Exposing our secrets with Adam and Marlene !!! 😱👀 

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21 мар 2020






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Leslye Mendoza
Leslye Mendoza Пре 6 дана
Tell me why i always can tell when it’s jonathin cuz he be making this face 😂😂😂
Genesis Pastor
Genesis Pastor Пре 7 дана
It's funny how Jonathan was talking about staying virgin until marriage and he's the one that talked about having a threesome 😂😂😂
Karen Mathers
Karen Mathers Пре 8 дана
Yoooo, I fucking died 😂😂😂
Kenyadoit Beauty
Kenyadoit Beauty Пре 13 дана
OMG I laughed from Start to finish! PART 2 Please! #Theholytrinidid
Arlene Monique
Arlene Monique Пре 27 дана
Omg I'm fucking dead at you guys 😂♥️
Matthew Cortez
Matthew Cortez Пре месец
Please do another one of you with Marlene & Adam. I ALWAYS go to this video to make me laugh when I’m sad and not having a good day. This video alone hasn’t been old to me yet and I watch it if not every day, every other day or week. I LOVE YOU 3 TOGETHER OMFG 😭❤️😂
Unapologetically David
Unapologetically David Пре месец
Omg I love ya more viddies please ♥️♥️♥️
Daisy A
Daisy A Пре месец
I've seen this video like 10 times already it's hella funny 😂
HeyIts Anthony
HeyIts Anthony Пре месец
“oh so y’all think imma hoe, no one sprayed me” bahah i died 😂😂😂
LanaDelMeme Пре месец
This is an allegiance that I never saw coming but always wanted...
Azucena De La cruz
Azucena De La cruz Пре месец
These 3 R funny together lmao
Debra Bellinghausen
Debra Bellinghausen Пре месец
"Oh, so ya'll think i'm a ho!!!" Loved it!!!
Richard Valadez
Richard Valadez Пре месец
Ya Callate
Ya Callate Пре месец
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="527">8:47</a>🐔
Ya Callate
Ya Callate Пре месец
Jonathan is so tiny 🥺
Anna Almengor
Anna Almengor Пре месец
Adam in the beginning 😂😂
melanie carvajal
melanie carvajal Пре месец
this looks awkward as hell lol
MeliStonee Пре месец
so entertaining🙌🏼 i’m here for this shit
Molly Hernandez
Molly Hernandez Пре месец
NECIO the CROWN ROYAL lol... y'all kick ass now where's CARLOS
Jacquelin Romero
Jacquelin Romero Пре месец
We need more videos w u three !! ❤️❤️😂😂
Ivan Corona
Ivan Corona Пре месец
You guys need some music on the background. It got too quiet at times
Lis Tea
Lis Tea Пре месец
This was kinda cringy to watch. Idk I may be the only one 😆
Jose Amin Rodriguez
Jose Amin Rodriguez Пре месец
I love this trio! Didn’t know I needed them!! Hahah so funny!!
_ ZAMARRIPA_ Пре месец
Ngl this looks super fun, I wanna do this with someone 😂
Dennise Silva
Dennise Silva Пре месец
I hate mole too 😗✌🏽
Robert Mtz Dominguez
Robert Mtz Dominguez Пре месец
This was the best collaboration ever!!! Love it !!
Josie Lemus
Josie Lemus Пре месец
Love that you also included Marlene! Love this😂♥️
Tania Hernandez
Tania Hernandez Пре месец
You guys are sweet.
Natalia Rosales
Natalia Rosales Пре месец
Dude me muero de la risa con ustedes pero y’all are literally my favoritesss
Victoria Paredes
Victoria Paredes Пре месец
The accents I LOVE
nils sjöberg
nils sjöberg Пре месец
this is like a Mexican moment so I'll just leave.
Ashley Ruiz
Ashley Ruiz Пре месец
I’m currently watching this at 2am and my bf is trying to sleep but I’m laughing my ass off so he chucked a pillow at my face and I smacked my face on my phone and now I got a fat lip but idc this video was worth it !! 🤣❤️
Cristal Torres
Cristal Torres Пре месец
“Oh so you all think I’m a hoe” 😂😂
Fernanda padilla
Fernanda padilla Пре месец
I laughed so hard at this 😂
Fucken dying! I laughed so hard at this RSvid video🤣
Genavieve C
Genavieve C Пре месец
Adam 💕
Reggie .B
Reggie .B Пре месец
Anyone else feel like they lost a couple brain cells watching them.?.
