.....Build the thing 😂
paulhutton11 Пре 25 дана
Those are plain Jane axles. The axles on the racecars are Pankls
G Smith
G Smith Пре 25 дана
This car will live again! Seeing all the parts convinced me. Gotta tell ya tho T, when I first saw that hot mess it did cross my mind that she was off life support and ready for the ground.
Matt Apple
Matt Apple Пре 25 дана
I want to see an episode where you talk about Fridges : ) cause it really does not matter what you talking about, you are a very entertaining Person, and deserve a TV Show with you as the host ! Best wishes for you and your channel :)
budaroddy Пре 25 дана
Roofscoops? Back in NFS Underground
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona
I can make more
Jacob Scutzlas
Jacob Scutzlas Пре 25 дана
what horrible packaging
Hussain Mo
Hussain Mo Пре 25 дана
All the best 👍 🙌 guys. Mclaren it is...
Umaxen 00
Umaxen 00 Пре 26 дана
This video easily increases the perceived value of a new Camry V-6 to $60,000...
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Пре 26 дана
You're located in Florida my buddy is one of the world's best exotic car body man he's put together so many more exotic cars than anyone I ever met my life.
Colin Пре 26 дана
Surely this build is costing you a fortune, is it financially better than buying a used car that runs?
visiongeorge Пре 26 дана
Hopefully everything lines up at McLaren, LMAO
Lee Mazzarella
Lee Mazzarella Пре 26 дана
Make a mold of that roof, sell them in fiberglass for 5k.
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