Chloe Ting || Time To Talk || My Response!!! 

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15 авг 2020






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IceCreamSplat Пре 5 дана
Marcos Labrador
Marcos Labrador Пре 9 дана
I gotta say, I love your videos but I think you should add like...30 more seconds at the end of each with Ally eating junk food while you back ride! 😂😂😂 That's the only criticism. More Ally than last time!
Omar Em
Omar Em Пре 9 дана
Only a jealous loser would think Greg is promoting body dysmorphia.
br777666 Пре 12 дана
Gear is great. Gear is good.
Henry Dinh
Henry Dinh Пре 12 дана
I swear her fan base is 90% ignorant. Buuttttt its ok since things are cleaned up now. I'm still passed Greg was targeted.
Shie Licuanan
Shie Licuanan Пре 21 дан
I totally agree with you...
Shie Licuanan
Shie Licuanan Пре 21 дан
I start lovin you Coach Greg
☆Korvina★ Пре 23 дана
Her stans are as toxic as BTS armys
Mooncrest83 Пре 24 дана
Ally in the background looking super casual when a extra pumped angry bodybuilder is yelling at a camera in the living room
sarah v
sarah v Пре 24 дана
this is my first time watch greg's video. and he's remind me of tanktop brother's from one punch man😂
Daniel Qiu
Daniel Qiu Пре 25 дана
greg most of your subscribers believe you i know you are telling the truth
Adi Mulyono
Adi Mulyono Пре 26 дана
Gerg look funny with that bulking mickey mouse
Natthawat Pama
Natthawat Pama Пре 29 дана
if only Greg started his youtube 10year ago...
Coral Viner
Coral Viner Пре 29 дана
I fucking love you , your awesome greg :)
Lulu Mai
Lulu Mai Пре 29 дана
His yelling kinda scares me but I can't stop watching lol
LaserBeam 7
LaserBeam 7 Пре месец
Chloe Tings fans are really 💩
Dylan Stubbert
Dylan Stubbert Пре месец
I can't pay attention to any of the video content aside from the audio in a Coach Greg video - All I can watch is the veins in his arms and neck, correlated with his volume. God I love Coach Greg.
Fryzz Пре месец
Dude, I rarely comment anything on RSvid, but this has to be done! Big shout out to Coach Greg, great Entertainment, great information which leads to a better Gym experience, keep it going!!! Big Bench Greets from Germany!
Shahar Weiss
Shahar Weiss Пре месец
Can you do a natty or not on Andrea Larosa he claims he’s natty
TS Hamsa
TS Hamsa Пре месец
Why is he shouting... 😳
Milly De La Rosa
Milly De La Rosa Пре месец
The problem is not her... Is her fans🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Annie Takumi
Annie Takumi Пре месец
Lol I saw your name popped up from one of the comments in a korean fitness video. He said your cookbook was great. I wonder if it’s available in the Philippines. But I’m familiar with Chloe too so this is the first video of yours that I watched. I subbed btw. Hahahah.
Mohammed Hossam
Mohammed Hossam Пре месец
14:06 what
Just got a v shred ad😔
Stephanie Quezada
Stephanie Quezada Пре месец
I wish new viewers would really listen to what Coach Greg says - just because he yells and has veins coming out of his neck people really think he doesn't have valuable information 🙄
Ashlyne Hills
Ashlyne Hills Пре месец
why does it sound like he's yelling so loud... but sounds... quite
Alina castañeda
Alina castañeda Пре месец
Stop screaming bro
Jade Carlos
Jade Carlos Пре месец
Yo why you shouting my dude... calm down🙈 if you know it's not you, then that's that you dont gotta prove it 🙈🙈
Dragon Ball Dimension
Dragon Ball Dimension Пре месец
Chloe Ting can get it
Danny Wood
Danny Wood Пре месец
Your the best screaming bodybuilder on steroids!!! Your OUR screaming bodybuilder on steroids!
Mohammad Reza Fatemi
Mohammad Reza Fatemi Пре месец
Ur my fuckin savior Coach Greg🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Cameo Harris
Cameo Harris Пре месец
Do I look poor to you?!? 😂 lamo
Renato Pacheco
Renato Pacheco Пре месец
I can't watch the 10 to 14 videos you upload? I CAN'T?? Challenge accepted, I will watch them harder than last time
metallicaddictno1 Пре месец
I really hope you are making a good amount of money so you can keep the zoo well taken care of :)
Somaia Saleh
Somaia Saleh Пре месец
I didn't think it was you, coach Greg, when she released the video. I just started watching Ur videos.
