How to Buy a Budget Friendly Project Car 

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Learn how you can buy a project car for less than the cost of a new cell phone! Project cars are great for learning how to fix a car and when you are "done" (project cars are never done), you can be proud to drive the car you fixed up!
In this series eBay Motors challenged me to buy a 24hr endurance race car for the 24hrs of Lemons race series. The car I chose had to be fast, reliable, and under $500!
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26 мар 2021






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TalTaledBandit Пре 3 сата
Why is it unfortunate that it is AWD?
Andreas Laursen
Andreas Laursen Пре 5 сати
You can sell the spoiler/wing
Luis Edward MC
Luis Edward MC Пре 6 сати
does the rear seat counts as a safety equipment or could you sell it?
Sahibdip Sandhu
Sahibdip Sandhu Пре 7 сати
when you gut the car out if you do you could sell those gutted parts and posibbly make more money from the car than what you spent on it.
Corinne Heruska
Corinne Heruska Пре 10 сати
btw i recomend slick ik im late
Spacelimetime Пре 12 сати
Couldn’t u take out the center console?
Youtuber Rahull
Youtuber Rahull Пре 13 сати
I wish you would do a face reveal one day
Justin Пре 18 сати
Why does Chris always cover his face?
iGopromaca Пре 19 сати
Man I fucking love you u make my day ever time I feel little shit I come watch your videos and have a little giggle thanks Chris !
Siddhanth Пре 19 сати
hankook rs series
Rolo Пре 19 сати
That’s the same car as my 1st one
Siddhanth Пре 19 сати
3:25 mercedes f1
sgt cyrus
sgt cyrus Пре 22 сата
If the sunroof motor isnt the problem with the sunroof then you could flip it when you replace the glass with carbon/plexi
Cjaj Cjaj
Cjaj Cjaj Пре дан
Sell the floormats obviously
Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald Пре дан
i would go back w stock suspension. i lowered my 330xi and it shredded 2 axles
Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald Пре дан
that may honestly be the rear end clunk
andri maulan
andri maulan Пре дан
Good choice 👍 We love BMW
Aleksi Kurhela
Aleksi Kurhela Пре дан
my dad has an e46. on that car the sunroof closes too much and it goes kinda inside the roof so any ideas on how to fix that
Stay up
Stay up Пре дан
Name it the Bn boom
neacsueugeniu Пре дан
Chris fix just became a RICER
Dude22 Bro
Dude22 Bro Пре дан
If he wants a rwd can’t he just disconnect the front cv axels from the trans/transfer case ? Forgive me if my terminology is wrong !
Cherry Mo
Cherry Mo Пре дан
To be continued? i want see the finished product and the race ofc
DazeYuen- Пре дан
man im 14 and im going to make some money this summer and i think im gonna look for a budget car do u have any ideas?
Leslie Nwala
Leslie Nwala Пре дан
Where's part 2 of the lemons race ??
Zay Gray
Zay Gray Пре дан
I like the game mode edit you did there @chrisfix
Sanket Suthar
Sanket Suthar Пре дан
Make a video on that fire extinguisher. I will watch anything you upload 👍
Owen Tierney
Owen Tierney Пре дан
it needs to be under 500 dollars 5 minutes later I GOT A 1100 DOLLAR CAR!
Jimmy Clark
Jimmy Clark Пре дан
Sell your floor mats
H4llow Пре дан
sell the spoiler it has nothing to do with safety , clean up the carpets and sell them too
dtolaas Пре дан
if you want a cheap reliable fast car pick a mercedes 300tdt
Eman Bin Hassan
Eman Bin Hassan Пре дан
Chris i want an mostoseteg gt mar 2009
Henry Au
Henry Au Пре 2 дана
are bumper's a safety thing?
Andrew Ferry
Andrew Ferry Пре 2 дана
i would recommend nitto 420 tires, they get stick pretty quick and will last a little while. they are kinda pricey thought which might be a problem.
