H3 Podcast #21 - Was Joey Salads at the Rally? & Elon vs. Zuckerberg (Top Of The Week) 

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A Joey Salads meme is being passed around & Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg argue over Artificial Intelligence
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17 авг 2017






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Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
Great episode!
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
Disney+ has done wayy better than anyone expected lmao
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
The episode introduced 95% of the vin soundbites
Bryan Nob
Bryan Nob Пре месец
Pretty fascinating that ethan said he wants to do this everyday of the week and now flash forward 3 years they’re doing it everyday, I am fascinatingly proud
Chi 3fly
Chi 3fly Пре 9 месеци
Hila turned into Paul Rudds Sister in Role Models, they dont like saying the words roflmao.
dennismaryanski Пре 11 месеци
51:48 is the worst tick ive seen from him yet
Sockpoppet Пре 11 месеци
Public: I hear those things are awfully loud. Elon: It glides as softly as a cloud . Public: Is there a chance the track could bend? Elon: Not on your life, my Hindu friend . Public: What about us brain-dead slobs? Elon: You'll be given cushy jobs . Public: Were you sent here by the Devil? Elon: No, good sir, I'm on the level . Public: The ring came off my pudding can . Elon: Take my pen knife, my good man . Throw up your hands and raise your voice I swear it's LA's only choice ! Boring Hole! What's it called? Boring Hole!! Once again! BORING HOLE!!!
ZackLeath Пре годину
Every time they start talking about climate change and anything to do with energy, it becomes blatantly obvious that neither of them understand the slightest bit about science.
GankMan Пре годину
If you would do 1 controlled therapeutic psychedelic experience, you would be ready to have them on your own afterwards. Because in reality, when you in the trip, there isnt much the doctor can do, it all happens in your mind :)
rema rema
rema rema Пре годину
thats fucking epic
rema rema
rema rema Пре годину
finnally joey salads does something awesome
Cosmic Drugz
Cosmic Drugz Пре годину
This episode really made me laugh
silver back
silver back Пре годину
I think Hila gets told what to say some times I think they review before hand and vin diesel is a gay boy that was how closet men act before they come out lol
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
They definitely don’t go through what Hila’s gonna day lol. What would make you think that?
anonymouskrys Пре годину
Ethan was so skinny here omg
deep thinker
deep thinker Пре годину
Who's watching in 2019
Bear Centeno
Bear Centeno Пре годину
DAWG @ 12:48 F*CKIN JOEY SALADS IN VENTURA! That’s the Arby’s by the Pacific View Mall! Mind freak!! Hahah
nate252 Пре годину
Last episode everyone was bitching about how you guys treated Jimmy. Oh but look here, more views and more likes. Looks like all those people who 'arent gona watch the podcast anymore' dont matter
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
You actually believe people when they say that? Also you’re here too so...
kathvrt Пре годину
I work at Starbucks and I'm cackling, we just call it the "spinach feta wrap" which is still kind of a mouthful sometimes but oh well lmaoooo
Eclipse Пре годину
Let disney do whatever they want, why you have to complain about it
Sonic Burn
Sonic Burn Пре годину
I know im a bit late but i have a question about the tesla; it seems a bit tiring to constantly have your foot on the pedal so is there some sort of cruise control for long trips or do you just always have to have your foot on the pedal?
Haemi Joe
Haemi Joe Пре годину
Serial Killer Elephants Yayyyy
Haemi Joe
Haemi Joe Пре годину
What if Elon blew up the FB satellite w/the Falcon launch?
KW 2024
KW 2024 Пре годину
I'm right there with you Ethan regarding Elon. He's awesome. And fuck FB. mark suck-a-turd.
King Cuan
King Cuan Пре годину
He’s not a nazi he’s just a salad head
King Cuan
King Cuan Пре годину
The joke with the war on drugs is exactly that a bunch of people yell “just stop doing heroin “
Ray Gun
Ray Gun Пре годину
Thunder foot
Геннадий Даценко
Interesting part about that Dota 2 bot is that later he was beaten like a puppy by people who just used unconventional tactics. Bot didnt have 100 lifetimes worth of time to adapt and he got got.
Christoffer Пре годину
Hila look real good in this episode :D
b o k o m a r u
b o k o m a r u Пре годину
@41:22 MVP
Yolk Arch
Yolk Arch Пре годину
I like how Ethan called Africa a country.
DeadHead Gaming
DeadHead Gaming Пре годину
Vin Diesel for sure on ecstasy
Raven Seibert
Raven Seibert Пре годину
joey salad is crazy man lmaoo
Nicole Policarpo
Nicole Policarpo Пре годину
carol prob wanted to die
KranxMusic Пре 2 године
The fuck I havent seen this one?? I swore I watched all of these
Patar Пре 2 године
From what I've seen on kitchen nightmares, it's usually the unsuccessful restaurants that have disgusting cleanliness rules
Fisnik Xheladini
Fisnik Xheladini Пре 2 године
Look at them pretending they have sex, such Angels
William Smith
William Smith Пре 2 године
Just pirate like everyone else lol
MrHighway Пре 2 године
heeeeey hila is being funny
h.g.t.s ts
h.g.t.s ts Пре 2 године
So funny!!!!!!
