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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

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26 феб 2021






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Сусан Погосян
Сусан Погосян Пре месец
Where can we find it translated?
Tasneem Wazeefa
Tasneem Wazeefa Пре месец
Todays episode is 💣💥
Ayxan Ayxan
Ayxan Ayxan Пре месец
Sinirdən öldüm ziya bəy götürmüsən at dənizə sənə lazımdı torpağa basdırmaq?
Laura Tocaci
Laura Tocaci Пре месец
Am zis eu că Yaman le va crede pe cele două vrăjitoare și Selim la un loc .... Eu ua mă las de acest film , observ că totul sunt decât în favoarea celor trei . Îmi pierd vremea cu acest film 😡😡😡😡
Habiba Fanie
Habiba Fanie Пре месец
Yaman has the most beautiful hands if I may say so
Manolya# Manolya#
Manolya# Manolya# Пре месец
Yaman daha çok konuşsun lütfeen
Aisyatul Khusnia
Aisyatul Khusnia Пре месец
Please... I need subtitles English
Rustam Axmedzade
Rustam Axmedzade Пре месец
Yaman'ın içinden romantik aşık çıktı resmen
_Kır Papatyası_
_Kır Papatyası_ Пре месец
Lütfen sevenler ayrılmasınnnn!!!!!
necolmadalanda tinalingvlog
necolmadalanda tinalingvlog Пре месец
I'm so excited episode' today 💓 💗
Rquia hayder
Rquia hayder Пре месец
يمعودين اذا اكو عرب لطياره كلولي هاي الحلقه وين اشوفه
نور الهدى عدنان عباس
His death is downloading the series, episode 126
pp marine
pp marine Пре месец
I’m so worried, the calm before the storm.
Durva Bhatt
Durva Bhatt Пре месец
I wonder when will they explore the storyline of Ali and Yaman being brothers... I'm very curious about that!!
Serdar Charyyev
Serdar Charyyev Пре месец
Not finally
Samire Mustafayeva
Samire Mustafayeva Пре месец
Ya nezaman bitecek bu anamsiz dizi
Mizpah Aniterea
Mizpah Aniterea Пре месец
english subtitle please admin😍
sweety Ac
sweety Ac Пре месец
Wooow👍🤗😍❤Yaman Sözleri cok güzel yine.. Bakalim Aşkını Sehere söyleye bilecek mi bu kez..
Carmen Rosado
Carmen Rosado Пре месец
Me va a dar un infarto cómo Yaman y Seher sigan sin decir lo mucho que se quieren. Por favor!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻
İbrahim Halil
İbrahim Halil Пре месец
I love this series always 😍
mercy bernal
mercy bernal Пре месец
Emanet team is making fun of us to the highest level every Friday last Friday good episode then next Friday worst episode. I think it will last to one year this confession and say my name.
Marcus Handy
Marcus Handy Пре месец
Need english subtitles please!
Revathy Mani
Revathy Mani Пре месец
Before emanet when will weekend comes After emanet when will weekend ends Fully addicted to this serial
Joy Пре месец
I pity Yaman..he looked so stressed out in this episode..Seher is working him up a lot...I just hope he doesn't regret marrying her for Yusuf cos she doesn't even know how to like what she alledgely loves...hmmmmm!!!!
Joan Smith
Joan Smith Пре месец
Confession is GOOD FOR THE SOULL THEN CONSUMATE THE. LOVE LOVE IF This was Real life Never would take so long
Ilwad Abdi
Ilwad Abdi Пре месец
Sarah can,t even kiss yaman forgot have beb with him so why we still what is no,t going were only bad guy winning
ane ane
ane ane Пре месец
can someone tell me what time it gets uploaded .. weekly ?
Magda C
Magda C Пре месец
After reading half of the internet I came up with a terrible theory. He will leave after their first night together because he read the files. Omg! I scared myself!
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg Пре месец
@Magda C i hope nothing would happen like this..
Magda C
Magda C Пре месец
@Mayank Gargyes, hopefully....
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg Пре месец
@Magda C upcoming night??
Magda C
Magda C Пре месец
@Mayank Garg I meant THE NIGHT. :)
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg Пре месец
they already spent their first wedding night....r u talking abt honeymoon???