Daequan Please
Daequan Please Пре месец
I died when he said calling me a moron was a compliment and how it’s a higher iq than an idiot
JustThingsandStuff Пре месец
I'd love a more advanced home workout from Chloe Ting in collaboration with Coach Greg yelling at us to TRAIN HARDER THAN LAST TIME. Please Coach Greg! The morons needs you.
Dania Bonilla
Dania Bonilla Пре месец
Omg I couldnt stand more than 2 minutes of this video, why does he yell so much? =s
Dania Bonilla
Dania Bonilla Пре месец
He's just so annoying
Lisheng Loyi
Lisheng Loyi Пре месец
i feel like crying because i think he’s yelling at me 🥺😭
Q Пре месец
Mom,this guy yelled at me for 20 mins....I’m scared👻
Kiana Пре месец
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles Пре месец
That's one confusing accent, and she's so average, how is this a thing.
Forest River
Forest River Пре месец
The money part cracked me up so bad. I don’t like to be shouted at but I subscribed 😂
Forest River
Forest River Пре месец
The money part cracked me up so bad. I don’t like to be shouted at but I subscribed 😂
Yasmín Bernal Barra
Yasmín Bernal Barra Пре месец
Why did youtube recommend me a video of a white men yelling who talks about himself in third person?. I get it she wasn't talking about you.
Void God
Void God Пре месец
holy heck, chloe ting has more subs then Athleanx wtf
Kevin LK
Kevin LK Пре месец
Omg just stop yelling dude that's horrible 🤦‍♂️
Dan Khelly
Dan Khelly Пре месец
I remembered doc Adam correcting PH vloggers giving wrong medical information.
Roxana Nataly
Roxana Nataly Пре месец
seriously the only fitness "influencer" that does not promote feeling bad about yourself even if you're not there yet where you want to be.
Leena .B
Leena .B Пре месец
Haters: * *watching this* * Greg: * *yells at them* * Haters:.... Im sorry👁👄👁💔
Leena .B
Leena .B Пре месец
Goerge said facts not hate, I just checked one of his videos and I already know that he knows what hes talking about. However, Chloe 9:07 made low intensity videos for the new people in "working out and stuff" you can even make sure from her FAQ on her programs, it said something like (this program is for beginners). It has zero intensity for some people but the others finds it very hard, some people needs to respect that not everyone is so storng.
Shubhradeep Das
Shubhradeep Das Пре месец
Nobody: Greg: explains difference between IDIOT and MORON... 🤦‍♂️
Shubhradeep Das
Shubhradeep Das Пре месец
Yeah she already ruined million people's time already.. No point to learn now... She will still make a video like this later 5 yrs
Emma Cerminaro
Emma Cerminaro Пре месец
wait omfg hes like a supper fit big ed
gia edits
gia edits Пре месец
I tried to watch 2 minutes of this but your voice, screaming and mispronunciation of her name bored a hole in my head 😀
Khaka Majenge
Khaka Majenge Пре месец
never seen Coach Greg yell this much. and Coach Greg yells a lot
Catherine R. Dion
Catherine R. Dion Пре месец
Am I the only one who paused to appreciates the "Conclusion" part of the Meta-Analysis mentioning : "However, through time travel, we have come to the conclusion that much of the negativity is fueled by individuals who have yet to watch enough of Coach Greg's content to fully appreciate his message." Delightful!
Novrita Sianturi
Novrita Sianturi Пре месец
He could have just clarify things by make a statement "it was not me she was referring to, I didn't make those 62 stories... etc etc" But he made this video instead, not forgetting the hashtag, cuz you know, her name boost the views. And it works. The fact that this video on my suggestion while I don't even know this man. I am tired just watching him yelling. My God.
Anywhere But Here!
Anywhere But Here! Пре месец
Then don’t watch.
Kayla Hughson
Kayla Hughson Пре месец
He sounds like Gilbert Gottfried lol
Raksha Nepaul.
Raksha Nepaul. Пре месец
Am I the only who thinks that this guy is like a cartoon character? 😂
Julia Andersen
Julia Andersen Пре месец
I think what got me about chloe's video was the guy who was making these stories about her said she is promoting eating disorders and then proceeded to call her fat...
nouhayla ihennib
nouhayla ihennib Пре месец
Please just use a human voice and say whatever you want . Pleaaase hhhh
Drake Lai
Drake Lai Пре месец
Greg should be getting 700k views per video, ALL his suscribers should watch EVERY video of his!
