Filet Mignon Fondue Doesn't Go Well | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EPISODE 

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Filet Mingon Fondue goes as well as you'd expect. Did we mention this is a full episode? Because it's a full episode.
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5 феб 2021






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Michael Clarke-Whittet
Michael Clarke-Whittet Пре 3 минута
Melissa being the chef despite not wanting to be a chef is fucking me up. What a crappy job if you don't like making food - hot, stressful, underpaid.
Daniela Staykich
Daniela Staykich Пре 6 сати
Are we just gonna ignore, that one of the servers is Mary Jane? That's so dope... 😅
Great to see Mick Foley at the new relaunch. One of my favourite wrestlers
Dragon king
Dragon king Пре 9 сати
thats mick foley haha
MaHdI Пре 13 сати
Gordon: Billy? Minutes later, Gordon: Billy? Billy: *No*
RELAXE Пре 13 сати
haha customer dont burn it please 2 seconds later its burned loool
Papa Jakobs
Papa Jakobs Пре 15 сати
Sadly, Billy passed away from cancer in November 2015.
Hayato Ichimonji
Hayato Ichimonji Пре 15 сати
Bet those dislikes were from Al Gore
Boats and Hoes
Boats and Hoes Пре 15 сати
Shout out to flint for the words worst water
Gertrud Lykke Jessen
Gertrud Lykke Jessen Пре 16 сати
5 thirty!!!! they had been there for 3,5 hour waiting now thats fucked up
sammy no chains
sammy no chains Пре 17 сати
Is she high as fck or what !
pya hydrn
pya hydrn Пре 18 сати
This man got peerrrrrrayyde
blAde Пре 18 сати
Billy please talk to me? n o >:0
Nocturnal Пре 19 сати
RIP Billy
Sayok Kumar Ghosh
Sayok Kumar Ghosh Пре 20 сати
The owner is a bloody sheep
— jisooamour
— jisooamour Пре 21 сат
4:15 lmao me with my crush 💀
Awuradwoa Aninwaa
Awuradwoa Aninwaa Пре 22 сата
This Billy is sooo incompetent!!! He doesn't want to take responsibility, he is so immature! Hoh!
XDSyKo ApolloXD
XDSyKo ApolloXD Пре 22 сата
Anyone else talking about someone who looks alot like wwe superstar Mick Foley??? 32:35
H Bomb
H Bomb Пре 17 сати
Thank you it looks like him
siddhant raizada
siddhant raizada Пре 23 сата
10:35 That mushroom looks sadder than the customer! *I Died*
maiastraa Пре дан
We have Chef Gordon, Dee Snider and 7:48 Mick Foley? What a great combination of celebrities!
krivesan govender
krivesan govender Пре дан
Just love the way she says disaster 8:30
Manilie Teston
Manilie Teston Пре дан
14:30 why is Gordon's finger bleeding?
DunePanda Пре дан
Something hot about a server who smokes like a chimney, and spits loogies. Sexy!
Ernest CHEUNG Пре дан
Melissa is certainly relatable to everyone in some way lmao
Sushrut Пре дан
Me before giving my exam after months of online classes : Time for a little prayer
The Viewer
The Viewer Пре дан
Billy was such a sweetheart, people arent always prepared for the way ramsay talks
iCODA Productions
iCODA Productions Пре дан
Surprised they didn't focus on Mic Foley from WWE as well... he was there
ken Пре дан
Nobody notice Mick foley?
Sarnojjal Chakma
Sarnojjal Chakma Пре дан
Oh bill 😂😂 !!
Gru Пре дан
16:49 oh boy, if she knew
Philip Anupol
Philip Anupol Пре дан
Billy the kid BABY! Grow some balls on your cheeks!
AdzSONLINE Пре дан
To be fair the way they showed Ramsay talking to Billy half way through the episode was atrocious, I'd be fuming too
Kanitaa Kadric
Kanitaa Kadric Пре дан
Bro,they disrespect Gordon sooo freaking much...He is literally there to help them not to get broke and not one person in this series respect that he’s there.If he came to help me w my bussines I would beg him to yell at me and tell me everything that’s wrong.Like come on people,have some respect!
Nicolas Mercier
Nicolas Mercier Пре дан
Gordon’s finger bleeding in the crap gives me chills!
MN & CO Пре дан
14:29 is that blood coming out of his finger?
