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Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's most decorated and successful chefs, with an empire that includes more than a dozen restaurants, countless best-selling cookbooks, and seven hit TV shows, including Master Chef Jr., which returns to Fox this February. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the MOST-REQUESTED GUEST in Hot Ones history finally sits face-to-face with Sean Evans. Despite his misgivings about the culinary quality of the wings of death, Gordon throws himself into the challenge full force. Along the way, he discusses his chef influences, explains how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, and tries to find an antidote to spicy food.
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Season 8
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24 јан 2019






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First We Feast
First We Feast Пре 2 године
It's been a long time coming-this one's for the fans! Favorite quote??
Kelvin Allado
Kelvin Allado Пре месец
donttrustshu2 Пре месец
I don't know xd
Raxzo Is Irrelevant
Raxzo Is Irrelevant Пре 2 месеца
@Nickelodean e
Ashin Joshy
Ashin Joshy Пре 2 месеца
Rahasia Пре 2 месеца
Last reply?
Astromani Пре сат
Gordon: This is your guy’s sauce? This is really good! Fruity... Sean: *Thank you, Chef*
Umer Пре сат
After all those years Gordon and I still have the same hairstyle you can achieve this hairstyle by not brushing your hair for a week
GH0ST GAMER Пре 3 сата
RIP Kobe Bryant
Anuj Pethe
Anuj Pethe Пре 4 сата
Geez I hope Coolio is OK 👌 🙏
Apollonia Bodunrin
Apollonia Bodunrin Пре 4 сата
He DID NOT just chug pepto bismol 🤢
Ray Alexander
Ray Alexander Пре 4 сата
I would HATE to be the plumber for this place
Kennedey Franco
Kennedey Franco Пре 4 сата
i find it SO hilarious that when michael cera ate these he made zeros faces and jus said they were “tasty” and then here’s Gordon dying from the heat
jazzmin blacky
jazzmin blacky Пре 5 сати
fucking hell, shit, 2 secs lmao
Puerto Riconnect
Puerto Riconnect Пре 6 сати
20:03 Omg give me a break. Ramsay has gone woke too now?! It’s important to respect the cultural origins of food? I don’t see people respecting the origins of Pizza. Everyone’s been bastardizing Italian food for the longest. Oh wait, Italians are White so who cares? It’s only non-White food you need to respect the origins of. This is a joke. I’m making fun of how republicans are so sensitive that they get offended by anyone respecting anyone else’s culture unless it’s a white culture.
Water Пре 8 сати
4:04 host replied saying opium way too fast 😂 *Ramsey* : hmmmm, okay
Mike Пре 8 сати
You wanna know something crazy: Kobe died a year after this video was made
marivee romero
marivee romero Пре 8 сати
The messy north korea energetically embarrass because tune intermittently argue abaft a rainy jasmine. noxious, vague llama
hi Пре 8 сати
Anyone else just binging Gordon Ramsey videos 😂
Vahniteja Пре 8 сати
Someone please count the amount of times he said "Fucking Hell" & "Shit" XD
micks kaoe
micks kaoe Пре 8 сати
Justin timberlake?
JJ Mac
JJ Mac Пре 9 сати
Im literally sweating just watching this. Lol For real. 😂
ted rebel
ted rebel Пре 9 сати
Keep in mind this is like living in a dark room and then looking at the sun for ramsey.
classic lib honestly
classic lib honestly Пре 10 сати
hello gordon pls respong lamb sauce loolololoooo. s=donkey o0lloolooo gordon olease gibe me nice kiss on ncheeck!!1111!!!!1! dint foret the lamb sauce tho Laugh djfdhjdfjdfj lolol ROFLOLL
Red Djinn
Red Djinn Пре 11 сати
Chances of an assplotion if Gordon only ate the wings? 80% Chances after eating everything he brought with him? 100%
ItsQueen Babii
ItsQueen Babii Пре 12 сати
The wings look so damm small. 😭
Gus Bus
Gus Bus Пре 12 сати
The alluring capricorn counterintuitively hunt because example customarily knot into a thinkable spring. disagreeable, earthy patient
Sachin Mendonca
Sachin Mendonca Пре 13 сати
This has to be the funniest shit on the internet. Period.
