Dua Lipa Sweats From Her Eyes While Eating Spicy Wings 

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Dua Lipa is a two-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and her latest album, Future Nostalgia, is breaking all kinds of streaming records during quarantine. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the popstar behind smash hits like "Don't Start Now" and "Physical" faces off against the wings of death and discusses everything from seeing 50 Cent live in Kosovo, to the enduring appeal of Goosebumps sweatpants. Plus: the first-ever Hot Ones Spelling Bee!
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23 јул 2020






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Коментара 60   
First We Feast
First We Feast Пре 16 дана
G G G G G- Unit!
Anomalous Viewer
Anomalous Viewer Пре 2 дана
What's up with the Blasphemy dude?
Sara Šuluburić
Sara Šuluburić Пре 3 дана
Can you tell Mrs Lipa and first see picture you put of ajvar its ,,leskovački" this word is frome name of te serbian town leskovac and ajvar is serbias thing same as kosovo and tell this to ,,Kosovo je srce srbije" love yaaa❤❤❤🧃🧃🧃
Fayle Safe Wealth
Fayle Safe Wealth Пре 3 дана
Lego Watto lvvio
Fayle Safe Wealth
Fayle Safe Wealth Пре 3 дана
travisscott_everything op
Bush Truck
Bush Truck Пре 5 дана
Say sweat again lol. Just got my channel goin where I take trucks into the mountains and break em in. I just want people to laugh.
KennyG881 Пре 21 минут
I actually bought Granny's Secret Ajvar Roasted Pepper very recently and I have to say. It is pretty damn good. Good job, Serbia.
Sir Sly
Sir Sly Пре 30 минута
She didn’t break a sweat
Theking 535
Theking 535 Пре 32 минута
Outta all of the people on here, Dua Lipa seems to be one of the few down to earth one’s!
Fitter Happier
Fitter Happier Пре сат
omg I totally simp for her man
Erich Feltz
Erich Feltz Пре сат
Started listening to “Futuristic Nostalgia” after this interview. Such an incredible album!
Sleeping Goblin of the blue sea
Noooo such a waste, it would've been so much better irl
Alpdeniz Özer
Alpdeniz Özer Пре 3 сата
Jony Youtuber
Jony Youtuber Пре 4 сата
WOW BootyLoversWorld.com :P
sarah sungjem
sarah sungjem Пре 7 сати
I think she did really well .
MyTube Recap
MyTube Recap Пре 8 сати
At least she didn't forget her bib. Good girl! Here comes the airplane...
Templi Secretum
Templi Secretum Пре 9 сати
Rock Hard First Class Balkan Girl
arkiaquarius8 Пре 9 сати
I kinda wanna dare her to put more of da bomb to see how she'd react. Right, now i'm off to google ajvar
Yerin & Yeseo Fan
Yerin & Yeseo Fan Пре 11 сати
Severely irritating whyte woman pretending to be an oppressed minority online. That’s her.
Botlhale Mashiane
Botlhale Mashiane Пре 12 сати
can please talk about how Dua handled the hotness of the wings + sauces like it was nothing.
Pedro Pablo Ceron
Pedro Pablo Ceron Пре 13 сати
Every person has stereo types or just some characteristics that they like, that being said, Brown haired dua lipa looks like Wonder woman in a sunset not referring to gal gadot, this girl is just so pretty
Pedro Pablo Ceron
Pedro Pablo Ceron Пре 9 сати
@Shauka Hodan I dont mean to be disrespectfull but, i dont care if she can spell or not XD i was saying she is gorgeaus.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Пре 10 сати
You can tell she's reading the words she spells off a queue card lol
Kieth pederson
Kieth pederson Пре 13 сати
Don't know who's cuter her or Emilia Clarke
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Пре 10 сати
Is it just me or was Sean Evans failing and beaten by Dua Lipa 🤣🤣
Mateja i Andrea Pacaric
Mateja i Andrea Pacaric Пре 14 сати
Дуа унајмили смо снајперисту,поздрав
Zarko Dojcinovic
Zarko Dojcinovic Пре 13 сати
Haha ali sa prangijom
Chris Yu
Chris Yu Пре 16 сати
She's so hot omg
Chris Yu
Chris Yu Пре 17 сати
She know G unit! I love her
Cucur95 Пре 18 сати
15:25 gotta love the way the music tunes down as da bomb is introduced
Rjian Felminia
Rjian Felminia Пре 20 сати
Oi stop hating on her.Ajvar is kinnda albanian cuz it would remind albanians that they survived so STOP HATING ON HER
David A.R
David A.R Пре 20 сати
Love you Duaaaaa !
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Пре 21 сат
Oh beautiful and magnificent
VlZlON Пре 22 сата
Sean’s gonna be the next Nardwuar “You’re Dua Lipa we have to know”
DARK Пре 22 сата
You can tell that he has not tried Mexican sauces (+500,000 scoville)
hdjadaj fdjhkfshfks
hdjadaj fdjhkfshfks Пре 22 сата
This format has serius problems man. I wish you guys wait and not force it.