Kuzairy Пре дан
Billy passed away from cancer in November 2015.
zaid aziz
zaid aziz Пре дан
Why is no one acknowledging Mick Foley !
Justin Sane
Justin Sane Пре дан
Question begs...did he grow the ridiculous mustache after he bought the lame name restaurant, or did he already have it and thought it was fate...?
Grogu Пре 2 дана
14:20 my god is he okay? It looks like his finger is bleeding.
Chae Yuuu
Chae Yuuu Пре 2 дана
14:30 oh dear Gordon is bleeding, thats gonna get infected :(
trista macc
trista macc Пре 2 дана
Billy-I’ll survive somehow Me-that sadly did not age well
trista macc
trista macc Пре 2 дана
By the way billy did sadly passed away in 2015 due to cancer
William Пре 2 дана
If you are wondering what happened to the restaurant: It closed in 2009 and Billy passed away in 2015 due to cancer.
Thysta Пре 2 дана
"He is not giving me credit." Come on next time call some Stepdad for Rent service who praises you all day what kind of credit you want for a messed up kitchen. "Great job at least there was no dead bodies." or what?
Zhe Cheng Sam
Zhe Cheng Sam Пре 2 дана
I never seen a girl burp in my life
Joey Labo
Joey Labo Пре 2 дана
mick foley was there !
cаманта oвчина
cаманта oвчина Пре 2 дана
Billy runs away once he's faced with the truth.
Nadeik Пре 2 дана
This is the first
ancilla Пре 2 дана
16:48 "I really wish I had a mask on me right now" Oh honey just you wait.
Chris C.
Chris C. Пре 2 дана
why is every restaurant owner in denial on this fuckin' show? lol
Christian Wallin
Christian Wallin Пре 2 дана
Gordon Ramsay is a living legend.
Yes. Пре 2 дана
Gordon Ramsey touching that dirt with his bare hands makes me want to cut my hand off.
AkaneRyn Пре 2 дана
Billy just want to be pampered. 😅😅😅
Matthew Joyner
Matthew Joyner Пре 2 дана
Handlebar, more like the handle"raw"! Just jokes, good work guys - Gordon killing it as usual!
Paul HeymanGuy
Paul HeymanGuy Пре 2 дана
32:36 WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley!
Lee H
Lee H Пре 2 дана
Is that Mick Foley @ 32:36 walking in?
Lennon Donegan
Lennon Donegan Пре 3 дана
I like Melisa, she might not be committed to being a chef but she tries her best for the people
me Пре 3 дана
Rest In Peace Billy
Lennon Donegan
Lennon Donegan Пре 3 дана
I'm confused, is Melisa trained or is she solely going on natural talent?
Lennon Donegan
Lennon Donegan Пре 3 дана
Billy would rather leave all his dedicated staff without a job than take some harsh criticism. Grow up.
Lennon Donegan
Lennon Donegan Пре 3 дана
Did the film crew have him rigged up with 2 mics just in case he took one off, now that's smart thinking
Dan Penfold
Dan Penfold Пре 3 дана
Another troubled yet successful challenge, u was patient and honest as usual. Great job on turning this job mate 👏🏻
Dave D'Video Maker
Dave D'Video Maker Пре 3 дана
13:40 The reminiscence of Exxon Valdez.
irlrp Пре 3 дана
Lol at the terrible chef pretending she doesn't want to be a chef, the face of the poor owners lol Fire that liar and hire someone that can Cook ?
Philip Allen
Philip Allen Пре 3 дана
Cactus Jack!
Shaz Chaz
Shaz Chaz Пре 3 дана
"melissa does a nice job." proceeds to show melissa microwaing food
MeatHook33 Пре 3 дана
okay, is Carolyn fucking drunk the whole time?
Jannat Saif
Jannat Saif Пре 3 дана
This kind of cook nothing will gonna happen on the restaurant
Unidentified Head Bump Stormtrooper
Love how they stop blurring the other chef halfway through
-Gacha_Zone- Пре 3 дана
18:00 to18:36 wow billy is so rude, Gordon is just trying to help 😂😂 18:41 to 18:44 and 19:07 to 19:21 also 19:42 to 40:25 Lmao
Fightingfalconmlu94 Пре 3 дана
Seriously the mans name is Billy Leroy. Anyone that has raided in Vanilla knows: Leroy Jeeeeenkiiiiiis But really Bless Billy's soul, since he has past away since the revisit.