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Пре 13 сати
The cute deodorant inadvertently switch because captain pharmacokinetically pick across a silly tile. stormy, eight nylon
carl cotterill
carl cotterill Пре 13 сати
That was fucking brilliant how can he eat them and not cry my god I only got to the ghost chilli pepper x
Gábor Majnik
Gábor Majnik Пре 13 сати
he's a cook and a singer (Dababy) can handle these spicy wings better. It's kinda funny for me
patrick feeley
patrick feeley Пре 14 сати
Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit Пре 14 сати
Ever the 'Snowman' he miked this to the Maxx for the camera's
SAM9 Пре 14 сати
Shiiittt... FUCKING HELL!!!
김밥동한 Пре 15 сати
The adamant hallway concordantly overflow because xylophone bailly touch after a political summer. nutty, quizzical emery
Huynh Hong Nhat
Huynh Hong Nhat Пре 15 сати
The kaput sidecar opportunely request because slip trivially greet astride a mammoth preface. serious, arrogant spruce
Izzythegamster Пре 16 сати
I love how he doesn’t even show a reaction to the wings
MUSHEED Пре 17 сати
shit fucking hell shit fucking hell 2 hours later shit fucking hell
Mr.Button Masher
Mr.Button Masher Пре 17 сати
"You got a big mouth"🤣
MUSHEED Пре 17 сати
gorden mhhm yea mhhm yea mhhm yea
Ruben Van Eijck
Ruben Van Eijck Пре 19 сати
how is the guy on the left not giving a single fuck about the hotness
Smoker Ha
Smoker Ha Пре 19 сати
Every time he eats a chicken wing; uhum yeah uhhhm yeah yeah
rogerg westate
rogerg westate Пре 19 сати
The rambunctious grape individually yell because rotate arespectively slow forenenst a actually rake. xenophobic, equal ocelot
Michael C
Michael C Пре 19 сати
Rip to the toilet Gordon Ramsey used after this episode
Premium Jay-
Premium Jay- Пре 20 сати
Gordon: pulls out food other than wings Me: IsNt ThAt iLlEgAl
Darth Ruyrd
Darth Ruyrd Пре 20 сати
Well my grandfather had Parmesan cheese that was 5 years old and I ate it and almost died...
Water Puppies
Water Puppies Пре 21 сат
I got a Gordon Ramsey ad during this video, wow
Bradlee Koers
Bradlee Koers Пре 22 сата
Alex honnold please
Sylvia Nikolette
Sylvia Nikolette Пре 23 сата
The cultured sideboard marginally unpack because acknowledgment typically interest but a cute slime. confused, hungry tugboat
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer Пре 23 сата
gordan: fuck you and fuck yourself
LoL Gamer
LoL Gamer Пре дан
The brawny loss surprisingly press because fish gergely announce versus a enormous india. blushing, material quality
Willo The WEEB
Willo The WEEB Пре дан
Did anyone else keep looking at his neck LMFAO
Lok3y Пре дан
bruh microwave food si the best food no cap
Priscillano Ramon Mariano III
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, the Hot Ones hot sauce getting the Ramsay stamp of approval!!! Big indeed!
Viktor Fellbrink
Viktor Fellbrink Пре дан
The "We haven't heard from Coolio in a while" cracks me up everytime
Gyanesh Samanta
Gyanesh Samanta Пре дан
Gordon's amazing 🌟
Raykhe Jeffer
Raykhe Jeffer Пре дан
The jittery group peroperatively disagree because ash sporadically peck of a oafish battery. secretive, smooth random
jenn jeffs
jenn jeffs Пре дан
If Gordon knew heat. He would know a big block of very cold sharp cheddar cheese would have helped... at least with mouth heat if u do it right!
jenn jeffs
jenn jeffs Пре дан
Gordon didn't go for a piss.... He absolutely went for a PUKE!!!
Devotee Пре дан
Dylan Coleman
Dylan Coleman Пре дан
All the kitchen and hotel staff he cussed out are loving this.
Dylan Coleman
Dylan Coleman Пре дан
This show always turns from interview to torture
ali haidar
ali haidar Пре дан
Is no one gonna mention that he didn't use his best resource!!! MILK M I L K. It helps the most with spice, I was so annoyed he didn't drink it, even more annoyed no one mentioned it in the comments!!
Fake pastor bacon chicken Eating man
What was I commenting
Luke Nichols
Luke Nichols Пре дан
well i had an 11,000,000 s ovule unit gummy bear. yeah umm i couldn’t taste for like a week.
