HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell 

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January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.
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2 јан 2021






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Коментара 100   
Harold Tate
Harold Tate Пре сат
garcia want pacquiao? the kid wants to die! hahaha..
Rechelda Panchita
Rechelda Panchita Пре 2 сата
flicker jab
Ebk Jmunnna
Ebk Jmunnna Пре 8 сати
Y’all really gonna sit and say that Ryan could take tank power if that was tank right hand to land clean like that on Garcia he wouldn’t be able to get up. And if he does he get stopped.
Rock Starr
Rock Starr Пре 8 сати
ryan garcia.. offense:88% deffense: 10%
Rock Starr
Rock Starr Пре 8 сати
prove how fast you punch when pacman is your opponent in the ring. bradley will just laugh at you if you don't do your quick punch.
Mike Kingslave
Mike Kingslave Пре 17 сати
boring fyt....less head movement less footwork...hahaha
Alexander Tullis
Alexander Tullis Пре 22 сата
Left hook to the body: is there a more effective punch, after the jab?
Abang Jago
Abang Jago Пре 23 сата
Ryan garcia bkl di gilas klo mlwan davis
Jake Espun
Jake Espun Пре дан
Luke messed up for not pressing after that nice ko
Garrett Wood
Garrett Wood Пре дан
@ 7:09 You see Campbell land a nice sounding body shot on Garcia before he pulls away, and Garcia TKO’s him with the same body hook. Give em a taste of their own medicine
Yue kai
Yue kai Пре дан
pacquiao will destroy this kid
my iq is 2
my iq is 2 Пре дан
Garcia vs tank Davis
Mat Evangelista
Mat Evangelista Пре дан
I love it
Hate Me B1tch
Hate Me B1tch Пре дан
He got knocked down by something than can easily be fixed, always keep your hands up! He'll improve no doubt.
ivan Пре дан
garcia vs pacquiao really lol
Paul Snow
Paul Snow Пре дан
Very entertaining fight. GARCIA RULES
Ride1Ph Пре дан
Not this Time Ryan Garcia... Respect The legend. U Know What I mean.
Khalid Atia
Khalid Atia Пре дан
Drug money gives you power
donde se puede comprar roman
Este es un paquete creado
John Пре дан
Wboy throws noythun... The 2, and he's Lefty. Smh.
John Gabriel Mongcawe
John Gabriel Mongcawe Пре 2 дана
I think naoya inoue is the best match for ryan garcia. :)
Joshua fyb
Joshua fyb Пре 2 дана
Fast hands slow defense
Martin Rivero jr
Martin Rivero jr Пре 2 дана
FNPLUG_YT Пре 2 дана
Who else wasn’t expecting Ryan to get knocked down like that? 😳
von Cruz
von Cruz Пре 2 дана
Is this the kid who will fight pacquiao
Sergio Rivera
Sergio Rivera Пре 2 дана
Ryan Garcias a beast!
Corn Dawg
Corn Dawg Пре 2 дана
That kidney shot, made him bow down
SNOK SHOT Пре 2 дана
Garcia never lose
Alexander Ga
Alexander Ga Пре 2 дана
Ito yung lalaban kay pacquiao?😆
Max Media Solutions
Max Media Solutions Пре 2 дана
Is this the same guy who challenge PACMAN? lol
Kususiyah Kususiyah
Kususiyah Kususiyah Пре 3 дана
Kimg ryan win by body shot
Carlo G Danieles
Carlo G Danieles Пре 3 дана
Dreaming to fight MP is just a dream for garcia hes way to far to reach MP!!!if he like to retire early he should fight inoue
RoBx 718
RoBx 718 Пре 3 дана
When tank connects its over for that boy
Salvador Franco
Salvador Franco Пре 3 дана
Hank S
Hank S Пре 3 дана
Ring Generalship: This term describes a boxer who is generally controlling the action and putting himself into position to land clean punches, or employing a strategy to make his opponent fight his fight
Jose z
Jose z Пре 3 дана
i wish i had the chance to become a boxer. But my ma aint supportive for shi.
