"Church" - Tom MacDonald & Brandon Hart ft. Nova Rockafeller 

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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Tom MacDonald
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan




26 мар 2021






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Dawn Martin
Dawn Martin Пре 6 минута
Absofreakinglutely beautiful real song. Prayers up for all of us that battle demons every day, every hour, every minute. Love everything you guys put out. Sharing your words has helped so many. Much love
Hani Huruy
Hani Huruy Пре 10 минута
God always hear us and talk to us we need to humble our heart to lsn to him! God is so holy and we are so wicked and still send his only begotten son lord Jesus to die for our sins and he rose 3 days later proving that he is real and almighty. God did all this so that we can meet him in heaven(afterlife). it's us do we give time to God do we read his word(bible) after reading do we obey him? Whoever read this God bless you 🙏🏽 🤍 and accept lord Jesus as your lord and savior u won't regret it
thatkidslife_11 Пре 39 минута
This is so much true been clean from pills its a hard road too stay on straight path best wishes and prayers tom and co love yalls vids and music
Tuan Doan
Tuan Doan Пре 57 минута
If there's no church there wouldn't be no God and if there were no God there wouldn't be no demon's... So who's the one to blame for creating demon's? We have ourselves to blame for our demon's we create.
We StayedTrue
We StayedTrue Пре сат
I don't even do drugs but I miss my uncle
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Пре сат
Love this song, hits hard, world needs more of this then ever right now.
Jessica Oates
Jessica Oates Пре сат
This is amazing!!
digilifex Пре сат
I hear as a string black dude is winning in the best way he know how. I love it Tom I am listening brother! I will miss you but I’m not got. Like Mario your princess is in another castle. Let’s go back to being kids before we thought the racers we were running before we started looking at the color of our skin. I felt that Tom.
digilifex Пре сат
* skinny. *That is want for some who is trying so hard. T think you have to take this as Jenga. With the word blocks. Put my words in the right places. I’m out for tonight. I don’t want to mess up your TV some of you will watch tomorrow. 😉
Timmuy Dinwiddie
Timmuy Dinwiddie Пре сат
The Devil was in charge of music in Heaven...remember that
wɛndɪɡoʊ Siren
wɛndɪɡoʊ Siren Пре сат
Anthony Schulz
Anthony Schulz Пре сат
1 week sober of alcohol, praying I can fight this demon and get the stress of thinking about alcohol constantly off of my shoulders.
Well Youwantedattention
Well Youwantedattention Пре 2 сата
Well it's a good thing that God says "come as you are"...cause it don't matter if you conquer the bottle, you can't conquer the blood of Jesus. You can't carry your own cross, so Jesus said "just believe". We are not to live eternal life in this world but the next. Christ ALONE! He paid your debt. Glory to God Almighty
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Пре 3 сата
After listening to Tom for what feels like my life. I just found out Nova sings. THINK I MIGHT JUST DEVELOP INTO A NUMBER 1 FAN lol
James Foland
James Foland Пре 3 сата
Not even an alcoholic and this song moved me. I can’t imagine how strongly it resonates with someone who is. Amazing.
Cameron Rood
Cameron Rood Пре 3 сата
17 - 17 - 17 - 17 - 17 - 17 - 17
John Ross
John Ross Пре 3 сата
Give power to God and claim the victory do not say defeat for thats what Satan wants to steal the victory for he is just a liar and thief
chloes wack gaming
chloes wack gaming Пре 3 сата
Konsciencia Пре 3 сата
Tom don't give up man, I know is hard but The Universe or God however you want to call It is within you. Don't pray but talk to Him/Her I'm sure He/She will listen.
Pamela Lobbe
Pamela Lobbe Пре 4 сата
Have questions about what is happening in this insane world... check out JD Farag.org. Prophecy Updates. Start watching at March 29, 2020. They continue to get better as time MOVES ON. - Really like your voice & lyrics
joshua tryon
joshua tryon Пре 4 сата
How is it that one man can speak for an entire generation? I can't count the times I've prayed that the liquor stores doors would be locked.