Deeana Ramos
Deeana Ramos Пре месец
This shit was hella funny 👏🏼😂
Germain Rios
Germain Rios Пре месец
Did anyone else hear "no mames guey!" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a>? 💀
michelle landa
michelle landa Пре месец
take a shot every time they say bitch 😂
John Augustus
John Augustus Пре месец
Jasmin Mendiola
Jasmin Mendiola Пре месец
Mole verde >>>> Mole rojo 👀
Abraham Пре месец
Johnathan is cute! LET HIM FIND OUT I LIKE HIM 😂
Sabrina R
Sabrina R Пре месец
We need Part 2 ASAP
Daj G
Daj G Пре месец
This was so funny 🤣🤣🤣
yara cortez
yara cortez Пре месец
the latino trio we didnt know we needed❤️❤️
yara cortez
yara cortez Пре месец
IM CRYING LITERAL TEARS!!! this is too funny but marlene getting silly string in her mouth has me djjdshjsjsksks
Cruz Uvalle
Cruz Uvalle Пре месец
I don’t like mole either!!!! Nasty!
Cristina Squad
Cristina Squad Пре месец
Part 2
aniceth flores
aniceth flores Пре месец
The corona bag 🤭
Joshua Zertuche
Joshua Zertuche Пре месец
They all have such westside San Antonio vibes 😂
Joshua Zertuche
Joshua Zertuche Пре месец
I hate mole too
Elisia Marie
Elisia Marie Пре месец
I agree with Marlene, when I fart I'll smell it. mostly when I'm on my month that shit stinks but regularly nah. LMFAOOOOO
Moh Ali
Moh Ali Пре месец
this was boring and quiet i kinda fall sleep, the only good thing is rosa and marlene
Ilaz Tii
Ilaz Tii Пре месец
Marlene is kind of annoying, specially when she moved Jonathan’s hand while he was spraying her.
Alekx Romo
Alekx Romo Пре месец
porque no invitaron a Carlos Pereda como son lmaoo
Kayleen Chavez
Kayleen Chavez Пре месец
love their personalities😭😭 I was smiling thru all the video😭❤️
Jesse James
Jesse James Пре месец
We need more videos of y’all 3! Fucking love y’all together! & I can’t believe Jonathan or whatever his name is, is a virgin!! Wasn’t he the one who wants a 3 some lol
Samantha Zacarias
Samantha Zacarias Пре месец
Let me find out you watched badabun 😂😂😂
Karla Salazar
Karla Salazar Пре месец
Jonathan denies being an alcoholic but they're using a crown royal pouche lol 😂😂😂
Itzzzyyy Пре месец
These three give me so much happiness for the future of Latinos in social media
Rachel B
Rachel B Пре месец
Rodrigo Fernández
Rodrigo Fernández Пре месец
Omg I just realized marlene is the only girl xdd its just That Adam is sooo neutral like, he’s so dope and funny but like neutral-looking 😂
Rodrigo Fernández
Rodrigo Fernández Пре месец
Rodrigo Fernández
Rodrigo Fernández Пре месец
Lemme find out you have peluche en el estuchee XDDDD
Bella Alsina
Bella Alsina Пре месец
Not even 5 min in and im fucking dying dude
Rian Torres
Rian Torres Пре месец
I DIED when someone sprayed the silly string in Marlene's mouth. I replayed that shit so many times lmfaoo 😂😂
Liz Martinez
Liz Martinez Пре месец
Part 2 please 💯👏🏼👏🏼
M Valaz
M Valaz Пре месец
Mj Barajas
Mj Barajas Пре месец
Dude I love themmmmm
Your Dose of Beauty
Your Dose of Beauty Пре месец
OMG when Marlene got sprayed in the mouth 😂 😂 I died lol loved this video!!! More of videos with the 3 of you!!!!
Eleni Q.
Eleni Q. Пре месец
Loved this video ❤️ I love seeing my fellow Latinx Americans on RSvid !
elvis rosales
elvis rosales Пре месец
marlene does not get enough credit!!!! she’s so funny and pretty 👼🏼
Crystal Castanon
Crystal Castanon Пре месец
Makaylee Wagner
Makaylee Wagner Пре месец
Marlene is so beautifullll
Christina Marquez
Christina Marquez Пре месец
Lmao I love Marlene !
sweet pea
sweet pea Пре месец
Ulises Lopez Norzagaray
Ulises Lopez Norzagaray Пре месец
AMO que digan frases mexicanas todas pochas jajajaja
evlynrz Пре месец
ibhouse Пре месец
Lmfao this made me laugh so hard loved the video!
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