Here's a Tour of the Quirky Cars in the Petersen Museum Hidden Vault 

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The Petersen Museum vault is a special place with some special cars -- and today, I'm taking you on a tour of the quirky and interesting cars you'll find in the Petersen Museum's vault. I'm going to walk through the vault and show you everything that I find cool and special -- so check it out.
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26 авг 2020






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More Doug DeMuro Пре месец
What's your favorite car? Comment below! (Just kidding, it's the cutaway Accord, all other answers are wrong.)
mst3kanita Пре дан
The Ford Probe. Honorable mentions go to the Gold DeLorean, and the Honda Hydrogen.
David Robison
David Robison Пре 21 дан
I have a 2007 Accord Hybrid if you want to review it :)
Shawn Weed
Shawn Weed Пре 26 дана
That Jaguar XKSS in BRG is pretty damn cool...that's for sure.
Gois83 Пре месец
The Ferrari 125 S that you grossly neglected!!
Pat Rick
Pat Rick Пре месец
300zx z32 the first one:)
Mitch Reid
Mitch Reid Пре дан
oi douggo you should totally start buffing up
Mitch Reid
Mitch Reid Пре дан
douggie i love all your videos but this one is real, real cool
Najib Mansor
Najib Mansor Пре 2 дана
Nice shirt.
Bri Landstrom
Bri Landstrom Пре 2 дана
Man they really thought we’d be like the jetsons by now lol
Al Fearer
Al Fearer Пре 4 дана
What's the name of the little red 3-wheeler at 17:40, behind the Smart Crossblade?
mprrjames Пре 5 дана
soarer is most beautiful car
Lukas Ulmer
Lukas Ulmer Пре 6 дана
"The coolest car museum probably in the world" ... oh boy you haven't been to Stuttgart yet!
Stan Lee
Stan Lee Пре 7 дана
What's the "ORIGINATION" of Doug? LOL! I love when people add extra stuff to words, when they should be shortening the word! Just "The origin of the RX-7" would have worked, but just like needing 2 T-SHIRTS, doug needed to make the word longer and made up 'Origination' haha!
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes Пре 9 дана
Monster9000 Пре 10 дана
Hmm, black Soviet convertible
Jason Gerrard
Jason Gerrard Пре 11 дана
I thought every model of every car ever made had a clay model that was made to show how it would look and then used as a template to make all the panels, but then again I am not an authority on cars with millions of subscribers, I just look logically at things, shush can you keep a secret, when that museum model degrades too much, a group of collage designers will make a replacement,might take them a couple of days mind you.
Elias Garson
Elias Garson Пре 12 дана
I saw the upstairs when I went and there was 2 laferraris and a Bugatti eb110
Jim The Raspberry
Jim The Raspberry Пре 12 дана
You get fatter, older and uglier every video.
Vickie Copeland
Vickie Copeland Пре 14 дана
Nick Magers
Nick Magers Пре 14 дана
This is Sadam Hussain Mercedes. A sentence later says all the right people owned these. Lol
Tishen Balasanther
Tishen Balasanther Пре 15 дана
Hey can anyone tell me the car behind the smart car in 17:28
TarePanda Пре 18 дана
Mike H.
Mike H. Пре 19 дана
More Ford hate (at the very end)...
Iamthebest person
Iamthebest person Пре 22 дана
Plz some one tell me which car was that in red colour one at 17:39
mrptyltd Пре 23 дана
This kind of shits me. When I visited I wasn't allowed to take photos of cars down there due to security reasons. So you can imagine how shit it is for see now it's all on RSvid. Glad the public now can see it as these cars deserve to be seen. However I paid $75usd for the privilege and no photos to show. I guess 2020 changes the rules.
D W Пре 24 дана
cerealkiller Пре 24 дана
We need a second part of this. The museum looked interesting as hell.
John Kahl
John Kahl Пре 24 дана
16:51 really kinda cool I never knew they existed
Matt561 Пре 25 дана
Clarkson owns a 600
BpImperial Пре 26 дана
it would have been nice to see some of the inside
Ahmad Hamdan
Ahmad Hamdan Пре 26 дана
Saddam Hussain joke wasn't funny, many people do not appreciate it.
Demi Rydbrand
Demi Rydbrand Пре 26 дана
The clay Chrysler looks like an Mclaren Mercedes SLR. Wasn't Mercedes owned by Chrysler at that time?