Maria Santana
Maria Santana Пре месец
At least I hope that the whiter makes the electricity shutdown in town because si se it’s could and she afraid of the dark they can sleep together, and Che doesn’t sleep in the hall
Fifi Zazi
Fifi Zazi Пре месец
Kaan Suat Kazan
Kaan Suat Kazan Пре месец
dizi çok iyi
Kaan Suat Kazan
Kaan Suat Kazan Пре месец
yaman ve seher evlensinler
Habiba ABAGHLI Пре месец
Yaman 💖💖🍎seher🤱💃💃💃💃💃🌹
Rahma Rahmene
Rahma Rahmene Пре месец
there are so many errors in the series I no longer believe in them. especially seher once these hair behind the ears a second later these loose hair. The director does not pay attention to details at all.
Rahma Rahmene
Rahma Rahmene Пре месец
It laughs me to read the comments they talk about yaman as if it was a real character it is just a series he is obliged to follow the scenario even if he sucks the senario
Hifzaa Ahmed
Hifzaa Ahmed Пре месец
Urdu translation یہ وہ مشکل دن ہیں جس نے ہمیں اکٹھا کیا۔,مجھے کہتے ہوئے ، ہم "ہم" بن گئے ہیں. یوسف اب ہمارے ساتھ ہے .ہم ساتھ ہیں.,ایسا لگتا ہے جیسے میں ہوں میں بہتر سانس لیتا ہوں,ٹکڑوں میں ٹوٹ گیا۔ میں اب اتنا سخت چٹان نہیں ہوں .تم سب کی وجہ سے. میز پر وہ کنکریاں شاید ایک ہی ہے,ذہن ، دوسرا طاقت ، کون ہے,جانتا ہے ... شاید جس میں آپ پکڑے ہوئے ہیں,آپ کا ہاتھ میرا دل ہے ",
Meira Lobo
Meira Lobo Пре месец
When do u upload the series ? Which day ??
Mary Benavides
Mary Benavides Пре месец
Excelente capitulo, Esperando que se quemen estos corazones .
SEL LIN Пре месец
Ne yani, kendine taş kalpli olduğunu mu demek istiyor? Umarım balayından daha erken dönmek zorunda kalmazlar!
Xayaat Channel
Xayaat Channel Пре месец
Plz translate
Joana Lima
Joana Lima Пре месец
Que pena não estou podendo mais ver em tradução em espanhol ..deixa a tradução livre por favor bjs obg.porque os capítulos anteriores eu via legendados e agora não dá mais.😭😭😭😭😭😭
pl pld
pl pld Пре месец
Anything can happen in this story..after 105 episode..we can also see yaman ex relationships in past...writter can do anything suddenly ..we are fool..
SimplyNatural Пре месец
Yes I agree with you...we should prep for unexpected...only we could 😱🙄
Rosana Sicat
Rosana Sicat Пре месец
Providr english subtitles please
Monica Fernandez
Monica Fernandez Пре месец
Hola, ya lo vais a subtitular en español?. Gracias
Ele Sa
Ele Sa Пре месец
Story of Yusuf...young boy who lost his parents took me to watch Emanet...then Yaman and Seher story..happy to see them finally married. Happy ending for me. Dont have patience to see anymore. Thanks a lot Mirhilee for your support. Bye Emanet team
Mehdi Rouai
Mehdi Rouai Пре месец
Les regards de saher vraiment c'est du n'importe quoi ,depuis plusieurs épisodes ces le même flache, c'est comme un enfant qui a fait des bêtises, rien avoir avec le thème, elle dit qu'elle a confiance a Yaman et en même temps elle le bloque a chaque fois, normalement c'est son épouse, elle peux être timide oui mais dépasser les limite ça devient maladive, puis Yaman a tout fait en règles le mariage، le trousseau du marier , la dance remantique, l'invition de la famille de saher , la gentillesse , galanterie , mais trop , c'est tellement beau que c'est pas vrais , après tous la personnalité de yaman c'est un garçon qui était forgé dans la rue ,les combats, la mafias, le danger, c'est un type d'action et du mouvement, et en plus il est fout de saher , il n'arrive même pas a l'embrasser , a non c'est pas normal, لازم يرقولهم .
سمرا سمرا
سمرا سمرا Пре месец
Mira Zhiti
Mira Zhiti Пре месец
pl pld
pl pld Пре месец
Yemin new version...
