How to Replace Control Arms and Bushings to Fix a Bouncy Suspension 

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Learn how to replace control arms and bushings to fix a car with a bouncy suspension. I show you how to figure out what is causing the bounce (shocks or bushings) and then I show you how to replace the upper and lower trailing arms and install new poly bushings. Then we take the DriftStang to the track and test her out!
How to Replace Struts: rsvid.info/video/yK2Wdamj3oLLocU.html
How to Replace Shocks: rsvid.info/video/ydWnmbKF3KGtgNE.html
How to Install Coilovers: rsvid.info/video/nbXSpZJ_qJa9hKM.html
Tools and Products I used:
Upper and Lower Trailing Arms: amzn.to/3idfL3V
Torque Wrench: amzn.to/2NCpjr1
Extendable Ratchet: amzn.to/38hXNbZ
Rubber Mallet: amzn.to/3gbOQUa
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29 јун 2020






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noah bellville
noah bellville Пре 8 сати
I'm a simple man I see a chrisfix video I hit play
Neil pentony
Neil pentony Пре 8 сати
Finally happy to hear your voice again
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Пре 8 сати
“A mustang becomes a mustang” famous last words chris fix and lots of others
Γιωργος Δημητριου
Do you have any motorcycle
Birkan DEMİR
Birkan DEMİR Пре 8 сати
Perfect job
B3lly100 Gammerr
B3lly100 Gammerr Пре 8 сати
Mr.korkiakoski Пре 8 сати
19:21 did i just hear supercharger :OOOOOOO
Emir Mambetaliev
Emir Mambetaliev Пре 8 сати
Oh yeah. But you better fix or change you rims!
Simpleasyou Yes
Simpleasyou Yes Пре 8 сати
i have been watching chris fix for about 3+ years now
Martin J Mannion
Martin J Mannion Пре 8 сати
You should do a rear main seal repair
DooD22 Пре 8 сати
"Mustang statistics" nice one Chris :D
Nicholas Oas
Nicholas Oas Пре 9 сати
Finally supercharger coming out soon :)
MR Foxer
MR Foxer Пре 9 сати
Chris fix has the camera angels
Snake Awakes
Snake Awakes Пре 9 сати
Hey ChrisFix, I wanted to thank you because you i found my favorite hobby wich i want to do all day thanks
Dopple Gamer
Dopple Gamer Пре 9 сати
What about twin turbo
Sloth Armstrong
Sloth Armstrong Пре 9 сати
Everybody doing turbo installs meanwhile Chris is the only one willing to slap a supercharger on that rabid pony. This is probably the only good thing 2020 will give us.
anc Ayre
anc Ayre Пре 9 сати
Nice content ! Good to see what worn out parts do when driving the car !
Kai Jorda
Kai Jorda Пре 9 сати
I wonder if theres a dedicated 10 mm socket drawer in his tool cart
Kyle Micallef
Kyle Micallef Пре 9 сати
I cant wait for it to have a supercharger
Kyle Micallef
Kyle Micallef Пре 9 сати
True lightly tap it...... Chris just hammer it in.
Boris Glover
Boris Glover Пре 10 сати
Hey Chrisfix it’s been a while. Glad you are back 👍👍👍
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen Пре 10 сати
Your wheel at 18:00 is bent... 😩😩😩
Jordan Fingerboards
Jordan Fingerboards Пре 10 сати
Now we can put a supercharger on it (:
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming Пре 10 сати
seems like youre wheels arent all that round anymore
jason hernandez
jason hernandez Пре 10 сати
I love hearing the excitement in Chris’s voice whenever he talk about a car part !
Conrad Farley
Conrad Farley Пре 10 сати
I’m not sure I completely understand how raising the jack puts the weight of the car on the control arms. Someone help me out lol 😅
Zack Tobak
Zack Tobak Пре 11 сати
Amazing video! Awesome job
DionisLo14 Пре 11 сати
Chris: “The suspension is finally set up to handle a supercharger”. Me: LETS GOOOO , but when
Valentine Vozniuk
Valentine Vozniuk Пре 11 сати
15:50 creampie
Alex Rosado
Alex Rosado Пре 11 сати
When’s the face reveal u at 6mil subs
cavailer pug man
cavailer pug man Пре 11 сати
The only time bouncy is good is in old big cars that ride like a boat or just floating down the road
Luqman Baharin
Luqman Baharin Пре 11 сати
Is chris gonna put a supercharger on himself with common hand tools on his driveway?
Tippy Tactics
Tippy Tactics Пре 11 сати
Remember if you cant drift 250hp, 2500hp isn't gonna help you
Alru Muller
Alru Muller Пре 11 сати
“Shocks... inexpensive...” Not if you have a Civic 2.2i-CTDI. Literally 5 times the price of what a colleague paid for his shocks on a Mazda 3 of the same year. Guess I’ll keep bouncing then.
Sebastian Myrick.
Sebastian Myrick. Пре 11 сати
I watch these videos and im not even legally allowed to own a car let alone drive one
Joey Layman
Joey Layman Пре 11 сати
Pretty good driving son
Sanad Mansour
Sanad Mansour Пре 11 сати
Hole smoke Chris fix all the way
Ace Tulawie
Ace Tulawie Пре 11 сати
Didn't know the stig has a youtube channel.