Wei Xiong
Wei Xiong Пре месец
Coach Greg: You know how hard it is to call ppl morons? Greg's Subs: Daddy call me moron again, I beg you plz orz
Anne Caprica
Anne Caprica Пре месец
Sir, having healthiest mind is much better than having a healthy body. Something like a reminder to ourselves that we need to think before we act and although we think that we already get through the plan, you might want to think it again. I don't get the video of you explaining that the guy she mentioned wasn't you and the connection of you pointing out the bad diets plan that she brought up on couples of her workout videos? Even your intro in your video saying that she wasn't talking about you, so stick with that. I mean, you said you want to clear up some misunderstanding and misinformation regarding the person she talked in her videos, so, what's with the wrong diet plan that she told to her suscribers. Yeah, she is wrong, and so does other workout youtubers out there. It might work for them, but not for us. It's all about keep trying and finding the right diets and exercises that suits our bodies. I even seek youtube video that have PhD person specialized in nutrition explained about diets. They spend millions of money to learn about it and get certificate for it, why should I hear it from people who only makes diet plan that works best for them and tell other people to give it a try? Lol. Think again mister. The certified nutritionist didn't spend couple of years studying human body, foods and diets just so you guys can follow some healthy youtubers out there. So safe to say, I don't follow either these two people diet plans as we. I refer to the nutritionist for accurate diet plan. Very simple😏👏.
Tera Edwards
Tera Edwards Пре месец
Lol, I flamed you because you're a douchebag. Not because I thought you were the guy she was referring to. JUST AN FYI! :D
Gruff46 Пре 25 дана
@Tera Edwards Why'd you change the word from blunt to vituperative all of a sudden? We're not talking about synonyms here. Either way, if you think someone is a "douchebag" for being blunt - "saying what you think without trying to be polite or considering other people's feelings", you're a moron.
Tera Edwards
Tera Edwards Пре 25 дана
@Gruff46 Sure it does. You just said it. Being blunt and telling the truth. Nothing wrong with telling the truth, but here's the definition of blunt just in case you haven't read a dictionary or any consensus on the internet of the general NEGATIVE connotation to the word blunt: blunt: A blunt individual speaks the truth without fear or favor. One usually hears the phrase, to put it bluntly. ... vituperative: While a vituperative person may speak the truth, ************their ultimate goal is to spite or to scorn************. This is definitely a negative attribute. AKA. Douchebag. Sit down, henchman. Come back when you've spawned a brain. Natacha Oceane gives great information and isn't a douchebag. She's the other side of honesty. It's called being direct, assertive, and polite.
Relatable af
Relatable af Пре 28 дана
Ur an idiot (which means an iq of 0-25) FYI
Gruff46 Пре месец
Being blunt and telling the truth =/= douchebag
sharon muthoni
sharon muthoni Пре месец
I love Greg's confidence...
Kazutopia 808
Kazutopia 808 Пре месец
1:43 This is true folks. I have been listing to coach Greg for a little over a month now and I use one simple formula when I workout. "Train harder then last time" In the last 30 days I have gained 5 lbs of muscle. Maybe some is fat, I'm not entirely sure. I look bigger. I feel better. I feel stronger. 5 lbs sounds like a lot, but I'm light weight and to go from 137 to 142 is an accomplishment for me. I'm still training and still going "harder then last time" every week. Can't wait to see what I look like in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, who knows.
Gruff46 Пре месец
Probably around 50/50 muscle fat. Beginners can expect to gain 1.5-2.5lbs of muscle mass per month for about 6months assuming they had little to no muscle beforehand. I weighed 135lbs when I started training 6 months ago and I'm at 155lbs now, so probably a mix of both. Still tho, I look better and feel better now and its great :)
LaZy B
LaZy B Пре месец
Hahahaha.. I just love him. His shouting will straight a lot of spoiled people. lmao!
June Winn
June Winn Пре месец
I can confirm with yall now that she's not talking about Greg. Chloe is talking about some Singaporean dude who shit on her videos a while back.
softkitty Пре месец
I can't even believe that people thought it was you lmao
Diana Njeri
Diana Njeri Пре месец
His neck blood vessels made me anxious through the whole video...
ShoupZ Пре месец
You have a good message but stop yelling...
Gruff46 Пре месец
no the yelling is great
Solitude Wonderland of Rie
Solitude Wonderland of Rie Пре месец
I am eating healthy snack while watching a buff man, yell in this video defending his self, which I get, he is right tho. ABS is not instant. Patience and consistency is the key. Of course your lifestyle. 🍃🌱
Jolie M.
