Hundreds of looters target stores downtown, across Chicago overnight; 100 arrested 

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Hundreds of looters targeted businesses in the Mag Mile and River North areas late Sunday into early Monday, clearing out stores as 100 people were arrested and 13 police officers injured during skirmishes throughout the night.



10 авг 2020






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Gary Quelch
Gary Quelch Пре 14 дана
Just terrible that’s what happens when everyone gets the best and fairest award just a generation of do nothing don’t care I want I’m entitled assholes if they had to live anywhere else in the world they’d fucken starve
Tony S
Tony S Пре 17 дана
Then why these people get arrested, shot, beaten!!😡😡😡😡😡 This is not a progressive movement. Is it?
Jack Sines
Jack Sines Пре 23 дана
Geo Bla
Geo Bla Пре 24 дана
Get your Benz out-ah my way. My Chargers full and I gotta get my loot home and get my ass back for another load of loot under the fully supported B-L-M reparation incentive program.
Jj Av
Jj Av Пре 24 дана
Do they look familiar these group of people looting across the US? Hmmm no wonder they want a part of the political matter so they can loot more.
Disrespectful Toys View
Disrespectful Toys View Пре 25 дана
Where are the mass shooters when you need them to mow these looters down
Larry James
Larry James Пре 27 дана
Lori lightfoot is a sad case
Пре 27 дана
Speculation has it, BLM, is worried about losing their major funding from billionaire George Soros if mayor Lori Lightfoot puts in into the chaos and Mayhem. Billionaire George Soros is a major contributor to the Democratic Party.
Dale Robinson
Dale Robinson Пре 27 дана
I wouldn't allow this stuff if I was her
Angel Mc faline
Angel Mc faline Пре 27 дана
Ashley Nave
Ashley Nave Пре 27 дана
What is this world head towards, is it the end of world? Not exactly the end of the world however disorder, and Great Tribulation at 1 Timothy 3:1-5,13. Violence and brutality as well as hatred.
Standingbbbi Пре 28 дана
Due to the pandemic: Any and All rioters and/or protestors need to be held a minimum of Two weeks (before being presented to a healthy judge/courtroom) as near everyone coming from other states will either be from a quarantined state and/or travel through a quarantined state and will still expose any and all rioters/protestors to the virus in mass numbers. Thereby the governor who has no issue with punishing honest law abiding citizens and finish destroying the businesses the rioters didnt as well as putting families in jeopardy as true science has proven 1) the mask dont work and 2) 70% of those inflicted with the virus is the result of staying at home and out of the Sun and exercise (true, this means it will take longer to reduce to excess population as promised by Democraps to the German Chancellor although he can still order homeless to concentration camps/death camps as promised to create the New World Order (also known as the Third Reich). Thought the allies won WW2, democraps say no). Either way, remove these walking viruses from the public as they are the health hazard as proven by real science not pretend science and those who came regardless of how from quarantined environment have done so illegally therefore arrest and charge em with an additional attempted manslaughter. (if not violation of required quarantine upon arrival). 20 years should be enough. be sure to allow them to call their parents.
Sali Shaho
Sali Shaho Пре 29 дана
It's a shame that cops are not protecting the private bussines by being destroyed. Those thugs must be buried alive.
coolboy007666 Пре месец
Couldn't happen to a nicer city. Keep voting Democrat. Ha ha ha.
Spring bloom
Spring bloom Пре месец
Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper & the rest of the Fake News anchors are ENEMY #1 of the people. They have been inciting riots, race wars, pandrmic fear mongering & so much more...they each need to be held criminally responsible & sued in civil court for deaths & damages...lives lost, homes lost, businesses lost, etc...
45dvc Пре месец
Notice how this criminal Antifa/BLM is only flourishing in Democrat led cities/state? USA hating Democrats is funding these terrorists. This is not about racism or police brutality protests...this is an open insurrection! Well funded and organized.
basant vimal sharma
basant vimal sharma Пре месец
Julien Yeldon
Julien Yeldon Пре месец
Julien Yeldon 1 second ago Hate has no logic. 9 Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. 10 Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. 11 But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them. 1 John 2:9-17
bob latzke
bob latzke Пре месец
Oppression this is what happens I remember the old streets of the 60 70s and 80s chi Town hustlers the streets were at least peaceful and considerate there was honor among Thieves but now our government has sold us out in the 90s till present day I can't say I blame all these people for there looting what other choice do they have anymore not too many We Are All God's Children and we all deserve a fair break and chance this is the year 2020 and we still have the Haves and the Have Nots something just ain't right still
RDC Пре месец
We're coming for you. Don't worry though the DA will let you go anyway.
ali fattah
ali fattah Пре месец
its needs a humane and sensible leader to put back this divided nation together
mangadrawing.123 Пре месец
Such a great mark for history!
Пре месец
Chicago cannot prepare enough! Lori Lightfoot cannot prepare enough for what the looters and the antifa backed BLM demonstrators will do to Chicago if and when the Democrats fail to win the election! It will be worse than the chicago great fire.
adi tierneu
adi tierneu Пре месец
Hang em all...simple
See Nomore
See Nomore Пре месец
See Nomore
See Nomore Пре месец
Katherine Morgan
Katherine Morgan Пре месец
So it's ok to loot a store but don't you dare go to the beach, a wedding, a funeral or vote in person? I am getting real tired of being treated like I'm grounded or something. Not a single case of the invisible virus around here but yet I can't go out to eat and my kids can't go to school.
dschaydschee Пре месец
Vote blue if you like what you see.
sun myra
sun myra Пре месец
Trump let military defend our cities!!!!
sun myra
sun myra Пре месец
Your karma will haunt you 2021 watch
NameIs Private
NameIs Private Пре месец
What excuse was it this time? No protest...just show up and rob people.
newt0830 Пре месец
the DNC Convention Afterparty
Robert Staines
Robert Staines Пре месец
What a cesspool!
Marko Garcia
Marko Garcia Пре месец
Lmfao “what protests” *good, while mayor flatfoot and kim Foxx pasa blame and release the “victim” o mean looters, I say let the city burn*
Michael Пре месец
After the whole city is burned to the ground and everybody decides to move their business elsewhere, the same looters will complain that they can't find a grocery store and that there aren't any jobs.
Demonwater Demonwater
Demonwater Demonwater Пре месец
They lucky man they get free stuff
chief tp
chief tp Пре месец
"why are white people always running away from us?" - Michelle Obama
ms.e hrazo
ms.e hrazo Пре месец
many are hungry,children,olds or so many needed,especially people need foods,govt should provide their needs...bcoz of pandemic many are jobless....
A A Q Пре месец
So they eat Gucci purses?
M. B
M. B Пре месец
Democrat run cities! What do you expect?
Carol Moran
Carol Moran Пре месец
The mayor's probably on the take
Merchants Respond To Looting, Unrest
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