A Real Shit Podcast
A Real Shit Podcast Пре 4 сата
I’m not crying, your crying!
pat fair
pat fair Пре 5 сати
God hears you he dose stop drinking and go to church every Sunday go and pray sing along read your Bible and listen to gods words
Two Scoops
Two Scoops Пре 5 сати
Two Scoops
Two Scoops Пре 5 сати
These recovery tracks are great
Byrd Rigsby
Byrd Rigsby Пре 6 сати
Wow somebody understans real pain
Kimberly Simmons
Kimberly Simmons Пре 6 сати
God loves you! He will always hear your prayers! Where you go to church does matter!. Follow Christ, not the religion! Know you’re already making a difference. God uses people to do what He needs done. Don’t give up!
bakedbean 75
bakedbean 75 Пре 6 сати
I never done heroin Coke once. Not my bag.. .guys either talking shit on coke n drink or sleeping dribbling plebs. Lsd young.several times. Alcohol?tabaco. ? Amphetamines? Lsd?cocaine. All government made. For war . Tested on . Facts.. . Wars. War on drugs? Strange . But so am i🤕 Legal? Weed good but am tapering out on that. Gets pricy
bakedbean 75
bakedbean 75 Пре 7 сати
Tune Most rap is mumble Crap guns grills hoes gold etc. This song will be rattling round !y brain. Listing to this when your a recovering piss head.depressed. On Fluoxetine. .. Makes me cry. Twice now. . Don't do any drugs kids. Drink or smoke anything. . Trust..me. Weed only. .
H3Bomb Пре 8 сати
Dude! Tom you've got some incredible talent, and as a Christian I love that your content is impactful, speaking up about sensitive issues without having to resort to garbage language. Idk about where you're at in life spiritually, but just know Jesus is always waiting for you to respond to His call. He loves you and us all. Peace!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Пре 8 сати
Dayum. Shit hits hard. Made me tear up.
Allan Northey
Allan Northey Пре 10 сати
God damn! Brandon adds an whole new dimension to songs!!! Unique voice, calm as hell. Right on, another win 4 sure.
n1mand Пре 12 сати
15 years drunk, will be drunk in 15 years, but still love the song!
Jennifer Halleck
Jennifer Halleck Пре 13 сати
Thanks Tom this song hit home my cousin died 2days before this came out he struggled everyday with liquor and this song helped me understand a little bit better thank you
Nakita Hubbard
Nakita Hubbard Пре 13 сати
This is an amazing song. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Bianca Arriesgado
Bianca Arriesgado Пре 14 сати
Sinong nanood nito dahil nakita to sa fb
Atlayntis Atlanta
Atlayntis Atlanta Пре 14 сати
Brianna Axelson
Brianna Axelson Пре 17 сати
This song is what keeps me alive and going. I listen to it at least twice a day. Gives me hope. Your music is literally the one thing i have. I am in active addiction and struggle horribly. Everytime i finally get clean time i end up homeless and relapse then im back at square one. I have no family, no friends and an abusive asf dude. My life is hell. Right now back at square one. Homeless, cold, hungry and listening to your music wondering if ill ever get away from addiction and these horrible dudes. Thank you for being you Tom MacDonald ♡ i love you
Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed Пре 3 минута
Keep moving forward, everyday, wake up, stand up, and do something different. The desire will never leave but it gets less powerful with time, especially when you invest your time in other things. I hope you can find the strength to break the cycle, because the only person strong enough to save you is you.
Aman Singh
Aman Singh Пре 18 сати
Truth keep believing in yourself, no God is gonna help you in crisis, it's you yourself who can help yourself. Just believe in yourself
Dan Gatto
Dan Gatto Пре 19 сати
How can I talk to this man? I'm in the same boat.if you see this tom look me up.
Deon De Ridder
Deon De Ridder Пре 19 сати
God heard you; he was forming you for this!! I was there and He saved me. Demons will stay there if you empower them; just dont cause you are you! And it ain't about Church but you and God.
SNAFU onTWITCH Пре 20 сати
Damn. Came to TM to bump and be thoughtful. Didn't plan on crying today. GG @TomMacDonald
Fresh Pistachios
Fresh Pistachios Пре 21 сат
In this age of dumbass mumble rappers, Tom is God's gift to us.
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy Пре 20 сати
Blessings upon blessings that we don't deserve and often taken for granted
welru ngitpa
welru ngitpa Пре 22 сата
the first time i hear your song i said OK hes good, but MAN know thet i hear this song gosbamp. just keep it up man to wright like this lyric.. FROM PHILIPPINES.. GODBLESS
Wes v
Wes v Пре дан
I still can't believe this doesn't 30 million views. People out there need this
Lily Angels eargasmic art
this song is so relatable omg i get so dark sometimes feeling would anybody miss me if i lay in my grave suicide is such a sickness infecting this world nearly eveeyone has had their brush with it.. ~Lilly A. ~
jcdaniels Пре дан
Praying for everyone who’s going through it. God does hear you and Jesus is the answer. Thank you Tom for being real. Almost 14 years sober. Here for ANY of y’all. Prayers!