ueLord notoria
ueLord notoria Пре 3 дана
Mangangarap kapa kay Pacquiao ha! Hahahha
john michael palazo
john michael palazo Пре 3 дана
Idiot Ryan at 2nd round knockout by left hook 1-2 punch's only, now you want pacman? Brainless boxer ever! Losser
Erniel Mascarinas
Erniel Mascarinas Пре 4 дана
Fast hands but flat footed. Not enuf.
tirso cruz
tirso cruz Пре 4 дана
Nice K.O in Round 1..whahhaa very happy.but u almost sleep in the cambass 😋😋😋😋👍👍👍but anyway congrats
Menis Ducich
Menis Ducich Пре 4 дана
Mark Teague
Mark Teague Пре 4 дана
A bit of a wake-up call for Ryan, and then showed us all why he is the legend he is. Awesome fight :)
DATS YT Пре 4 дана
Who will win manny or garcia?
โอโซน เองจะใครล่ะ
what is​ this.
Руслан Утешкалиев
Хрустальная челюсть, 2 ой Амир хан!!
jacky pilongo
jacky pilongo Пре 4 дана
what f manny pacquiao fight to ryan hahahhaa
cold muffin
cold muffin Пре 4 дана
don’t ever compare this kid to floyd😂
Вася В
Вася В Пре 4 дана
Красавчик,после такого накаута продолжить бой ,ещё и выйграть,характер👍👍👍👍👍
David C. Untalan Jr.
David C. Untalan Jr. Пре 4 дана
3:26 and 4:41 that's a signature punch of manny pacquiao.
chileyork Пре 4 дана
Another fixed fight for Ryan García but he’ll have a short career
4REIGNKID Пре 2 дана
This wasn’t a fixed fight. Ryan legitimately won. I can tell you’ve never got hit on the liver before
Mike Пре 4 дана
Love Ry but if he fights tank like this.... throwing all those wild flurries at one time. He will be KO forsure! Love the kid tho just gotta tighten up on his defense!
BVAS1430 Пре 4 дана
The fight was over when Campbell turned his back. They are ignoring basic rules now.
Leo Walters
Leo Walters Пре 4 дана
Ryan garcia is not taller than 5’8
Д, С Д, С
Д, С Д, С Пре 4 дана
Basily0 Пре 4 дана
Pacquiao will take this kid's soul out of him
napster gamer
napster gamer Пре 5 дана
How can u win over pacquiao my friend if u fight like that😂😂😂
Chriatian Valencia
Chriatian Valencia Пре 5 дана
Ryan did the classic amir khan 😂
Tae 1038 Ray
Tae 1038 Ray Пре 5 дана
Yeah ryan
herandokcboi Пре 5 дана
Now imagine pac's left
Jr Castillo
Jr Castillo Пре 5 дана
It should of been jorge linares fighting garcia but i know oscar was scared linares was definitely going to put ryan to sleep
Ernesto Powers
Ernesto Powers Пре 5 дана
Who let these kids fight like this
James Huynh
James Huynh Пре 5 дана
Bruh imagine manny throwing 2 hit combo right to the body and that over the top left how many lefts can ryan take from pacquiao
Guillan Cody Torre
Guillan Cody Torre Пре 5 дана
Is this the one challenging pacman?
ascended savage
ascended savage Пре 5 дана
Im pretty the fights off
Boxing Empire E
Boxing Empire E Пре 6 дана
I’d beat Ryan gervonta Haney and any mf at 130 135 140 bring the smoke
Мах Хаким
Мах Хаким Пре 6 дана
Слабый стал че то... .
Xfiles Megaman Ten
Xfiles Megaman Ten Пре 6 дана
Nick Page
Nick Page Пре 6 дана
When he hit cambell with that body shot you can see him say “okay”, once someone says that that’s enough. Haha
Guillermo Robles
Guillermo Robles Пре 6 дана
Gervonta es too much for ryan
eleterete Пре 6 дана
Are you serious to challenge with Pacman? Mister Ryan Garcia????
ascended savage
ascended savage Пре 5 дана
Im pretty sureThe fights off
Itchy-Back Gaming
Itchy-Back Gaming Пре 6 дана
I think ryan is ready for pacman🤣🤣🤣
Suka Suka KRYBR
Suka Suka KRYBR Пре 6 дана
Christopher Gibson1987
Christopher Gibson1987 Пре 7 дана
Where is this can't believe there is a crowd.