Leon T
Leon T Пре дан
Both Ajvar and Sudzuk are originally Turkish but they were brought over to Serbia and Bosnia during Ottoman rule so ignore the ignorance in the other comments here. They just don't know enough about their own culture or cuisine.
mixio hili
mixio hili Пре 23 сата
This prettiest girl I've ever seen, other then my wife! And a beast at eating hot wings! Sooo awesome! 🤟
el fancy pants
el fancy pants Пре дан
So what Sean's saying if dualipa gets pregnant shes not a plan b person
Adam C
Adam C Пре дан
Craig Fox
Craig Fox Пре дан
Is it just me or was Sean Evans failing and beaten by Dua Lipa 🤣🤣
ASMR Artists
ASMR Artists Пре дан
You can tell she's reading the words she spells off a queue card lol
ASMR Artists
ASMR Artists Пре 16 сати
@Anika Asad nope, im just a dumbass
Anika Asad
Anika Asad Пре 16 сати
Did you spell “cue” wrong ironically 🤣
ASMR Artists
ASMR Artists Пре дан
Why so many thumbs down? I don't get it
Why so Serious?
Why so Serious? Пре дан
Have more guts than dj khaled
John Tibaldi
John Tibaldi Пре дан
Dua Lipa’s face looks similar to Charlie Puth’s! Anyone else agrees?
Maria Sullivan
Maria Sullivan Пре дан
Lazar Cvetkovic
Lazar Cvetkovic Пре дан
Look at that eyebrows,you can clearly see that she is neandretal albanian girl from middle of nowhere!
Lazar Cvetkovic
Lazar Cvetkovic Пре дан
What a fake person,she spreads hate and here she tries to be nice!
Lazar Cvetkovic
Lazar Cvetkovic Пре 12 сати
@Zarko Dojcinovic Tako je brate,ni sam ne bih bolje rekao👍
Lazar Cvetkovic
Lazar Cvetkovic Пре 12 сати
@Josh Jones There you go...Zarko has told you everything about this.
Zarko Dojcinovic
Zarko Dojcinovic Пре 13 сати
@Josh Jones A map of great albania who she claime in her posts- Who including a parts of neighbors :Serbia( Kosovo and South Serbia) ,Macedonia(West part) ,Montenegro ( Half Part) and Greece ( North Part) ...That ,dude is idea from albanian nationalists ,durring ww2,Albania become a satellite state or part of alliance together with nazi germany and italy ...Take and occupied a parts from neighbors ..Albania become a protectorate of Mussolini and together with germans and italians , killed and exterminated a non albanias from this occupied parts ...Dude i see you not have a knowledge from history enough ,but is not bad for you to explore and spread a more your knowledge ...
Josh Jones
Josh Jones Пре 20 сати
What gives you that impression
Kenz Domyuji
Kenz Domyuji Пре дан
GOD she is sooooo chill
Kusha Kadriu
Kusha Kadriu Пре дан
I never knew Dua Lipa had so much fans in Serbia
Kusha Kadriu
Kusha Kadriu Пре 9 сати
Oh so you make videos of her , nice
Zarko Dojcinovic
Zarko Dojcinovic Пре 13 сати
Yes especially on pornhub 🤣🤣🤣
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Пре дан
Need to get a socially distanced studio. Just not the same.
bilias hour
bilias hour Пре дан
J Пре дан
She handled the sauces like a pro. Well done!
MrRodpec Пре дан
Ajvar is older than Albania hahahaha
bilias hour
bilias hour Пре дан
I need to know the tune they play everytime they take on Da Bomb. Sounds like something I've heard from 300
Shane McCutcheon
Shane McCutcheon Пре дан
This prettiest girl I've ever seen, other then my wife! And a beast at eating hot wings! Sooo awesome! 🤟
Coc Ca1
Coc Ca1 Пре дан
Ah she didn't died we will get her next time
Killgore _Trout
Killgore _Trout Пре дан
Ok, you used his line.... You know how the " his " is...i.e. Nardwar!!! When are you going to have Nardwar on? You two should do a interview competition, who can dig the deepest shit on each other.
Raym G
Raym G Пре дан
wtf is she wearing? lol
Mike Gomez
Mike Gomez Пре 2 дана
I love this show, I've been having a great time watching it. This question... "How do you think about your own longevity?"... THE NAME OF HER ALBUM IS FUTURE NOSTALGIA. COME ON MAN. rofl
jacob rodgers
jacob rodgers Пре 2 дана
You should do Paul Klein from LANY... given he dated dua lipa and all
cik epal
cik epal Пре 2 дана
can u guys stop arguing with your damn ajvar? no matter where is the origin of ajvar, she clearly promoted it. so stop claim your damn ajvar and move on.
Purple Kush
Purple Kush Пре 2 дана
She was not talking about Leskovacki Ajvar, but about the ajvar...it is a different thing that the producers of the show found a picture of Leskovacki Ajvar...Slovenians had copyright the recipe of Ajvar, although they are buying peppers from North Macedonia...as well as per Suxkuk, she is speaking about homemade Suxhuk, particularly in the zone of Dukagjini, spicy homemade suxhuk, and the producers are showing Bosnianski suxhuk.
Jimmy Пре 2 дана
He forgot to asked her how it feels to be the star of Friday Beers 🤝
Jimmy Spencer
Jimmy Spencer Пре 2 дана
Ok if she likes dbz and goosebumps shes ok in my book
Kang Seulgi
Kang Seulgi Пре 2 дана
Andrea Riches
Andrea Riches Пре 2 дана
I think she got away easy. Her wings looks natural and she just added a bit of the sauce! Haha lucky girl!!
ashley bitch
ashley bitch Пре 2 дана
omg queen
YTF Silver
YTF Silver Пре 2 дана
17:00 ja ne verujem! Koja glupaca
Wira Pori
Wira Pori Пре 2 дана
I need to know the tune they play everytime they take on Da Bomb. Sounds like something I've heard from 300
nwhat31 Пре 2 дана