H3 Podcast #23 - I've Lost All Respect For You ... (Top Of The Week) 

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Jake Paul & Faze Banks Beef, Elon Musk is back with AI spooks, & I've lost all respect for you.
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24 авг 2017






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Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
Business men in the bathroom always fascinate me 😂 they don’t miss a beat with their conversation whether they’re pissing or shitting together. It’s really a mystery
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
The h3 comment section was so nice back in the day
Profine Пре месец
Sooooo anyone thinking this the same day that Keem piped Hila?
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
Keen never piped Hila 😂😂
North Universe
North Universe Пре 2 месеца
That intro gaze really spoke volumes to me
Molly Galvin-Law
Molly Galvin-Law Пре 3 месеца
just commenting to be a new comment
Denn Mcambley
Denn Mcambley Пре 3 месеца
ethan definitely took a shit before jake paul turned up incase jake needed a piss, so he would have to smell his shit.
Jacob Vennemann
Jacob Vennemann Пре 6 месеци
The podcast episodes that come out on my birthday are so good
Nathanael Пре 6 месеци
Dark brother hood 🤦‍♂️
Bobo Doritos
Bobo Doritos Пре 7 месеци
Why are you talking about us losing respect for you? I lost all my respect for you.
R Alexandra
R Alexandra Пре 7 месеци
I’ve lost all respect for you..... that’s clearly a *MOP* being wielded by the crack head vandal... Broom v. Mop.
AlexJane Пре 9 месеци
It is 2020, and I still have not regained all of my respect for you.
Alex Пре 11 месеци
Fans on the Dentist episode: Ethan was such a dick to this guy. Fans on the Jake Paul episode: Ethan should have gone in on this dude.
Deeno Пре годину
I'm rich bitch✌️
Kevin G
Kevin G Пре годину
2019 and I still have not recovered the respect I lost for Ethan and Hila. (LOVE THE PODCAST =))
L K Пре годину
Why oh why you talk about bowel movements so freaking much. I find it so distasteful. How can hilah stand you?
L K Пре 3 дана
@Steven Richter ok...i.offended someone...but yes you are right I am a prude. Agree. But just wondering if you would to talk about your bowel movements in line for thousands to hear. Or if you are a woman do you want to talk about how messy your period is? c'mon now. TMI.
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
Hila doesn’t mind it, you are just a prude.
Vermont Bouldering
Vermont Bouldering Пре годину
over 2 years later and people are still commenting about having lost all respect for Ethan and how he does too little research lmao
Jargoli Kardeenan
Jargoli Kardeenan Пре годину
that face when a girl asks if you’ve had dick cheese and you’re like idk and she’s like ew like BITCH WTF U WANT ME TO SAY
kingkill33 Пре годину
I feel like I've just been eye raped by the worlds creepiest guy.
Duke Пре годину
Ethan your T-Shirt is green. I'm not a huge fan of green... I'VE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR YOU
jake ballou
jake ballou Пре годину
I'm pretty late. I've lost all respect for you.
Eden Пре годину
01:14:08 "This is straight out of Fallout, right? Like y'know, Dark Brotherhood shit" The Dark Brotherhood is from Skyrim but hey, same publisher, same thing, right? I've lost all respect for you Ethan.
InfinitySpiritD Пре годину
Wow. Ethan is using a cap instead of a beanie? I've lost all respect for you.
nate252 Пре годину
That makes me feel better for missing the eclipse. I got another chance to see it before 40 years
Jan XH
Jan XH Пре годину
Andrew Fennell
Andrew Fennell Пре годину
damn the h3h3 ExPeRieNcE
Jesseca Alvarez-Kuykendall
Jesseca Alvarez-Kuykendall Пре годину
The first weekend I worked as an usher for Cinemark, the management bribed me to clean up a giant pool of period blood from the family restroom in the arcade. They couldn't ask me to clean up a biohazard in the normal course of my duties, so they offered me four ticket passes to do it. It looked like a girl had had her first period, didn't know what to do when she made a huge mess and just bolted. I used the passes to take my friends to see Tropic Thunder.
ladiffie Пре годину
I feel like the ‘I’ve lost all respect for you’ was from a H3H3 video y’all posted one time. I’ll have to do a deep rewatch to see if I’m right or not.
Beaver.480p Пре годину
ur ending skippys profession ive lost ball respect for u
Rand Chan
Rand Chan Пре годину
I’ve lost all respect for all respect
orangesporange Пре годину
Omg, someone needs to gather some homosexual priests and call them The Gays of Miracles. Now THAT'S a church I'd join.
orangesporange Пре годину
The next Braco livestream is in 10 hours and 40 minutes! Would be awesome if you guys were able to goof on him during it. I'd rather give you the views rather than him anyway.
nate dog
nate dog Пре годину
I don't agree that it should be reserved for the worst people. They don't deserve such politeness, they don't deserve to be acknowledged. It's more of a figure of speech, I think. I'm sure the people who left those comments and liked them continue to watch. Quite frankly, I can't believe you are so offended, and I've lost ALL respect for you.