زوينين بزااااااف
Orietta Figueroa
Orietta Figueroa Пре месец
Por favor sigan traduciendo al español
Tapki Bihan Fann
Tapki Bihan Fann Пре месец
I LOVE YOU Yaman Seher♥♥♥
A'Isha Omar
A'Isha Omar Пре месец
I hate it bro I hate it you can’t change someone I hate that teenagers are watching this now and thinking they can’t change someone you can it’s a lie why I can’t stop watching this Series 😭😭😭😭😭
walkiria mallea
walkiria mallea Пре месец
Muy bien Yaman ahora termina diciendole a tu esposa que quieres hacer real el matrimonio ,que quieres compartir tu vida con ella , que quieres que sea tu mujer , dile que la amas😍
king 21
king 21 Пре месец
let's make Emanet trending in twitter on Monday.
Leman Abbaslı
Leman Abbaslı Пре месец
Elaisa Jean Dacillo
Elaisa Jean Dacillo Пре месец
they need to confess yaman ur love to seher,, bcze ur marriage is nonsense without express ur love... or maybe both of you they all know u were love each other from the start....
mahdia noorusslam
mahdia noorusslam Пре месец
Mr. Yaman, v hav seen u a lot in black, now that u r no more an aggressive man n got married,,,,, v wud like 2 see u in lively bright colors.(as the bride is wearing nice colors, the groom'll look stunning, beside her in texidos,,, etc) Tashkurdrum,,,,, afiyat hos.
Indiru Piticu
Indiru Piticu Пре месец
I would have preferred Yusuf to go with them, surely that would have been more fun 🤣 Otherwise I expect a lot of staring, lately it’s like a competition, who stares the most and most beautifully , too bad viewers cannot compete as well 😂😂😂 But who knows, maybe the producer will surprise us and we will finally see some interesting dialogues. I really hope the script improves because as of now I’m still watching just because of the 3 main actors (Sila, Halil and Berat) I wonder if the “evidence” file against Seher will appear at the end of season 1 or maybe at the beginning of season 2? 🧐🧐 What is the producer’s usual pattern in the the previous series? In the 1st case , viewers will await impatiently (some with high level of anxiety 😅😅) for season 2. In any case, it will surely give the producer material to have a full 2nd season just to clarify the evidence 🤣🤣🤣 (Seher and Yaman arguing interminably, with Seher who will be either crying all the time or maybe resuscitating her fighting spirit and courage) In another note, I liked this way of filming, with close-ups on actors's faces to grasp the characters's feelings. It's nice to see this older technique of filming, especially when the actors are so talented and really speak with their eyes and faces, but when it is used all the time, it looses it's impact and, in my opinion, becomes tiresome.
رفل عدنان
رفل عدنان Пре месец
Nezaman çiker
Фовгия Оруджова
Nena Zdravkovic
Nena Zdravkovic Пре месец
Pustite celu seriju 126 hvala
Bogdanka Tenkov
Bogdanka Tenkov Пре месец
U ponedeljak popodne ❤
ايام الزهور
ايام الزهور Пре месец
المسلسل جميل لو سمحتم قولو للمؤلف لا يطول المسلسل با أحداث سخيفة وممله مشان يطول المسلسل
pchelka Пре месец
I will find a soulmate, get married faster than this series will end.
Sara Samardžić
Sara Samardžić Пре месец
Since I can't stop thinking about Emanet, I came up with a perfect scene Imagine if it was cold in their room, on their honeymoon, and Seher is very cold, and they need to lay in the same bed and Yaman asks for permission to hug her while they are laying to make her warm 😍😍 I think I'd pass out if that was to happen
Fatma Abog
Fatma Abog Пре месец
Pls English♥️💚💙
mahdia noorusslam
mahdia noorusslam Пре месец
The Writer&the team deserve a tribute 4 their extraordinaryperformance.apparently"Legacy" is a story about a child bt deep down, it's about "TRANSFORMATION", Which has never been easy,"its a journey of heart n s0ul"..... If the her0, yaman is an "iron man".... Seher t00 is a lady 0f substance, "an iron lady," who has proven her worth by facing all the 0bstacles in her waY. Yaman, as a child was a victim of mis4tunes. "the world was 2 much 4 them" (salesman). It's very hard 2 forget childhoods scars n wounds, specially if they r given by loved1s. The pain of a child who has lost his mother n has 2 suffer alone in this hostile world,can only be understood by those who don't hav mothers. Sehar wants him to forget those pains and have a happy present because children learn what they see and she doesn't want Yosaf to become a cruel person...and she also doesn't want the kid to lose his uncle when he's in jail... Yaman and Sehar have the qualities... The character by which a happy home/paradise is built,and where children are raised in peace and love...Pope the poet, has rightly said:"Charms strikes the sight, character wins the soul.".. Both are men/women of values, both have lost their mothers'/loved1s...both have same