Cameron Wolf
Cameron Wolf Пре дан
My uncle wasmjunkie now 20 years clean
Cameron Wolf
Cameron Wolf Пре дан
Gods real
Micah Lawson
Micah Lawson Пре дан
Fucking awesome song man.
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire Пре дан
Good song to blow your brain out to.
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire Пре 11 сати
@bigly White thanks brother
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy Пре 20 сати
@Dumpster Fire Never gonna help, just going to cause pain to a lot of others. Most selfish act a person can do, you're not made to have an easy life or have everything you want handed to you, you're here to toil, labor and suffer with sin because suffering for God's sake is the greatest honor there is because no amount of our suffering can repay what God has promised us and has already done for us. No comfort in the world will ever replace him and no comfort imaginable will ever be worth eternity without him.
bigly White
bigly White Пре дан
@Dumpster Fire you just did 😏
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire Пре дан
@bigly White Sounds chill. Wish I could bro.
bigly White
bigly White Пре дан
Damn second time I've seen this message, yes 2nd time listening. I'm sad. Hug from someone that understands.
bigly White
bigly White Пре дан
Underrated song
sofaking777777 Пре дан
2021... governments close churches but the liquor stores are 'essential'. 2:36
Austin lane
Austin lane Пре дан
thank you Tom
Fresh Pistachios
Fresh Pistachios Пре дан
Dope SONG brother!!
Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller Пре дан
love this ...drinking wine listening to this now i need to stop ! its killing me
Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller Пре 15 сати
@Hilary Banks well done you have done well keep it up
Hilary Banks
Hilary Banks Пре 16 сати
The day this song dropped i stopped drinking. I've never felt so good. I was such an angry person.
Roach Splf918
Roach Splf918 Пре дан
Hog 4 life... Send prayers
Kat Buswell
Kat Buswell Пре дан
Same situation and no one knows.
Sabrina's Life
Sabrina's Life Пре дан
This and Neon Cathedral are both similar and 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥃🥃 Macklemore and Tom have a lot in common actually. Love them both!! Independent artists who battled addiction and got mad hate for being white rappers...I hope Tom listened to The Heist and hope that these two collab one day💪♥
Shamilla Kitchen
Shamilla Kitchen Пре дан
My dad is an alcoholic, it worries me, since before i was born, so 15years...i want to show him this song...i pray i get the courage..
Norm Пре 11 сати
Do it but show him this one first. Its a young girl whose drunk dad died falling down stairs rsvid.info/video/nc2whJ13pX3Miqs.html
Maddee Kay
Maddee Kay Пре дан
Tom McDonalds friend Brandon heart is just as talented when it comes to their lyrics 👍
Aqua Mom
Aqua Mom Пре дан
Two friends from High School drank themselves to death during 2020. Please don’t wait.
kitty ferguson
kitty ferguson Пре дан
Ignore any haters too they ain't actually worth your time ....🙂✌️
kitty ferguson
kitty ferguson Пре дан
Well,We would care. Also Jesus does listen and help ,when he doesn't there is a reason ....trust him through it all Tom. Trust him ,through your pain ..he's clearly building you up for something great ... Keep exposing people through music ..organizations and governments
Matt Worley
Matt Worley Пре дан
Been a long time since a song hit me this hard, I struggle so hard with the drink, I can absolutely feel the fight in in this song,you gotta feel the struggle to really understand this, mad respect for Tom Macdonald
TuroG23 TuroG23
TuroG23 TuroG23 Пре дан
TuroG23 TuroG23
TuroG23 TuroG23 Пре дан
3years sober,feel like 1 year
Debra M Petersen
Debra M Petersen Пре дан
Great song. It however does not change my mind on my beliefs of a god. We (humans) make this world what it is. If you do not like it then you either find some way to deal with it or you take yourself out of it. I personally find my ways to deal with it because the other alternative is not convincing enough to make me think it will be any better. I do not believe there is anything after, you're just gone. You do not exist as you didn't before you were conceived. So make the best of what you know is real right now, in case I'm right, or believe in something you have faith in, If it is what gets you up every day and keeps you going then believe. More power to you, but I believe in the here and now and make the best of it until it is over. Peace to you Tom for touching people that may have no hope at all.
Debra M Petersen
Debra M Petersen Пре 11 сати
@This Is That Guy I stopped reading at, I will correct your error. So you say. All I hear is blah, blah, blah. Preach to someone else. It falls on deaf ears here buddy.
