Gordon Has A MASSIVE Meltdown At Fiesta Sunrise | Kitchen Nightmares 

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Gordon visits Fiesta Sunrise, where things go from bad to worse.
#GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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9 апр 2021






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Коментара 100   
AlexMagus Пре сат
y e s t e r d a y
jabamibuns Пре 3 сата
vic’s favourite word: yesterday
Jose Mari Arceta
Jose Mari Arceta Пре 4 сата
rice is so cheap if you cant serve fresh rice daily idk wtf ur doing hahahaha
ronel rumbaoa
ronel rumbaoa Пре 5 сати
24:53 the camera man:yes do that make it very dramatic hold your daughter we need a good shot here
ronel rumbaoa
ronel rumbaoa Пре 5 сати
wonder how the camera men feel about this
Mengo Пре 5 сати
This is the best episode
Mengo Пре 5 сати
Someone ask vic any thing: yesterday Someone:How are you ? Vic : yesterday
Bean _CTM
Bean _CTM Пре 8 сати
Why not available in America? Had to VPN man
Laxmi Vickyath
Laxmi Vickyath Пре 9 сати
No one:- Absolutely no one:- Chef Ramsay every episode:- Fuck me..
p c
p c Пре 12 сати
Love ramsay .....
Oscar and Fran are gay
Oscar and Fran are gay Пре 13 сати
This man‘s favourite word is yesterday
Allyssa Nicole De Los Reyes
Allyssa Nicole De Los Reyes Пре 13 сати
"When are y'all gonna close?" Vic: "Yesterday"
Alec Baker
Alec Baker Пре 15 сати
Ladies and gentleman *murders table*
Bruce Lamberton
Bruce Lamberton Пре 16 сати
No surprise the restaurant soon closed - in fact, it was seized for overdue taxes. I feel sorry for the daughter; her life is ruined to finance the dreams of her lazy, lying stepfather - dreams he was incapable of achieving. But hey, it wasn't his money, so no biggie!
Blue Plague
Blue Plague Пре 17 сати
god i hope that poor girl is okay
A B Пре 19 сати
32:58 cocaine!
ali alali
ali alali Пре 19 сати
Gordon: "what is your name" Vic: "yesterday"
TheRussian UnderNeathYourBed
TheRussian UnderNeathYourBed Пре 20 сати
i swear to god I can smell all the "Friday" food from my screen.
Jason Пре 21 сат
15:56 he broke the table 💀💀
Jason Пре 21 сат
I think he means "in the past" by Yesterday lmao
nonoa bukowski
nonoa bukowski Пре 22 сата
Dude is not a bad dude just needed directions that's all. That's lypse of his fookin funny 🤣🤣🤣 I am not kissing you goddame those British jokes 🤣🤣🤣
nonoa bukowski
nonoa bukowski Пре 22 сата
Are these staged that's what I want to know...??Nomou sala dabei.. Hah not a day waste.
YW - 05LS 809608 Churchville PS
why the f*** does everyone serve him old stuff
John Constantine
John Constantine Пре дан
now i'm stuck to this channel...loved it
Ali. Пре дан
Gordon: when and how did a decomposing body get here ?? Vic: yesterday
John Constantine
John Constantine Пре дан
never going to eat in a restaurant now
asian dolce latte
asian dolce latte Пре дан
me binge watching kitchen nightmares and now i had the urge to learn cooking and not eating out anymore
Grand BETA
Grand BETA Пре дан
Definitely the smartest choice amigo
Ner Rak Eyak
Ner Rak Eyak Пре дан
being helped and coached by Ramsy is such an honor
Luká Пре дан
If a camera man on kitchen nightmares is filming you eat something, you know you're gonna have a bad time in the bathroom tonight...
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey Пре дан
Man I love how Ramsay just goes into how much of a spineless idiot Vic is.
kamil Пре дан
As i watch episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, UK and US, I check on the interwebs on how the restaurant visited by Gordon doing... Well, they are all closed LMAO
Hosni Ghedir
Hosni Ghedir Пре дан
you can change a restaurant but u cant change a person
Fedora Spacedragon
Fedora Spacedragon Пре дан
Are the customers actors? Theyre always so obnoxious on this show. Like they dont know Kitchen Nightmares is shooting....