ĚŇ Пре 3 дана
Gordon should've just left when Willy started acting like the dirt in his kitchen.
ĚŇ Пре 3 дана
OMG why was Gordon touching all that filt with his hand? Rrrrggggg
Patsoy Пре 3 дана
old man with a 3 years old BRAIN
Zeek the geek
Zeek the geek Пре 4 дана
Dee snider is so random lmao
Zeek the geek
Zeek the geek Пре 4 дана
Why tf did she apply to be a chef if doesn't want to be a chef?!?! I mean people are complimenting her but to me she comes off as daft smh
Witchy Person
Witchy Person Пре 4 дана
Nobody gonna talk about how that woman was drooling over Gordon 😂😂
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict Пре 4 дана
GPS: *Go west* Gordon: *Visual confusion*
Missy Deyo
Missy Deyo Пре 4 дана
Why keep melissa?! Her 'leadership' is useless!! I was a talented, full time server who feared a couple chefs who couldn't cook a steak to order if the lives of their dearly beloved were on the line. The nicest thing they ever did for me was allowing me to plunge my forearm into a tub of sour cream after a customer accidentally poured their hot coffee all over my arm, severely burning me and the boss wouldn't let me leave. The restaurant tanked as a result of these chefs.
Michael Reid
Michael Reid Пре 4 дана
32:35 No one gonna mention that Mick Foley just walked through the door?
Marla Holmes
Marla Holmes Пре 4 дана
The malicious nest histologically work because cut disappointedly coach aside a stale lier. oafish, flashy brochure
Alen B. Baras
Alen B. Baras Пре 4 дана
Billy is one of those people, who think, there's only praise in business.
Krypto Kn8
Krypto Kn8 Пре 4 дана
14:30 bro what, Gordon even started BLEEDING and he didn't give a crap. Jesus I respect this man
Krypto Kn8
Krypto Kn8 Пре 4 дана
Woah woah, I can't recall ever having seen Gordon say something really genuinely 100% positively nice about the food of a restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares. Like, the clam chowder was appearently something he enjoyed
Levi van Doorn
Levi van Doorn Пре 4 дана
nobody gonna talk about the fake burp at 02:20 ? LMAO, imagine your on a show and add a fake burp on you
Sona Пре 4 дана
08:30 ... DISASTAAAAH!!!
Blaze Oki
Blaze Oki Пре 4 дана
The most used word in this episode is Billy
Y /N
Y /N Пре 4 дана
I'm the one who's getting stressed with Melissa
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Пре 5 дана
He really REALLY made Gordon run for him... That's the attitude ladies and gentlemen
RDarrall Пре 5 дана
@33.40 All casual like, Mick Foley.
MrTeeh Пре 5 дана
I love how everyones excuse for a shitty walk-in is always that it is better than it was some time ago. Yeah right, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still fucking SHIT. Like if the walk-in was so much better than it was then, I really don't wanna know the state of it back then. That really is no excuse at all.
Myrterty Пре 5 дана
This Show needs more Radish
D Digga
D Digga Пре 5 дана
everything that goes on in this episode and the title remains “Filet mignon fondue doesn’t go well”
Christoph Becker
Christoph Becker Пре 5 дана
He is a little cry baby - and he came back without a gun! So that's cute! :)
emma jensen
emma jensen Пре 5 дана
The massive bibliography parallely touch because dancer preauricularly squeeze aside a unkempt screwdriver. wry, hard garden
vDosc UV7
vDosc UV7 Пре 5 дана
what is with Americans inability to say the word as its spelt, ie ASK .. *NOT* AKS .. honestly ............. that's the only question I'm AKSKING after watching this ..
fishyman 908
fishyman 908 Пре 5 дана
Customer: Don't burn them, please. Waiter: Ok Gordon: That's burnt dang it Mellisa you had one job
Faizal Mydin
Faizal Mydin Пре 5 дана
Pedro Hideki
Pedro Hideki Пре 5 дана
billy trying to guilty trip gordam is amazing
D MAIN Пре 5 дана
I wanna speak to Billy's dad and tell him he raised a bitch 🤣🤣🤣
D MAIN Пре 5 дана
🤣🤣🤣Billy is such a character
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