Neil Pangan
Neil Pangan Пре 7 дана
You're flat footed and you swinf a lot.. Hope you dont do that to pacquiao.
Luis Tellez
Luis Tellez Пре 7 дана
And Campbell should have pressured him that why he lost
Aaron Valenzuela
Aaron Valenzuela Пре 7 дана
cambell a lil bit of a coward for turning his back
Reynaldo Пре 7 дана
Ryan fights are always exciting.
Mr. Jay TV
Mr. Jay TV Пре 7 дана
Wanna fight for the Filipino pride??? 😂😂😂😂😂
Carlin Spencer
Carlin Spencer Пре 7 дана
7:38. That ripple effect!!
NBM Boxing
NBM Boxing Пре 7 дана
Don't dream fighting Pac or else ur in big trouble!
Butter Toast
Butter Toast Пре 4 дана
Northwest investigative reporting
What an absolute beast this young man Ryan Garcia
Simeon Cole
Simeon Cole Пре 7 дана
1 Пре 8 дана
honestly all the showing off and stuff Ryan Garcia does is a complete detriment to his package as a fighter because he is genuinely really skilled and tough. He's been signed with Golden Boy since before anyone had any idea who he was outside of his friends and family pretty much so all he had to do was win his fights and he was going to be a huge star, but now no matter what he will never ascend to the level of a fighter like Alvarez because Alvarez never acted like an immature little kid bragging all over instagram, even as a huge star fighting on HBO before he was even 20.
beginner selebgram
beginner selebgram Пре 8 дана
perta4ungan mantap
Abhineet Singh
Abhineet Singh Пре 8 дана
After watching this I remembered experience is important
Celayna Hernandez
Celayna Hernandez Пре 8 дана
Those two men hitting eachother aren't social distancing or wearing masks tho lol Hey Garcia nice shot tho for real ♡
Jorge Pena
Jorge Pena Пре 8 дана
Fake! Fixed fight! It seems like Campbell wants to apologize to Garcia and his corner for the knock down
Wilz Wilz
Wilz Wilz Пре 8 дана
This boy want to fight pacman.. Oh boy... Pity
Dejviyd Пре 8 дана
2:37 thats why u came for
Caotico Пре 7 дана
I came for 7:38
Ronald Beasley
Ronald Beasley Пре 8 дана
And you say you ready for mr. Davis like E-40 say NOPE...
Chris Пре 8 дана
shame that Campbell didn't pick up his pace after that knockdown
AMessengerOfHeaven And my name is Kevin
The man that gave Garcia a lil reality check lol 😂
Intruder Gamers
Intruder Gamers Пре 8 дана
Paquiao or davis its a dangerous for Ryan at 2:37 like a signature punch paquiao and tank davis
Edison Pasok
Edison Pasok Пре 8 дана
Ryan garcia so high ambition to fight manny pacquiao... im sure he sleep
ascended savage
ascended savage Пре 8 дана
Apparently the fights off
Lex Desuasido
Lex Desuasido Пре 8 дана
He took that left hook wide open and got knockdown. Luckily it was not Pacquiao's left hook😅😅😅
Justin Ternal
Justin Ternal Пре 8 дана
Walang magandang galaw c garcia kung itatapat kay pacquiao.ang galaw nya parang middle weight.kakain lng to ng kamao ni manny.
Kory Fowkes
Kory Fowkes Пре 8 дана
7:10 Luke gave Ryan a punch to the body which probably made Ryan think ‘I’m gonna get you right back’ ..
초이KW Пре 8 дана
빠른 스피드를 잘 활용하고 있지만...종합적인 기량이 부족한게 많이 보이네요. 가장 두드러 지는 것은 스텝. 풋워크. 승리는 했지만 조금 더 높은 레벨의 선수와 만나면 고전할 스타일이군요.
shawnwalter jontilano
shawnwalter jontilano Пре 8 дана
Satisfying to watch when garcia almost knocked out haaha
Blake Panda
Blake Panda Пре 8 дана
Ryan needs to stop fighting no names
Ahmed Asif
Ahmed Asif Пре 9 дана
He is so similar to Oscar Dela Hoya.
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