V'Keigh Manabe
V'Keigh Manabe Пре годину
Ethan actually played a video without pausing every 2 seconds... I've lost all respect for you
kyle edler
kyle edler Пре годину
ADH3 shirts would sell hard bruh
PRisonPEnguin Пре годину
Like every single comment on that cringey dentist was this but unironic lmao
Jay Waddell
Jay Waddell Пре годину
Get Elon Musk on the Pod.
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
Right like they can just do that
EdgarSketches Пре годину
A minute into an hour long video and i am already weirded out terribly! Please remove this lip-twitching elder from my screen!!
Brian Пре годину
I bet $4,000 on Mayweather and made like $900.
Manny Reyes
Manny Reyes Пре годину
I wont lie this is definitly me when i lost all respect for you
Sam lessen
Sam lessen Пре годину
He's trying to make skippy have sex before marriage? I have lost All respect.
Attrition Пре годину
Nobunuga denounces Elia
W o s h
W o s h Пре годину
Quake logo at 41:55 :kissing:
KFC66 Пре годину
I've gained all respect for the both of you. God bless ya
Dre Aloia
Dre Aloia Пре годину
2019 here..is the respect still lost?
Titus Klem
Titus Klem Пре годину
48:14 "God I hate ticket ma- ticket companies". I've lost all respect for ticket masters.
ansiaaa Пре годину
dont fucking SUCK ON your fucking cup of whatever you are having!!!! or stay away from the mic when you do it
lowiigibros Пре годину
I have lost all respect for hila so badly, that frankly I've lost all respect for Ethan... SMH
The blind commentator
The blind commentator Пре годину
will dwyer
will dwyer Пре годину
H3 I was at this church with my gparents the other day, the priest walks up and down the aisles at the end shaking hands and just staring at them, when he got to me I couldnt help but think of that music and just repeat Brazooo...brazoooo
Hue Mungus
Hue Mungus Пре 2 године
I’m not gonna lie this is me when I lost all respect for you
Darth Bauls
Darth Bauls Пре 2 године
This video was playing in the background while this girl gave me Herpes "I've lost all respect for myself"
aktw1234 Пре 2 године
The hell is this, putting your fans on blast for criticizing you instead of taking a look what you're doing that's caused that response? What's wrong with you Ethan
Steven Richter
Steven Richter Пре 3 дана
It was mostly just differences in opinion. What are you going to do about that?
bossaboy967 Пре 2 године
ETHAN i've GAINED all respect for you and hila :D
sikmuse Пре 2 године
Awh Hila's giggle is so sweet that I've lost all respect for you
TheDilden Пре 2 године
It's 36 chambers.
MF B Пре 2 године
I like when Ethan goes off on tangents howard stern style. Hila is always cooling him off, but I wish she would fire him up and let him do his thing.
tired-idiot Пре 2 године
Ethan, ive lost all respect for you
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. Пре 2 године
41:36 It's a p l a n e d r i v i n g...
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. Пре 2 године
44:22 had me cracking up too
Michael Z.
Michael Z. Пре 2 године
He said that the dark brotherhood was in fallout, I've lost all respect for you
JuniorLegba555 Пре 2 године
this podcast is great. its come along way. it has really made hila come out of her shell. i love the fact that its unedited. y'all get amazing guests and i can't stop watching the series. it really is fantastic. its even made me lose all respect for you, ethan.
_Esmeralda_ Пре 2 године
25:00 this is for my use
Laterino Craperino
Laterino Craperino Пре 2 године
braco means bro in croatian
KesAmber Пре 2 године
Ethan! Your lookin skinny and youthful! Hila! Your lookin sexy, as always! Love you guys.
♛ Huffdaddy™
♛ Huffdaddy™ Пре 2 године
*The two time... Drlostallrespect*
Asia Пре 2 године
Ethan I’ve lost no respect for you
BivenG Пре 2 године
1:14:05 Straight from fallout -- dark brotherhood shit fallout =/= skyrim I've lost all respect for you Ethan
Leo Parker
Leo Parker Пре 2 године
I’ve lost all respect for you. Specifically shredder, can’t believe what he did to me. Fascinating.
Emerson Mastros
Emerson Mastros Пре 2 године
I can’t lie this is definitely me when I lost respect for someone.