Christian Brock
Christian Brock Пре 2 дана
you could sell the back seats
Justin Perez
Justin Perez Пре 2 дана
The voiceless chick demographically laugh because kimberly interestingly heat sans a spurious chard. oafish, cagey shears
Diesel Пре 2 дана
is a bmw E36 328i or the 325i a good project car?
Its_ya_boi_boi Пре 2 дана
Ac compressor?
Its_ya_boi_boi Пре 2 дана
Its_ya_boi_boi Пре 2 дана
Floor mats
Its_ya_boi_boi Пре 2 дана
Kids be like “what are those “
leona smith
leona smith Пре 2 дана
How do you pick out race seat for multiple people
Hyppeerr車 Пре 2 дана
Federal 595
James McKnight
James McKnight Пре 2 дана
Chris could get himself a project van... I see one his neighbor has at 1:46. It’s a Chevy or GMC g20 of some kind. Then again I might be the only one freaking out about that🤣
Sp3c Crew
Sp3c Crew Пре 3 дана
Funny how this mans lives in the ame city as me
HOG HOG Пре 3 дана
At last a somewhat face REVEAL
jack raintree
jack raintree Пре 3 дана
Dude your lawn needs help
alex hiltula
alex hiltula Пре 3 дана
11:08 i am sorry this is late but i just wanted to rewatch this and i think there is supposed to be a small metal wire clip ontop of that connector so it does not become disconnected by itself
AikiYanka Пре 3 дана
I don't know what are the requirements of the race and what are your plans after the race, but things I can think of to sell: All the other seats; Headlights, fog lights and turn indicators; Air conditioner (if you don't need it for the race); Aerial; Bumpers; Passenger seat belts.
adithya manu vlogs
adithya manu vlogs Пре 3 дана
Part 2 video where
Techtrip Пре 3 дана
thought the limit was $500 in the lemons 500
Eloines Пре 3 дана
Project car triangle is so accurate.. Bought an old Audi 100 for cheap. It's definitely fast but reliable, not yet. Takes a lot of work to get it there.
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus Пре 3 дана
Try to sell seats, you can drop weight and get rid of penalty
ItzBeastplayz90 Пре 3 дана
Elan Schwartz
Elan Schwartz Пре 3 дана
Try continental tires
GriZZZly Пре 3 дана
Deli-Tryhard [ground wire]
Deli-Tryhard [ground wire] Пре 3 дана
Sell=outside door trim, car mats , rear seat , fender light , bumper trim , interior door panel's, emblems...if you want to lol
Axel Irizarry
Axel Irizarry Пре 4 дана
I'd recommend the firestone firehawk indy 500 for tires very good tire especially for the price and has 340 treadwear!
Brian lefebvre
Brian lefebvre Пре 4 дана
Sell the Spoiler!
Liam Peck
Liam Peck Пре 4 дана
Sell the back seats
bogus man
bogus man Пре 4 дана
The pricey reduction topologically scribble because improvement fortunately exercise concerning a past company. adhesive, evasive paper
TheIojika Пре 4 дана
Hey Chriss Fix, Thank you so much for all the information - now I am a car guy myself and I owe it most to you
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu Пре 4 дана
8:04 That is so true 21:48 glovebox, center consult, carpet and door, maybe the dash or even the back trunk area
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu Пре 4 дана
Oh Project car you say OK now this is a little more interesting like the driftstang
EndreVlogOgGaming Пре 4 дана
contenental tiers
Vibhav Shetgaonkar
Vibhav Shetgaonkar Пре 4 дана
U could also sell the bmw badge
Vibhav Shetgaonkar
Vibhav Shetgaonkar Пре 4 дана
U could sell ur cruise control if that car has it
Alan Burggren
Alan Burggren Пре 5 дана
Sell the sunroof and mechanism, door panels, door and trunk latches (weld that shit), rear seatbelts, rear window mechanism (Jerry rig it up), grille, side mirrors (get some junky junkyard ones),
Magolor_MC Пре 5 дана
12:10 rare fottage of bmw driver using turn signals!!!!
macoey Пре 5 дана
Wait, cant he just sell the 2nd seat?