Jon-Arne Belsaas
Jon-Arne Belsaas Пре 4 дана
Mercedes has been independent all the Time. They made the official first car dude. Chrysler did own Lamborghini for a while tho. Cheched Wikipedia Mercedes Benz or (daimler AG) Bought Chrysler and had it for a while.
Alexandru Macedon
Alexandru Macedon Пре 26 дана
it's blessed by the Pope so you can't. wtf ?!
Jay Camacho
Jay Camacho Пре 26 дана
My father use to work for Mr. Petersen... He was his Accountant.. The museum is bad ass!
1Thatstrangeguy Пре 27 дана
And of course Magnum PI's Ferrari is in stall 69!
PittsburghHomie Пре 27 дана
How did you get permission to video tape in the vault?
Derek Dong
Derek Dong Пре 27 дана
Dude we need part 2 of this, or even a season, I'd like to hear you talk about every single one of them!
Per reP
Per reP Пре 27 дана
90% of the time someone says quirky on this planet, it´s Doug.
Hazim Haikal
Hazim Haikal Пре 27 дана
Pwj579 Пре 27 дана
Doug, the Chrysler Lagono is clearly early design of what became the Chrysler Crossfire coupe....not surprised you forgot about it, it was a rebadged SLK
peakie400 Пре 28 дана
Ford Probe has Ford Escort XR3i wheels (Euro) rsvid.info/video/m7WmhZpz26O7ras.html&feature=emb_logo
Killerbee McTitties
Killerbee McTitties Пре 28 дана
Honestly not being allowed to review the Pope's car because the pope blessed it doesnt make sense to me. I can understand that they don't want you to, but thats just the backwards mentality of the catholic church. Missed an opportunity for good PR, maybe you should write the vatican and ask them directly?
KallaMigCP Пре 29 дана
12:53 if it's all clay, why does it look like an interior through the window?
6MLT - ROBLOX Пре 29 дана
i saw a crosslade in the uk once, very cool car to see.
CarGuy87 Пре месец
Any z33 peeps spot it? lol
Gregory Tillman
Gregory Tillman Пре месец
Fun fact - The maroon car behind the W126 Mercedes is a Cisitalia 202 and is the first car ever produced where the hood was lower than the fenders.
Shadi Ahalim
Shadi Ahalim Пре месец
The karate kid car next to the Austin Powers car?
Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell Пре месец
NFSHP2 Cop: 31, county... NFSHP2 Dispatch: I copy, 31 NFSHP2 Cop: Turning on a speeder that just blew by me. Vehicle is a black Ferrari 550 Barchetta! Good times...
extraplain Пре месец
Those things look like the front fender mounted blinker indicators that used to be on some 80's Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles. 14:53
Jacob Пре месец
What's the yellow car at 16:58 on the left?
Alan Kwok
Alan Kwok Пре месец
I want Doug's opinion on the Lexus Minivan, the Lexus LM. It takes front grill design to the next level!
Micheal Hayashi
Micheal Hayashi Пре месец
Forgot to mention why DMC failed as a manufacturer
sean c
sean c Пре месец
I wonder what happened to the car in the movie The Car ?
Josh Arias
Josh Arias Пре месец
hunter severson
hunter severson Пре месец
It's really cool seeing a place that I've been and cars I've seen like that Delorian idk if it was that car but I remember seeing one of the there up in reno when I was a kid
j Walster
j Walster Пре месец
This place has as many cars as McDonalds has chicken nuggets
Donovan Halstead
Donovan Halstead Пре месец
Doug, I have a '94 R2 RX7 that has been sitting for a while in my garage. I bought it in 1997 as it was my dream car. It just needs too much work at this time for me to be able to afford. If you're looking for a project....
Юрий Огурцов
Юрий Огурцов Пре месец
шикарное видео очень понравилось давай ещё!!! обзор авто музеев очень интересно !!!
Brian Schatzberg
Brian Schatzberg Пре месец
Wow so many amazing cars, thanks for sharing!!
Scott Curenton
Scott Curenton Пре месец
More please! 😊
SuperSaiyan3985 Пре месец
I wish this video was longer...
Alex Hatch
Alex Hatch Пре месец
Origination - Doug Demuro
SuperSaiyan3985 Пре месец
8:47 Imagine buying a gold DeLorean only to lock it in a vault then donate it to a museum 20 years later.
octane Пре месец
i didnt know Billy Eichner was such a huge petrol head...
chadbailey30 Пре месец
Ford GT looks a million times better w/o the stripes...
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell Пре месец
You walked past most of the really interesting ones.