likes and dislikes.. Both are graceful, kind, caring, sharing, considerate and courteous...Both have a heart of gold and pure souls.. Unlike Mrs.Iqbal and Zuhul,they are not greedy, deceivers, tricky and plotters.. Yaman is a gentle and graceful man who gives the gentle lady her breathing space, respects her opinions, values her, never uses his force to make her obey.... Both have sacrificed a lot for the kid... As yaman is an excellent shooter, he is an brilliant observer, he notices every detail about Sehar.. He notices that she's truthful, trustworthy and kind.. So, for the kids good, they have become friends... Yaman always withdraws and lets her take first... Sehar is from a simple and humble background.. She has a high self-respect.. She does not like to take anything from anyone.. God loves those who learn from their mistakes.... Not only Yaman learns and transforms, Sehar also, is learning.. Yaman has the "worldly wisdom" and Sehar has the "spiritual wisdom"... Yaman knows, the world is deceptive,when an old man lays down in front of the car, he tells that it's a trap... But she doesn't listens...... because of her goodness at heart and gets "shot"... As she is innocent and compassionate, she doesn't know the world is cunning and hostile.... Yaman warns her that the musician is crazy, but she doesn't listen and suffers.. If they have done marvels, "apart"... What "wonders" would they do "together.".... "The foundation of their relationship is truth, trust,& friendship" (because of Yosaf)...This togetherness, companionship, UNION will make their bond even more stronger... They'll be able to face what's ahead... Successfully!!!! As Rumi says if you have love inside your heart, it will show you the way. Yosaf has made us cry, whenever he cried for his mother and he makes us happy, whenever he is happy...Sehar lost her family but by choosing a man who always protects his family, she has a man, now, who will always stand by her side... Both have made the right decision... Yaman has always been protecting his family so God has gifted him with "inaam"/reward...... The "lady "who tries to protect him from every harm....." Legacy" has bcom a CLASSIC MASTERPIECE, an ever green, ALL TIME FAVORITE..... v l0ve it 2 keep it @ our bedside book shelf...... No loads of makeup is used, no show off, dresses/brands race. N0 fake superficialities. Thnxxxx 2 entire team, if the Writer has written remarkably, the actors hav made the characters alive...... Cameramen dressers, makeup, everything is best. Thnxxxx 4 the treat," creme bruley" in these "hard times"(covid19). How could hav u failed, while rumi is among u..... YES ITS MAN'S DUTY 2 PROTECT HIS 2M0R0,HIS LEGACY.... Yes its duty of the men 2 pass on rumis wisdom 2 their YOUTHS S0 that they cud face life's troubles, successfully like yaman n Seher.... Who r man/lady vd character..... Zia always says v hav peace now.... The hostile world has been bringing cha0s 2 their home.... As they r following rumis wisdom. They'll be able 2 restore peace(as rumi is all about peace n lov). Those who follow God's beloved men like rumi, hafiz, ghzali, sadi SherazI... They are always favoured by GOD.... V HAV Watched fariha, ashiana, sultan abdlhameed, yonus EMRY, artghul ghazi n some others....they r wonderful... Artghul has bcom the inspiration 0f all Pakistanis..... Turkey u stand 0ut 4 ur 0utstanding performance..... in the world. In these "hard times " (C. dickens) u hav bcom the lighthouse 2 show 0thers the way... All eyes on u,..... if there r English subtitles, v can tell 1000s of others 2 watch it. Keep up the good work... waiting 4 more projects like this.. 2 come... V LOV RUMI, V LOV TURKEY... Pakistanis love u brother turkey. Long live turkey/Pakistan friendship.......wish u all the best, job verrrrry well d0ne... "the Writer", mam. mahdia noorusslam khan, islamabad/Pakistan.
Pamela Baguley
Pamela Baguley Пре месец
You have writen a good and interesting piece.
mahdia noorusslam
mahdia noorusslam Пре месец
I was waiting 4 the drama, now it s not there, perhaps it's bcoz of weekend. I hav written something 4 legacy team it's here.... I had thought I will send it vd episode 126 so that everybody cud read
Jamilya Tahir
Jamilya Tahir Пре месец
Banovsha Mutuxova
Banovsha Mutuxova Пре месец
Hamımız seni gözləyirik
Banovsha Mutuxova
Banovsha Mutuxova Пре месец
Cesaretli ol Yaman de artıq səhərə bu bölümdə
Chaguinha Barbosa
Chaguinha Barbosa Пре месец
Porque não tá mais legendado em espanhol 😭😭😭
بدون اسم
بدون اسم Пре месец
كنت انظر متى تنزل الحلقه عبالي اليوم جمعه 😭😭 توني اعرف ان اليوم سبت 😅💔
Layal Oman
Layal Oman Пре месец
Diaa cradle to find the file
Laiba Noor
Laiba Noor Пре месец
Can anyone please tell me in week how many days this serial episodes on air?