Esteban Torres
Esteban Torres Пре 5 дана
i think chris should open a mechanic shop because he makes it look easy and fast
sell the back seats. for 40 usd. or something
Thomas Porter
Thomas Porter Пре 5 дана
Sell the wing?
Brandon Custer
Brandon Custer Пре 5 дана
i have family that used to work for my county and ordered all the car parts for all the police cars and they used firestone tires
Trx Mc
Trx Mc Пре 5 дана
toyo tires are really reliable
Borge170 Пре 5 дана
I dont think the back seats count as safety so you can sell that
Zakula Gavrilo
Zakula Gavrilo Пре 5 дана
Knew that would be e36 or e46 hahah
Olober sykes
Olober sykes Пре 5 дана
11:49 i saw your neck, hahahaha, thats horiible tough steering
Dylan Kendrick
Dylan Kendrick Пре 5 дана
when is the race
Bence Bényei
Bence Bényei Пре 5 дана
You can sell the spare tire or the factory tool kit if you still have it in the car
Emporio gaming
Emporio gaming Пре 5 дана
Big fan of bmw and yours also🙏
Feltz Tutoriais
Feltz Tutoriais Пре 6 дана
i was thinking about the windows as well but the problem is the rain \
Feltz Tutoriais
Feltz Tutoriais Пре 6 дана
you could also sell the console only leave the shifter and the e brake
tntchest Youtube
tntchest Youtube Пре 6 дана
Couldn’t you sell the passenger and back seats to get rid of the 4 laps?
Jose Campos
Jose Campos Пре 6 дана
The wheels Chris sell those
Patrick Mallory
Patrick Mallory Пре 6 дана
Good Luck Chris! Looks like the event will be a blast!
Gopnik McBlyat
Gopnik McBlyat Пре 6 дана
If I know anything about cars, go with Michilen or Toyo tires, depends if you want endurance, or grip, toyo is better on grip, michilen if you want longer tread time, also sell the other seats
Areg Mirzoyan
Areg Mirzoyan Пре 6 дана
Somebody watched Top Gear (Clarkson) trying to complete an endurance race in a Beemer 3 series.
Solomon Katz
Solomon Katz Пре 6 дана
Are you able to sell seats that are not the driver's seat? Cause if you could, that'd easily get you under 500. But if not, you could mark up the four items you wanted to sell by 10 bucks each to make it. You'd still be slightly under eBay value.
Peaceful Пре 6 дана
Hi Chris i was wondering if i should get a toyota celica 1990 as a project car they are pretty cheap at 1000$ and i mostly wanted your insight at it.
That1NativeGuy97 Пре 6 дана
My boys wicked Smart 🤓 🛠️🔧
Eric Martin
Eric Martin Пре 7 дана
Always go Michelin for tires man
Sam Пре 7 дана
video title: how to buy a budget project car video: how to fix bmw
yrnuli Пре 7 дана
hey chris i’m pretty new here so idk if you’ve done this before but my 2012 honda civic coupe doesn’t have any sound coming from the speakers, i’ve connected the aux and nothing goes, any ideas, the radio doesn’t work either
-Kxvin- Пре 7 дана
Isn't the Maserati a european car?
orion rockwell
orion rockwell Пре 7 дана
Car Enthusiast
Car Enthusiast Пре 7 дана
"its leaking oil, but thats all bmw s" lmao but as a german I have to 100% agree
alex goated
alex goated Пре 7 дана
Ngl but the key scratch looks like it was meant to be there lol
Volvo Neo
Volvo Neo Пре 7 дана
You should have bought a Volvo🥺
Fly Boy
Fly Boy Пре 8 дана
when does lemons start
Elias Fenech
Elias Fenech Пре 8 дана
Why is there a bullet
Daniel Hudson
Daniel Hudson Пре 8 дана
My dad is a tyre fitter and you should try vredestein my dad run it on his van a his van Waze 3380 tone empty
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