John727 Пре 2 године
Ethan I love your podcast dawg don’t get discouraged by the haters lol
Wesley Page
Wesley Page Пре 2 године
He said driving instead of flying, I've lost all respect for you
Josua smith
Josua smith Пре 2 године
omg how does he know that I have Amazon prime 😨
Sticky Tones
Sticky Tones Пре 2 године
If BRATZO and MCGREGOR had a stare down would that make MCGREGOR the automatic winner?
Villanelle Pollastri
Villanelle Pollastri Пре 2 године
Can you calm down on the rape jokes
Shaw Slots
Shaw Slots Пре 2 године
ToonyDrago Пре 2 године
6:50 20 to 1 means you get 20 for each dollar that youve bet (THIS BOTHERED ME SO MUCH AAH)
It’s Private
It’s Private Пре 2 године
That damn power company DID NOT listen to the call, I had a similar incedent with my wifi. We got an email saying "your request to end your services is granted, please turn in your router and modem" well we never even requested to end our service. What happened was, our lease ended on September 30th so my landlord listed my house to rent to someone else because we didn't know if we would be renewing our lease and so they found someone to rent it and they looked at the house and they thought that the house would be ready on August 1st for them to move in instead of October 1st , so THEY CALLED CHARTER AND ACTED LIKE THEY WERE US! they never had our passwords or anything and they shut ours off and then called the next day requesting service for themselves! I didn't find any of that out until AFTER I called charter! My landlord told me they admitted to it and charter swore up and down they talked to my husband, but he's Hispanic and has a very think accent and cannot speak English fluently, so he never calls these places I do it. But they said he did, and that"he" gave them passwords and everything but he couldn't have because he speaks only Spanish over the phone and when I asked the manager of she speaks Spanish she said no and I was like well how the hell did you understand him because he speaks Spanish!! So after catching them in a lie they said all they could tell us is that we have to drive the 20 minutes to there office and give them our lease which we have to print because it's electronic and then the landlord has to physically sign it and they NEVER are around. It took me over a month to get ahold of them to sign a new lease. So now they're probably going to turn off our WiFi next Wednesday.
Lilly C
Lilly C Пре 2 године
Love Hila's voice! So much better to watch since she's talking compared to first h3h3
Cranberry Пре 2 године
Ethan confused the brotherhood of steel from fallout and the dark brotherhood from TES and, frankly, I've lost all respect for him.
starchycat Пре 2 године
I have gained more respect for you, if possible.
Abhinav Пре 2 године
Can we appreciate that Ethan has Fatlip bookmarked in chrome
Dr.supernoob Пре 2 године
I've last all respect for you
R. H.F.
R. H.F. Пре 2 године
'this guy was squirtin'
GONKYBONKY Пре 2 године
I’m not gonna lie this is totally me when I lost all respect for you Ethan
TheRealf0v Пре 2 године
Can I get a seat on the podcast using seatgeek
Punched Пре 2 године
Ethan i lost all respec for you when you said the AI controlled turrets are fallout shit then said it's "Dark Brotherhood Shit" That shits Elder Scrolls Shit Thicc Boi
Norbert Gardonyi
Norbert Gardonyi Пре 2 године
oh, Leonardo DiCaprio, my favourite renaissance painter!
Sauce_Aux Пре 2 године
I used to be a janitor at a While Foods, and I would find small liquor and travel wine bottles in the tampon receptacles, in the woman’s bathrooms, daily. And, 9/10 times the women’s bathroom was messier, by far. Not a personal feeling, just stating the results of observation of the situation
Lee Birchenough
Lee Birchenough Пре 2 године
im watching this in 2018 and because of that ive lost all respect for u
Alex Rainbow
Alex Rainbow Пре 2 године
I love that youre high when you make these!!
Ryan Terwilliger
Ryan Terwilliger Пре 2 године
Hila’s lookin’ mad fly this particular podcast lol
the vloggger people
the vloggger people Пре 2 године
taking the howard stern approach eh? the good ol 90s stern with get jonathan laid.
the vloggger people
the vloggger people Пре 2 године
taking the howard stern approach eh? the good ol 90s stern with get jonathan laid.
the vloggger people
the vloggger people Пре 2 године
taking the howard stern approach eh? the good ol 90s stern with get jonathan laid.
Kylie C
Kylie C Пре 2 године
Super weird ad on this video
Koos van Vugt
Koos van Vugt Пре 2 године
Hey Ethan dude, I like you and your channel but mad props to Elah for calling you out on naming Google's CEO on that killer robot video. Please dont twist da facts bro.
chhimi Пре 2 године
For respect lost Ethan I because you succ
FadeZ Пре 2 године
I critic Videos
I critic Videos Пре 2 године
I’m disappointed he is Croatian 🙁
7 Head
7 Head Пре 2 године
After breathing, I lost all respect for Eathn.
Savanna Erjavec
Savanna Erjavec Пре 2 године
I have anxiety watching this
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