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy Пре 20 сати
And I will tell you different, God knew you before you were conceived because he existed before physical existence was. And you will never stop hearing this for the rest of your life and it will weigh on you more and more as age sharpens you further. No one is liable for punishment for your personal failure though, no one will receive a reward for converting you to anything and no human can save you from what all humans rightfully suffer with and owe a wage on their soul for. Doesn't matter to me what you believe because I'm not on the hook for it, but I will correct your error of mind out of courtesy. That all being said you are a separate human being and your fate is somewhat your own choice and responsibility, whatever your real personal reason for denial is, its not good enough and you will be told that for the rest of your life as well and it is within right for anyone to tell you that. And that being said I advise you take a step back and ask God to save you, your suffering in life doesn't even remotely cover what God promises those who accept his gift of life which is given freely so must be also accepted freely. Its easy to think people are on a high horse when you're looking up from the dirt that you think is no different from yourself, doesn't matter how low you think of yourself or some trendy emo fad you're following, doesn't matter what you did or what happened to you. You don't have to change your mind, you have to become a new person.
John Johnson
John Johnson Пре дан
Great message, it's always true, God hears us. How many of my trials have been self imposed. God never hurt me I did, sure other's do bad things and hurt people, but I choose not to stay there.
Lucc 701
Lucc 701 Пре дан
God is listening my friend, everytime. Casual drug user most of my younger life but never been strung out myself but my wife has been and through 10+ years of absolute hell trying to get my family back to any type of normalcy, it took 2 stints in prison and much heartache that I didn't think I could endure but the Good Lord never gave up on us. Now my family is back together and stronger than ever and not looking back. It's not just the user that goes through hell. Without God's grace I wouldn't be writing this. It is the most powerful force there ever was if you allow it. I wish you the best Tom and your message is very needed in these uncertain times. Godspeed and God bless to you and yours. He is listening.
Jason Wiesemann
Jason Wiesemann Пре дан
Jason Wiesemann
Jason Wiesemann Пре дан
And I'm currently in recovery myself
Nicola Moloney
Nicola Moloney Пре дан
Don’t be surprised how or when it comes to you. Breath. Recognize the tempter and immediately leave its presence. You’ll feel the glorious power of overcoming it later.
Kail McHugh
Kail McHugh Пре дан
Just overcame alcohol and drug addiction at 17 years old
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy Пре 20 сати
iam here
iam here Пре дан
aboot time
Keith Frank
Keith Frank Пре дан
This means a lot to me. Don’t stop what you’re doing. Keep it going man
This song hit home too hard. Imma be honest its been almost 10 years. I have a hellva time believing in God and have nothing to say to him been through alot shit... I lost my mom my grandmas my uncle my best friend in a year then lost my career lost my home that whole year to me was my personal 2020 what 2020 was for everyone. And on one day to be honest 2 bottles of jack Daniel's and 25 percocets and a ton of pills I have no idea what they were that were my dead moms. Up until that point I had enough. If it wasn't for a curious cousin and knock at my door who knows whats out there id wouldn't be here. I'd didn't learn and kept drinking getting into fights and almost jail and some how I'm still here. Somewhere I wanna believe.
This Is That Guy
This Is That Guy Пре 20 сати
No amount of suffering you can experience can pay for what God promises those who accept the gift of life, be honored that you suffer only a short amount of time compared to eternal life with him. We are sinful beings therefore we suffer and that suffering tells us that we need him.
Po Izzy
Po Izzy Пре дан
Didnt know which to choose..the bottle or the bible! 😳
ThatxOnexB!tch Пре дан
This song hits the deepest parts of my soul. 43 weeks sober, and some days are harder than others. Absolutely amazing song. Thank you!
Danny Delahoussaye
Danny Delahoussaye Пре дан
Man I was 6 months sober n relapsed hard now I’m worst then ever got holes in my arm as big as my fist smh I’m trying I just don’t know how to live but your music helps the pain
Neil Monroe
Neil Monroe Пре дан
I feel personally attacked with these lyrics. " I keep buying whiskey when all I need is church"
Alister Joshua Mantana
Tiktok brought me here 🔥💕
TheLast Animal
TheLast Animal Пре дан
Why have I never heard of this guy he is really good
The party Girl
The party Girl Пре дан
My whole family loves you
Beloved Пре 2 дана
"I prayed on my way to the liquor store that they locked the door" That got me, when you honestly are sick of your addiction but your flesh still goes and seeks it. But even through all of it, still seeking God and wanting to be free and seeing how he makes a way! Like the liquor store closing up early. Taking those thoughts captive we see that it isn't really what we want but the sin that lives in us. Many people still feel like they are fighting themselves when it's really demons lying to us. Thank you Tom, I was really struggling today. Instead of smoking and sinning I conversated with God, put this song on and the holy sorrow and conviction came over me. God bless you brother! Keep fighting the good fight!