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great Пре 2 године
Funny how it takes a genius to create a all range functioning robot but somehow our creation can still outsmart us.
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great Пре 2 године
Get Elon on the podcast
VANTZ BIONDO Пре 2 године
Food never an issue .. the smoking 👈 real problem.
VANTZ BIONDO Пре 2 године
Hay he ☝️👈 your BILLSHIT BOX FRIENDS AN IDIOT 👌☝️ JUST had that on my mind paws stinking up the tube
Alice Blacc
Alice Blacc Пре 2 године
I keep thinking my computer is fucking around lol
Adrienne Nieri
Adrienne Nieri Пре 2 године
i've literally been talking about AI going to take over (not like in the movies right away, but slowly causing REALLY BAD conflicts that lead up to EPIC shit "worse than North Korea" i guess). robots taking over has never been a joke man. if we give them emotional intelligence and more knowledge than average humans and super human strength/etc helllll yes they will fuck us bRUH
Adrienne Nieri
Adrienne Nieri Пре 2 године
ESPECIALLY IF WE DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. regulation was a good idea...but it has to be extreme regulations to be safe
Mr. Mayonnaise
Mr. Mayonnaise Пре 2 године
I’ve literally tried everything to treat my depression, I’m just waiting for the right time to try psychedelics
Mr. Mayonnaise
Mr. Mayonnaise Пре 2 године
Jesus if I was that interviewer I’d be so fucking uncomfortable, Jesus! I’d be telling him to back the fuck off. He just talked about how she looked the whole time I mean talk about objectification.
Nick Bergin
Nick Bergin Пре 2 године
On Tyson; it certainly didn't end his career. He was significantly more famous after getting out of prison. He quickly unified the belts again... Both of the Holyfield fights were after prison.
MF B Пре 2 године
Hila is pretty much the cutest thing ever
JWM Пре 2 године
Ethan "I have no patience for rapists..... obviously" Klein
Cars of Pennsylvania
Cars of Pennsylvania Пре 2 године
I'm so excited for friday holy shit
Maq Пре 2 године
we're going to have a wave of wasted batteries in 10 years, Ethan, and living in norway, we probably started with el cars before you all. My dad is a car mechician and when you fix electric cars you have to take so many more precautions and it might explode and it's a fucking mess man. We use oil for many more things like asphalt and plastic, which we will still need eventually, and throwing away the fuel isn't gonna help either lol. Just trying to make that known by people cause it's really an interestin dicussion ukno
mikayla d. stumpf
mikayla d. stumpf Пре 2 године
Hey! First of all, this sounds super dumb but I also relate to you about being addicted to food.. like it was all I looked forward to in a day just when I was going to eat next.. BUT dead ass I did a juice cleanse for three days and it sucked and I didn’t notice too much of a difference BUT it was really good as a restart to get you on the right track and kick the weird food habit.. just a helpful tip because it helped me
JaredNWidman Пре 2 године
Elon Musk refuses to let workers unionize
Bessy Michelle Pineda
Bessy Michelle Pineda Пре 2 године
I didn't really understand the hype behind Elon but you really enlightened me
ManaWearBlack Пре 2 године
At 30:50 Hila sounds so insincere about Mike Tyson's daughters death lmao
KEK Пре 2 године
Tesla hasnt seen a profit......o.O
CaptanFancyWolf Пре 2 године
Fuck I want ethan to think about me in bed
DeathTrooper 67
DeathTrooper 67 Пре 2 године
Mike Tyson seems like a really cool guy. If someone talked to me like that out of nowhere I would do the same. What he did was fucked but he did the time he paid that price.
Thomas Dorman
Thomas Dorman Пре 2 године
1.23 - Namibia. Don't worry guys, you're not alone in struggling with that name, Trump also mispronounced it. I'm from Namibia ... BTW.
Doom Пре 2 године
ethan you give me three months three days of each week two hours of each of those days and I could get you shredded brah no memes we're all gonna make it bro
Vortex Pickle
Vortex Pickle Пре 2 године
Biased opinions are biased
Njul Пре 2 године
If you don't like Microsoft Windows, you know there is GNU/Linux always available.
Swim Пре 2 године
beautiful world had me dead
Ahardcorejedi Пре 2 године
This reeks of mdma
some one
some one Пре 2 године
please bring Elon musk PLEaSeEeEE
KimInChains Пре 2 године
Tyson is a scumbag though
Justin X
Justin X Пре 2 године
What Hila? We might be eating a 2 week old?