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela Пре месец
Monday to Friday
Jogamaya Mohanty
Jogamaya Mohanty Пре месец
Seher stop this look,always astonish. Here she must give full of happy look. Happy smile in face or happy tear in your eyes. Because this confess is awaited not unexpected. There is a difference.
Angel S
Angel S Пре месец
Next week welcome to formality Honeymoon 😆😆😆
Kelly Ber
Kelly Ber Пре месец
Es imposible que este hombre se vea mejor 😱😱 se supera cada día 🤣🥰
Slowly Official
Slowly Official Пре месец
How fookin cute there are
Nadire Temiz
Nadire Temiz Пре месец
Forget this movie!!!
Alicia J. Bianchi B.
Alicia J. Bianchi B. Пре месец
Yaman tiene que cantarle: hace falta que te diga que me muero por tener algo contigo? a ver si esta niña se aviva de una vez.
Lizanka Peña
Lizanka Peña Пре месец
Claro que se decida de una buena vez
No Name
No Name Пре месец
Seher imkan ver artik yuregini acsin Yaman sana!Tamammi😃
Amina Hasanova
Amina Hasanova Пре месец
Marta Perez
Marta Perez Пре месец
Por favor qe pongan los adelantos subtitulados en español qe ganas qe llegue el lunes ♥️♥️🇪🇦
Poornima k
Poornima k Пре месец
Nothing good is going to happen on Monday. Still Yemen didn't cal sehar's name. I think both r very shy to confess. The writer dnt want a gv much happiness to the viewers. Last week episodes were so boring. Writer plz mk us happy.
Atosa Far
Atosa Far Пре месец
But in my opinion, immediately after Yaman's confession ,Seher should tell all the events of that day and Selim's misbehavior.
Jo Villacuer
Jo Villacuer Пре месец
Why!!!please let them confess each others feelings and show us some sweet loving moments with Yaman&Seher.
Intasar Ahmad
Intasar Ahmad Пре месец
Please all give to vote halil abrahim chyan best actor in turky 2021
Intasar Ahmad
Intasar Ahmad Пре месец
Male actor in turky vote 2021 by Google
S R Пре месец
send a link
Fitri Mckee
Fitri Mckee Пре месец
The admin is punishing us for being s0 noisy about translating and we end up with no english subtitles at all. So I made up the conversation. And I am tired watching Seher distracting or talk over Yaman when I am pretty sure that he want to declare his love.
Bam bam Bam
Bam bam Bam Пре месец
I keep reading the comments that the file will show up, I guess it has to in order to test Yaman' s trust in Seher but I also hope he discovers who did all this , I really am waiting for Iqbal to be discovered for the evil person she is, also I guess there has to be some conflict for the series to keep on going although I wish they would confess their love to each other soon .
Amelia Blanco
Amelia Blanco Пре месец
Estoy decepcionada, no han traducido más y no entiendo nadaaaaa
shorena datashvili
shorena datashvili Пре месец
Nisane Hemidova
Nisane Hemidova Пре месец
Çox bəyənirəm bu diziyi 👍🌹
Leyla Emanet
Leyla Emanet Пре месец
Nice promo but i can’t enjoy too much. I wish i will be wrong but i am afraid that something bad happen. I really don’ t want to see that. After so many episodes of waiting i want to see their love grows and begins stronger.
iska keen
iska keen Пре месец
Pleas pleas nazmia dont let that file appear before they sleep together
Leman Ahmed
Leman Ahmed Пре месец
Hadi Yaman, topla cesaretini ben arkandayım😁💙❤️
REHIM 07 Пре месец
Yuru be yaman ❤
Sanipa Sahiaddin
Sanipa Sahiaddin Пре месец
Yaman😋😍been confess his feeling to seher but seher character is to bored...
Gunay Ilkin
Gunay Ilkin Пре месец
Cox şükür axlrki danlşdln beLe davam et Yaman qarşlnda cox gözeL hanlm var
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