Patriot45 Пре 2 дана
Don't stop. Damn Tom we need you! You two are helping more than you could ever know. Prayers for you BOTH!
RidingWithRyderG187 Пре 2 дана
i see all the comments from people, 6 months sober - 15 years sober. i just hope that can be me before i lose everything. ive quit coke and meth, that was easy compared to this.
RidingWithRyderG187 Пре 2 дана
this song motivates me to quit drinking. its the worst thing to happen to my marriage. thank you tom, you help me through this.
nightowlme Пре 2 дана
Bruh, calluses were created for a reason. Keeping it real with you. Your newest fan.
Mike Walters
Mike Walters Пре 2 дана
Has this guy done anything with MGK?
joseph Rizzo
joseph Rizzo Пре 2 дана
That is a great song I got tears in my eyes cuz I want to recover alcoholic and it's beautiful song thank you thank you
Maureen Parisi
Maureen Parisi Пре 2 дана
Dude a quick question we love ( me and all the various excuses fir a life) we love you. Yeah mnm was breakthrough I can’t even remember his song. Dude- you are Lincoln park ok. Not whatever the prev. Star was. You are you’re ducking self man.
Rose Irene
Rose Irene Пре 2 дана
the white tigger fam. Carrie and Cynthia
Been trying to quit smoking cigarettes for over a year now
Sentinel Пре 2 дана
Hope his newfound fame doesn't lead to relapse.
Wow. Amazing song!
Marlee W
Marlee W Пре 2 дана
God loves you no matter where you’re at. Only He understands what you’ve been through and your hearts struggles. He is walking with you everyday.
Chris Powell
Chris Powell Пре 2 дана
Hits me in the feelers.. Thank you for this song
Strange Reality
Strange Reality Пре 2 дана
I need a short drink or a long prayer I've been sober, but I don't care I'm so scared of my own self I get no help, and that's no fair So don't go there, I've been Hell and back I got scorched hair in this Gucci cap I got empty bottles and a million follows I regret swallowing the Ativan Fuck it, let's be real I resent the way that I feel I pretend that it's cool, but I miss getting drunk And I'm angry that God doesn't help when I kneel Fuck it, I said my prayers When I got cleaned, shit just got worse I quit doing drugs, and I pleaded with Jesus to save me But he didn't hear my words This shit don't work, it hurts I went to church, now I need liquid courage Whiskey in my glass, I take the knives out of my back to stir it Go to Hell and back again, then show you burns to prove I earned it I need shots or God to gain the strength I need, I'm just a person I pray on my way To the liquor store that they lock the doors 'Cause I'll lay in my grave If the whiskey pours like it did before I'm scared, I send out a prayer Can anybody hear me? Is anybody there? 'Cause honestly it hurts and every day is worse I keep buying whiskey when all I need is church I keep talking to God, but he don't hear me And my demons are there, always listening I get lost in the dark, drowning in whiskey And I went in so far, you say you miss me I'm on a ship in a bottle, so say goodbye at the shore Break the glass and you'll find me, I'm not who I was before Close my eyes in the darkness and hold on through the storm I'm a wreck in a bottle, I wasn't built for a war These church pews Bright lights, whiskey glasses, bottles of booze Make short days to long nights The bottle, the Bible, I didn't know what to choose I pray on my way To the liquor store that they lock the doors 'Cause I'll lay in my grave If the whiskey pours like it did before I'm scared, I send out a prayer Can anybody hear me? Is anybody there? 'Cause honestly it hurts and every day is worse I keep buying whiskey when all I need is church I can't read, but the Bible's still with me My eyes can't see from the bottles of whiskey I don't believe anybody will miss me And I'm on my knees, tell me, God, are you listening? I pray on my way To the liquor store that they lock the doors 'Cause I'll lay in my grave If the whiskey pours like it did before I'm scared, I send out a prayer Can anybody hear me? Is anybody there? 'Cause honestly it hurts and every day is worse I keep buying whiskey when all I need is church
Joe Yessir
Joe Yessir Пре 2 дана
Hey hey I’m all for provocation of the viewers and controversial stuff but danm I go to church 3 times a week
Trina 1 Stewart
Trina 1 Stewart Пре 2 дана
You both are definitely blessed with many talents and I pray you stay together forever. It is very difficult to find forever people now days.
Vet Mooves
Vet Mooves Пре 2 дана
The World According to Jim
The World According to Jim Пре 2 дана
Absolutely amazing video/song!! Lost my mom to alcohol poisoning... I miss her dearly.
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