Kam Пре 2 године
ethan you should do an episode where you talk about all the neat energy saving technology that's common to countries outside the US, it would honestly be interesting to see how many of them americans have never heard of, what with oil and coal so transparently calling the shots in america
Savannah Tatianna
Savannah Tatianna Пре 2 године
Back when fb said they were gonna give internet to Africa and India and wherever else, they made this “heartwarming” (🤮🤮🤮🤮) commercial that was on tv. See if you can find it online. (It’s shot with a drone at like the beginning.) I thought it was so odd that it was a commercial. It was like they were trying to say, “ohh! Look at Me! I’m a humanitarian!!!”
Daniel DRKNESS Пре 2 године
Ethan! did I just wake up in babetown!??!!
Diedisser Пре 2 године
Jokes are art and should remain free. Very dissapointed in h3h3 for their position on humorcensorship
Primitive Oasis
Primitive Oasis Пре 2 године
Expiration dates on food are arbitrary, it's that food manufacture's best guess of when that food goes bad... and wouldn't they underestimate that date so that people buy more of their product??? Stop throwing away food that is 1 day passed its printed expiration date, it is a waste of food
Alex Пре 2 године
How to get thicc in a few easy way.
Klāvs Grīnbergs
Klāvs Grīnbergs Пре 2 године
solar roads don't work, thunderf00t debunked it.
autumn Пре 2 године
Oh the Vin Diesel cringe! Trying to divert from the gay accusations? Not sure why it’s s big deal. I would be so creeped out if I was that girl. Getting harassed while probably nervous trying to interview a celebrity. Sheesh, poor woman PS: he’s pretty Bold Guy with that sleeveless
Quentin Wade
Quentin Wade Пре 2 године
h3, you have a special place in my heart, but this like is for my buoy mike the lion
Robert B
Robert B Пре 2 године
Do you abuse caffeine?
Grade a seizure
Grade a seizure Пре 2 године
Harry Evett
Harry Evett Пре 2 године
I honestly hate Facebook. I uploaded a video onto my channel, it got 2.5 million views in a couple months before a science page much larger than my channel stole it with no credit or permission, gaining 10 million views in only 2 weeks. It took days to get them to take it down, facebook wouldn't help, and there was no punishment or compensation. This has happened to me several times, and a fellow channel in my genre has hid content stolen, gaining over 60 million views. The thieves get away with it and there's nothing you can do.
SWag KinG
SWag KinG Пре 2 године
Its pronounced NAMIBIA
Blood Wolf2609
Blood Wolf2609 Пре 2 године
When you realise you just sat and listened to Ethan for an hour without realising
XR mighty
XR mighty Пре 2 године
When did this turn into beautiful world lmfao
ColtinBoltin Пре 2 године
"Mike thank you for coming" "PHUCC YEW!"
Professional User
Professional User Пре 2 године
That's what you call a opiate high lol
GalacticpulseGaming Пре 2 године
The USA should just nuke NK, like "If you make another threat we will possibly get hold of Russia with their Nuclear bomb which can wipe out an area the size of Italy."
dooder Пре 2 године
you aint going to see this because you don't read your notifications because there are too many....but Bill Gates is not responsible for the current Windows bullshit. He quit a long time ago. Bill Gates is not the problem. Windows is a plague, but Bill Gates is not responsible for making it that way.
dooder Пре 2 године
yall should do a cooking channel. I know Ethan is the cook in the household
uh no
uh no Пре 2 године
A-ah. Most (STRESSING THE MOST) restaurants prep all their food for safe serving. The guests safety is always number one when it comes to Dine in services, so all the food and such is cooked fully as well as cleaned and washed before use.
KhaoticKlitoris Пре 2 године
Just go on a plant-based diet so you don't have to starve yourself to sleep
Jazmin Zenteno
Jazmin Zenteno Пре 2 године
i can't stop laughing because i also never say the real name of the sizes at starbucks and sometimes you can tell they get mad
dude Пре 2 године
"Thank you for coming in" "fuck you"
dude Пре 2 године
It's funny because Vin Diesel usually comes accross an actor with class
Colonel Catnip
Colonel Catnip Пре 2 године
The windows sounds is now a new meme
Who Dunnit
Who Dunnit Пре 2 године
You guys....actually thought 'Nambia' was something heard of? So you're telling me it wasn't a Trump thing, it was an American thing? Thinking Nambia existed/hearing it before, but never hearing of Namibia? Damn...that's eye opening. Guess it wasn't Trump's fault after all.
KGR_Chroma Пре 2 године
Vin is gay😂
Lenny Пре 2 године
Zucc is a robot so is that living proof that robots are dangers to humans?
ycafe123 Пре 2 године
It’s sad to see that Ethan doesn’t understand basic market economy.
ycafe123 Пре 2 године
Who is responsible for this garbage subtitle?
Steve James 0188
Steve James 0188 Пре 2 године
tall, venti, grande. so pompous.
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