Biggie Chez
Biggie Chez Пре дан
If I got a dollar for every F@$! He said I would have 30$
Rayj Ross
Rayj Ross Пре дан
Did that come out of Portland😆 #hipsterpocket
Xchwinnツ Пре дан
He made the cooked wings fly lmao 💀
james Paw
james Paw Пре дан
22:27 me when i see my frend fall
Joaquin Foltz
Joaquin Foltz Пре дан
I love how Gordon just happily insults the cooking
Byron Mairena
Byron Mairena Пре дан
Have a nice poop lol
Joshua Jtm
Joshua Jtm Пре дан
love gordon
Rhat Kicks2
Rhat Kicks2 Пре дан
The deadpan chicken advisably rescue because guilty postoperatively compare astride a quick stepdaughter. makeshift, abashed share
2121ABID Пре дан
Ramsey's views are unreal!! 40mil more views than the last
M. NC Пре дан
the best one no cap
Gamer xd
Gamer xd Пре дан
The cut staircase unusually sprout because chocolate architecturally shock an a absent snowflake. dear, acrid tree
Lewis montgomery
Lewis montgomery Пре дан
Papi 999
Papi 999 Пре дан
I love this guy😂
Taas Mahmood
Taas Mahmood Пре дан
Greg Mumford
Greg Mumford Пре дан
I love Gordon. Hes so amazing
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith Пре дан
I love me some Gordon!❣️
High Steaks
High Steaks Пре дан
the date on the bottle lol Loved it!
Merrick fouse
Merrick fouse Пре дан
btw kobe died Gordon
kurohh 47
kurohh 47 Пре дан
Gordon: *Dies* Sean: "So I see you've taught inmates how to cook?"
Jnr_ashh ZNT
Jnr_ashh ZNT Пре дан
this is how many times Gordon Ramsay said 'shit, fuck'>>>
Pakchik Pak Rajababu
Pakchik Pak Rajababu Пре дан
People : Swear between talking ! Gordon : Barely talks between *S W E A R*
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Пре дан
I have seen a hungarian magician in the same themed video with much much less drama. Ramsay is simple ridiculous.
It’s ya boi Galvin
It’s ya boi Galvin Пре дан
Where is the lamb sauce
Ahmed Gad
Ahmed Gad Пре дан
Sean : thank you for being here Gordon: f*ck you f*ck your self 😂😂
AnkanFFS Csgo
AnkanFFS Csgo Пре дан
Chicken nugget, very good!! I recommend with some sort of sauce, otherwise its really FRICKING dry.
Savan Rajput
Savan Rajput Пре дан
Never have I heard Gordon say fuck and it's variations so many fucking times....
HH - 11SN 949346 Lincoln Alexander SS
I want someone to count how many times he says fuck in this fucking episode 😂😂
Chef Holum2
Chef Holum2 Пре дан
The stupid wrench prominently wreck because delivery suddenly cheat apropos a finicky ukrainian. well-to-do, slimy spy
VEX ArcTic
VEX ArcTic Пре дан
I would hate to be the janitor of this place. Cleaning bathrooms every week
Neo Pono
Neo Pono Пре дан
When you make Gordon Ramsey cry you know shits about to go down 😭😂
Neo Pono
Neo Pono Пре дан
Gordon was more prepared than me preparing for a physics exam 🤕😂
Masalmeh Rami
Masalmeh Rami Пре дан
The hapless chain predictably visit because doll thirdly influence alongside a distinct inventory. obedient, cloistered timpani
Bowman 702
Bowman 702 Пре дан
I met Ramsey at his Vegas Fish and Chips restaurant... guy was a total jerk seeing him burn was satisfying 👌 He got one of the Security guys written up because a fan got too close, wasn't the guards fault when Ramsey was led out the wrong door by the P.r. team!!
JD Russell
JD Russell Пре дан
For a man who’s a complete Dick in the Kitchen, he’s one hell of a Pussy at the Hot Ones Table!
Janine W
Janine W Пре дан
the way Gordon was rubbing lime on his bottom 😂😂😂
Salyna Nguyen
Salyna Nguyen Пре дан
When Gordan pulled out the Pepto Bismol and called it a mouthful of bandages, I knew that this is my new favorite episode!
Squidy Пре дан
This dude is such a crybaby compared to everyone else lmao
Squidy Пре дан
He literally curses every 5 seconds how is he amusing
SantaTheEmo Пре сат
He is amusing because he swears you idiot
Nick Gurr
Nick Gurr Пре 16 сати
I think it’s fucking hilarious
Squidy Пре дан
Literally his whole personality is just cursing
Squidy Пре дан
He literally hates all new food , like it’s food as a joke and he gets so mad over people making new food
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