Leyak Пре дан
So we aint gonna talk about 0:06
Bellina the Balinese dog
Gordon : 'so far it's f****ng ruined yea!'😝🤓🥸
Jim james
Jim james Пре дан
This owner is a clueless pillock what are you doing he says Gordon’s showing you what’s wrong if you can’t take what he says don’t bother asking him for help
Lucky Bricks
Lucky Bricks Пре дан
The mans favourite word yesterday
Aarti Patel
Aarti Patel Пре дан
great work
Upbeat Ivy
Upbeat Ivy Пре 2 дана
14:20 I have that feeling Gordon wanted to legit throw that in his face
Vinoth Balendran
Vinoth Balendran Пре 2 дана
Gordon : " When did you catch the fish?" Wick : "Yesterday"
Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson Пре 2 дана
I still cant get over vic managing a restaurant he doesn't even own?
Random Пре 2 дана
Patricia's husband wanted to curse so bad but thought it wouldn't be monitized to instead he says Jerkoff and Douchebag lmao
Miaikon Teras
Miaikon Teras Пре 2 дана
"A hungry cat would walk away from that" I think a hungry cat would try to bury it to get rid of the smell. At least all cats I know to that.
L x w H v R m
L x w H v R m Пре 2 дана
Gordon has clearly never been to New York before..
The Clockwork Cadaver
The Clockwork Cadaver Пре 2 дана
Vic is an absolute pathetic man-child. Can't take criticism, won't listen to people tell him his problems because it makes him feel bad. His failure is being paid for by another man. His bills are paid for by another man. He takes money from his own daughter's credit line to bankroll his failure and yet still refuses to change to make it a success. He's selfish, childish, and generally just a pathetic excuse for a man.
Gary Bee
Gary Bee Пре 2 дана
Vic has no business being a manager,,
Pradyumna Madan
Pradyumna Madan Пре 2 дана
gordon to vic's mom: when was ur son born vic's mom: YERSTERDAY
solum mea
solum mea Пре 2 дана
“I love my new decorations” “I love my chairs” “I love my new place” Bruhh you don’t own any of it
Luke Cornwell
Luke Cornwell Пре 2 дана
Ahhhh , now I know where the Beatles found there inspiration for ‘yesterday’
jukechuu Пре 2 дана
vic: "What would you like to drink?" Customers: Chicken fajitas, one beef echiladas vic: "Thank you"
Disgusting Handsome
Disgusting Handsome Пре 2 дана
Gordon: you're a walking disaster Vic: yesterday
Danny Boy
Danny Boy Пре 2 дана
33:39 - Me When i'm the only one laughing at my own joke with my friends
Danny Boy
Danny Boy Пре 2 дана
Gordon: " How long have you owned a restaurant?" Vic: "Yesterday"
RoBoLoGy Пре 2 дана
Gordon: " When were you born ?" Vic : "Yesterday"
Cthulu Hoops
Cthulu Hoops Пре 2 дана
"they speak english they're just being clever by ignoring me"
Kakaxil Пре 2 дана
Tristram Shandy
Tristram Shandy Пре 3 дана
Why isn't there any inspection by the Food Safety Officers in such places!?
Dorotea Vukanović
Dorotea Vukanović Пре 3 дана
plazo Пре 3 дана
14:26 lmao,
Raider Пре 3 дана
Rhea Rodrigues
Rhea Rodrigues Пре 3 дана
Gordon: When were you born? Vic: yesterday
DaniLP95 Пре 3 дана
26:06 "Gordon Ramsay is anxious to impress them with something the restaurant never had: Fresh food" That must have been the greatest burn the Kitchen Nightmares Commentator has ever made, and I love it. xD
Werner Van Wyk
Werner Van Wyk Пре 3 дана
That is the real picture and plate throw up
Steve Bonds
Steve Bonds Пре 3 дана
The restaurant was closed in Sept 2008 and this episode aired Nov 2008.
Werner Van Wyk
Werner Van Wyk Пре 3 дана
That looks like crap on my plate that is so disgusting well🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Пре 3 дана
Wheres the Money?