Taldoesgarbage Пре 12 сати
your like a docter for cars
Jeremy Tracy Gutay
Jeremy Tracy Gutay Пре 12 сати
Next video: adding a new supercharger to my mustang
Logan Astrayka
Logan Astrayka Пре 12 сати
6 years ago chris was making knives and now he has a mustang built for drifting
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez Пре 12 сати
Me*👁👄👁 wow
J W Пре 12 сати
Drifty...hmm...might be the issue! LoL!
mr potato man
mr potato man Пре 12 сати
11:34 "lightly tap it in" grabs sledge hammer
Kizz Rai official
Kizz Rai official Пре 13 сати
Hi Chris , your the king of the mechanic, I love your explanation, it’s too easy to understand all you show on video and thanks for shearing you’re ideas. God bless you
Daniek Senju
Daniek Senju Пре 13 сати
Can anyone tell me wtf happen to the e85 d16?? I’ve been waiting for months I’m just gonna do it the conversion myself instead of watching Chris do it :((
Kay’s Lego Galaxy
Kay’s Lego Galaxy Пре 13 сати
Your videos are so interesting!
Bryan Пре 13 сати
For those who are still confused on what the shocks do: What we call shocks are actually shock absorbers. When springs are compressed by a bump in the road, they push against that, but they over shoot and extend past the original position if there isn't a counter force. They oscillate back and forth quite a bit before returning to the original position. The shock absorbers stop the oscillation so the car doesn't continue to bounce up and down.
grim reaper
grim reaper Пре 13 сати
Funny thing is Chris is the only person that can get my ADHD ass to shut the hell up sit down and listen whilst with my dad I will never shut up
Allan Juntilla Jr.
Allan Juntilla Jr. Пре 13 сати
18:00 that wheel isn't round anymore
Jabir AL Ansari
Jabir AL Ansari Пре 13 сати
every video from Chris is useful
LCLC vlogs
LCLC vlogs Пре 13 сати
Chris- I don’t wanna be a mustang statistic Also Chris - NOW THIS SUPENSION IS READY FOR A SUPER CHARGER!
Dare Devils
Dare Devils Пре 13 сати
Please make a video on how to install a turbo in a car, I couldn’t find any good ones on youtube
IT'S YOUR TIME Пре 13 сати
Hi chris i am your big fan i am just 9 year old when i learn to drive a car i had learn many things from you i really thanks you for all that thing that i learn from you. you are the best youtuber and also best mechanic Love from pakistan
Snoss 2
Snoss 2 Пре 13 сати
Hey I need help, the battery of a Porsche 2013 cayenne died , with doors locked no physical key to open door lock , how to I get power to the battery now?
GamingWithRyRy Пре 14 сати
How much cars does he have? Comment down below.
LT Afton
LT Afton Пре 14 сати
This is no bouncy suspension its a low rider!
Ali Faraj
Ali Faraj Пре 14 сати
Hey i am a milestone follower and always loved your work, can you start making a series like restoring old cars that would be time consuming but it would be enjoyable by alot of people, keep up the good work 🤗🤗
Ronald Tartaglia
Ronald Tartaglia Пре 14 сати
Cant take just seeing you hands anymore..... I'm out.
abdulaziz baabdullah
abdulaziz baabdullah Пре 14 сати
ChrisFix is the only RSvidr who I watch his whole videos without jumping forward. Good job Chris! You taught us everything about cars maintenance. Thank you!
Angel Nunez
Angel Nunez Пре 14 сати
Next Level on How to Diagnose a bad suspension bushing its all about camera angles!! Beats getting under the car while is moving to find that darn suspension noise.
Ramanpreet Mann
Ramanpreet Mann Пре 14 сати
Hey Chris, you should get a turbo, hearing the mustang spool up is gonna be nice
Arianna Rangel
Arianna Rangel Пре 14 сати
@chrisfix i have a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan every time i drive y make a turn its start to brake buy its self
Daniel Betancourt
Daniel Betancourt Пре 14 сати
(And we’re going to LIGHTLY Press in this bushing)🤣
Elijah Deveaux
Elijah Deveaux Пре 14 сати
The mustang becomes a Mustang and starts to spin out. Chris thanks for the tutorial I didn't need it but I enjoyed it.
When’s the Turbo instillation ?
skylite yt
skylite yt Пре 14 сати
Could you please go over how you set up the led lights in the del sol?
kang lee
kang lee Пре 14 сати
I'm a little confused. How do I tell the difference between when I need to replacing a strut or control arms and bushing?
69 Mac
69 Mac Пре 14 сати
Yo I love your videos man
Kyle Paluzzi
Kyle Paluzzi Пре 14 сати
Way to go bro keep it up love your knowledge and videos!!
Lilly is big ol silly
Lilly is big ol silly Пре 14 сати
Chris fix does safety 1st,2nd3rd,4th,5th,6th,8th,7th,9th,10th , how scared is he of getting hurt
Renc Angelo Dizon
Renc Angelo Dizon Пре 15 сати
Now, with your new suspension. Can I humbly ask you to remake your ride along drift video? Please? It's the only chance I can feel how drifting is.
Lewdy Peralta
Lewdy Peralta Пре 15 сати
“I don’t want to become another mustang statistic” -ChrisFix
jamie Пре 15 сати
You made it a drift car and expect it to drive tidy on the road ?
Tucanza Пре 15 сати
all a wide body kit or a rear wing or a splitter it would look real good.
Miguel Valdivia
Miguel Valdivia Пре 15 сати
Awesome video bro i enjoyed it 💯👍
Lee Ram
Lee Ram Пре 15 сати
i love the videos man you helped me out in to many ways
Joecarpie Пре 15 сати
5:54 I love how Chris gets so exited when he thinks about putting something new into a car😂😂
Tanoaproductionsfiji Пре 15 сати
That shock and spring shot under the car while driving is insane! Nice one!
Mirza Danish Beg
Mirza Danish Beg Пре 15 сати
That was a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing
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