Pat Rick
Pat Rick Пре месец
your still walking past all the good stuff
Seth Allen
Seth Allen Пре месец
The Probe V’s headrests look suspiciously like the headrests in the current Fusion...
imaginebeingreal Пре месец
13:16 I think that's actually the design model for Chrysler CROSSFIRE.
imaginebeingreal Пре месец
At 9:42 when he says that red beast of a machine and gasps for a moment, I felt that...
Александр Дехтярь
We need more cars from this museum ! )))
JodyM2 Пре месец
I believe the Henry Ford Museum has a better collection
Алексей Кузнецов
12:13 Soviet GAZ 13
DJ K Пре месец
LOL there are so many more beautiful Japanese cars than the FD. Mazda Cosmo, Toyota 2000GT, the first and last gen Nissan Silvia, Honda S600, Nissan Z32, and on and on
NorwegianNightmare Пре месец
Looking at all the rare and special cars and just walks past the HongQi by the 500SEL
Tom H
Tom H Пре месец
origination? You mean origin, right? #pedantAchievementUnlocked
Southern Ginger Workshop
Southern Ginger Workshop Пре месец
Looks like there was a Red Sparrow in the background.. I always wanted one of those :D
Zoltan Benedek
Zoltan Benedek Пре месец
I'm still hoping Doug will find the one and only AMG van, the MB100 AMG
William Chemini
William Chemini Пре месец
The roof on that mustang was an XLR roof btw
Gregory Timmons
Gregory Timmons Пре месец
You mean the start of Honda "car" import domination. Some years after the motorcycle massacre of the British brands by Honda world wide, Not just in the U.S.
Eldar Aleskerov
Eldar Aleskerov Пре месец
Good job Doug the hardrop does look like Volvo’s... wonder why Ford did not continue with the idea... looks so cool and sifisticated! Thaaank you for the video!
multi luxem
multi luxem Пре месец
13:28 Glad to see the Hongqi behind that Mercedes...China's Rolls Royce and the kind of car that couldn't get no matter how rich you are...
Josh Пре месец
Loved this video.
Ramon Bustillo
Ramon Bustillo Пре месец
2:49 IS THAT A SUPRA? yes it is
MrXYZ2k Пре месец
Actually we see cars spilling oils in Bonds Movies, not just cartoons.
Straight Six
Straight Six Пре месец
Nobody actually links what they say they'll link in the description.
Brian Robichaud
Brian Robichaud Пре месец
That looks like a Cadillac xlr roof on that mustang in the beginning
Alex Bitcoin
Alex Bitcoin Пре месец
The MOST beatiful? What about the Toyota 2000gt? what about the NSX?
Paul Pflaum
Paul Pflaum Пре месец
I never would imagine there would ever be a blatant auto excited homosexual... with his own channel. Interesting.
3UZFE Пре месец
FD rx7 the most beautiful Japanese car? It's certainly a looker but a crampt interior death trap, average build quality and an arguably rubbish engine.
nindza84 Пре месец
11:15 Rescued? You mean probably stolen from iraq and brought to us...
SuperJoes70 Пре месец
Thanks how about another tour on the peterson musum ??
Kyle McCullough
Kyle McCullough Пре месец
Am I losing my mind or is that Chrysler clearly a concept for the Crossfire? Pretty sure the Copperhead previewed the second? gen Viper
Ein Rentner
Ein Rentner Пре месец
hosank Пре месец
Kinda wish you could assign a Doug Score for that Popemobile though
Martin Cleroux
Martin Cleroux Пре месец
Why don't you review a Ford model A car. They are a iconic car and is pretty easy to find a unmodified one.
Umberto Y Lost Trio Paranoias
Now there's a peculiar expression: "dictator friendly"
Norberto Chirinos
Norberto Chirinos Пре месец
I wonder who details the cars
Ahmed Al-Bayati
Ahmed Al-Bayati Пре месец
tab who asked
Wartler Пре месец
17:39- Doug is the kind of guy who would talk about the Tesla chassis, but not even mention the tiny single seater red car in back, in a quirky cars video. :P
Wretched Slippage
Wretched Slippage Пре месец
He is the whitest white guy alive.
Ivan Castellon
Ivan Castellon Пре месец
We need part two of this place omg
eg1885 Пре месец
Is it just me, or is Doug still wearing the same brown shoes from like 5 years ago? Talk about continuity.
Steve Whyte
Steve Whyte Пре месец
They really liked the Probe name at Ford lol
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