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Пре 3 дана
"Sometimes I can't sleep at night!" words from that lovely lady!
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Пре 3 дана
Serving that to the customers....
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma Пре 3 дана
Grabbed the Chicken....
NoxiousScythe Пре 3 дана
Gordon was brutal this episode, Vic was the weaker man lol.
Adeline Castillo
Adeline Castillo Пре 3 дана
amazing help for the family and for the restaurant your the best with a golden heart Chef Gordon Ramsay and I admire you a lot Good Luck and God Bless Fiesta Sunrise
A wild letter e
A wild letter e Пре 3 дана
POV: You want to go to every restueraunt/hotel that gordon has fixed
Dean Пре 3 дана
25:59 Whata you guys like to drink? I'll have the chicken fajtas
TrollingStone Пре 3 дана
Imagine seeing yourself at 11:55 eating all that disgusting food.
sQuare1g Пре 3 дана
Vic is type of a guy that watch weather forecast for yesterday.
Ace Пре дан
Rebecca Hardy
Rebecca Hardy Пре 3 дана
Hming Chungnungi
Hming Chungnungi Пре 3 дана
yall really be roasting Vic in the comments. but we gotta appreciate the fact that he’s quite open and accepting :) he was ready to make the changes and even apologised to yolanda and patti, unlike many of the owners in other episodes
Lindy Beth
Lindy Beth Пре 3 дана
Patti really do look like Miranda Cosgrove
manoman0 Пре 3 дана
18:00 - Yep, that's how things go when things go south.
caspartheperson Пре 4 дана
14:55 hahahaha
General Fr
General Fr Пре 4 дана
4 chef my foot....... they need help?.... they need a chef
yavimaya wurm
yavimaya wurm Пре 4 дана
28:06 xdddddddd
PAC_ jon
PAC_ jon Пре 4 дана
13:24 "a hungry cat would walk away from that..."
Sebastian Szefer
Sebastian Szefer Пре 4 дана
22”00 no that’s a free protein shake lol
Jp Reddy1002
Jp Reddy1002 Пре 4 дана
Gordon: Husband and wife? Patty: Step daughter Me:🤣
ag0nii Пре 4 дана
Isn´t the young man that was complaining the same dude that got yelled at by Gordon in an episode of Hells Kitchen? one of the earlier seasons
Poké Gamer
Poké Gamer Пре 4 дана
35:00 honestly this. How the fuck do you actually burn nachos?
Gam nik
Gam nik Пре 4 дана
His wife is so happy😂
Str4t0sPh3rE Пре 4 дана
When was Rome built? "Yesterday"
Jared Chan
Jared Chan Пре 4 дана
the moment he said the ingredients were fresh, i knew i was in for a good episode
Im' Blu
Im' Blu Пре 4 дана
I really love Gordon ramsay's accent.
AJ Cantuba
AJ Cantuba Пре 4 дана
bruh i feel bad for people eating those meals with days-old ingredients, and the camera just zooms in them
Vignesh Hariharan
Vignesh Hariharan Пре 4 дана
Gordon: What's your name? Vic: "Yesterday." Um sorry what!
Amjad Mohammed
Amjad Mohammed Пре 4 дана
“Fatter than YOU!”
Aiden Pettigrew
Aiden Pettigrew Пре 4 дана
Emotions on reality TV look so phony. I don’t care how sad she was when I saw her like that I laughed so hard!
mativ73 Пре 4 дана
Whoever gave Patti a loan to run a bysiness was not too smart like Patti
Félix Champagne
Félix Champagne Пре 4 дана
Godon is THE BEST !!!!!
mativ73 Пре 4 дана
Just always wonder how such people run restaurants. They do not have any idea about cooking and they do not even check a kitchen. Owners from this episode should be judged for trying to kill people. Idiots.
Bundana Ezio
Bundana Ezio Пре 4 дана
13:50 😂😂
Annie M.
Annie M. Пре 4 дана
Get this"so-called" owner out and let the real owner, that girl stand up and run HER restaurant.
⛧☠†̷ TЯaᴉT o𝖋 sɪИN †̷☠⛧
When Gordon Ramsay walks into Fiesta Sunrise it suddenly changed to Fiesta Sunset.
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