FPL Deadline Stream Gameweek 26 | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/21 

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The FPL Gameweek 26 deadline is less than an hour away, lets discuss all the last minute questions you have for Fantasy Premier League.
Let's lock in those last minute draft changes and get our final team selection in.
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27 феб 2021






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Коментара 14   
Ritchie Pete
Ritchie Pete Пре месец
forgot to use my benchboost haha. Anyone still got one? Not sure when to use it
Louis Stones
Louis Stones Пре месец
Done fuckin shite got 33 points an Barnes is out ffs
Marco Charalambous
Marco Charalambous Пре месец
I captained harvey barnes, yes risky. Am I slosly regretting it? Maybe
Tshegofatso Matlala
Tshegofatso Matlala Пре месец
@Marco Charalambous 🤦🏾‍♂️ even worse
Marco Charalambous
Marco Charalambous Пре месец
Tshegofatso Matlala yep, also put in evans with a -8 for them hahhaa... all I feel is pain
Tshegofatso Matlala
Tshegofatso Matlala Пре месец
Damn... Sorry man
The Hh
The Hh Пре месец
Deadline streams should just be renamed to Q&A streams, all he does is just answer questions for 90% of the time.
John Stevens
John Stevens Пре месец
That is the whole point isn’t it? Discuss, give advice on people’s decisions before the deadline. Best FPL social worker on the tube!
Let's Talk FPL
Let's Talk FPL Пре месец
What should I be doing instead out of interest? Genuine question. I'm thinking about how I could change them.
David Godfrey
David Godfrey Пре месец
Glad I benched all 3 Leeds players! Bamford, Raphinha and Dallas! I was tempted to bench Konsa for either Bamford / Raphinha...
Faheem Walji
Faheem Walji Пре месец
Cancelo, Sterling, Foden benched
C 13
C 13 Пре месец
Stream starts at 0:18
SeaDawgOST Пре месец
i tripple captain Bruno. 2 away games is when United are best
raim sheikh
raim sheikh Пре месец
they have a trick fixture againts chelsea
OA GAMING Пре месец
Hey man please can you do a wildcard guide for next gameweek 😁
Justin B
Justin B Пре месец
Whoever thinks they can predict Pep's lineup think again 😄
Pop Pop
Pop Pop Пре месец
i very nearly tc sterling over dcl thank god i didn’t
Phil Wright
Phil Wright Пре месец
Mark Foster
Mark Foster Пре месец
Why is 3x captain week so nerve racking? 😖
djmorley718 Пре месец
@mickbanner u must be in professional leagues haha
mickbanner Пре месец
A twenty point difference is huge
djmorley718 Пре месец
Not really makes like a ten twenty point difference probs to other people 😂
Gamaliel George
Gamaliel George Пре месец
I also accidentally
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Пре месец
Also TC Kane🤞
Prayag Dhakal
Prayag Dhakal Пре месец
i captained kane as well...pls dont jinx it XD
Albino x Tara - Rat I Mir (Remix)
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Albino x Tara - Rat I Mir (Remix)
Приказа 423 хиљ.
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