Jolie M. Пре месец
Look, I'm a super introverted person and I'm a little scared because you're yelling at me, but I promise I believe you and I never thought Chloe's video was about you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gruff46 Пре месец
Lol his yelling is just a part of his personality, the more you watch him the more it grows on you xD
Julie Gernale
Julie Gernale Пре месец
I am a follower of Chloe last April 2020 as a starting point for losing weight and watch most of her videos, do her workout program and follow her tips. But since I watched about that video saying that fruit is "unhealthy" I got upset. I love to eat fruits and I don't want it to be crossed out of my diet. So yeah, I listened to other youtubers, did my own research and RSvid algorithm leads me to coach Greg. For past few weeks, i've been binge watching his videos. 😅
Lillie Storms
Lillie Storms Пре месец
I'm sorry my dude. You're amazing.
Nya Lorenz
Nya Lorenz Пре месец
.....this was um..........interesting lol
Ida Hanson
Ida Hanson Пре месец
can sbd do a remix of billie eilish song but greg doucette is the bad guy? lol
13kimeeable Пре месец
not coach greg! is sm shitty bodybuilder from Singapore!!!
Krom1hell Пре месец
Some-Ting wrong about the internet bodybuilding community :)
Fighting Arc9495
Fighting Arc9495 Пре месец
Why is u yelling
Gruff46 Пре месец
He's burning extra calories
Melissa xx
Melissa xx Пре месец
I feel like he wasnt breathing while screaming for 20min straight ..
Cyril El Dahdah
Cyril El Dahdah Пре месец
4:45 : "I became sooo hot and beautiful because of her" lmao truee
Nomundari Jigjidsuren
Nomundari Jigjidsuren Пре месец
They way he yells at me might give me heartattack 💔😨, but I can’t stop watching and that’s weird 🧐
O melhor pavão
O melhor pavão Пре месец
Are greg and cloey sitting on the same coach or am i just blind?
I love Noodles
I love Noodles Пре месец
Why you talk like that tho...
Alika Tabriza Adhani
Alika Tabriza Adhani Пре месец
Chloe didnt talk about u coach
Alika Tabriza Adhani
Alika Tabriza Adhani Пре месец
@Gruff46 w jg tau bg
Gruff46 Пре месец
he knows lol thats what he said in the video
Roy Пре месец
Coach Greg never stops spitting straight facts... and at the camera.
A L Пре месец
He’s even dripping sweat from all the shouting 🤣🤣🤣
Arielle C
Arielle C Пре месец
Chloe: "I'm sure there's things I said in the past that I don't believe in anymore" 🤔🤨 Umm sweety, as an influencer, you need to be more responsible about the information that you're providing the public, especially to children, most of whom are very easily influenced and probably make up over half your followers. The other half probably consists of uneducated, delusional overweight people who think they can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet, then do arm circles and still lose weight. For future reference, don't just Google stuff and read it off from the 1st article you find (usually unreliable sources). With her massive following, she could actually use her power and influence for good, just think a little first about what you say.
Layan Helles
Layan Helles Пре месец
Idk why but I'm laughing throughout the whole vid 😂😂😂😂this guy is great, subscribed 💃💃
bubble bee
bubble bee Пре месец
i feel like being scolded by my pe teacher... :
Jessica Harman
Jessica Harman Пре месец
and wtf is up w your voice
Jessica Harman
Jessica Harman Пре месец
shut the fuck up bro stop tryna get clout from this shit
Gruff46 Пре месец
aww snowflake
Arabic With Hiba
Arabic With Hiba Пре месец
Love the fact that he said that he didn't hate chloe...he's just giving accurate info. Love it
Michelle Liu
Michelle Liu Пре 2 месеца
I dont know why I needed someone to yell at me on youtube but ive never been more motivated during quarantine.
Para Montana
Para Montana Пре 2 месеца
the screaming is so soothing
Erin Lindsay 🤠
Erin Lindsay 🤠 Пре 2 месеца
He seems fine and obviously knows what he's talking about but i cannot deal with the yelling lmaooo anxiety trigger or what 😂💕
J.D. Grimm
J.D. Grimm Пре 4 дана
@Erin Lindsay 🤠 honestly, I avoided his videos for a looong time. But when I got tired of my diet, I started listening to what he says and stopped worrying about how he says it... and now... I don’t even feel like I’m dieting. I learned so much on how to eat from this channel, all I had to do was deal with some yelling. 😂
Erin Lindsay 🤠
Erin Lindsay 🤠 Пре месец
@TrueBagel you're right, maybe I could get used to it 😊
Erin Lindsay 🤠
Erin Lindsay 🤠 Пре месец
@Lillian Hao not judging him himself but can't change the effect it has on my brain aha x
TrueBagel Пре месец
It can be a lot but I like the his style now
Lillian Hao
Lillian Hao Пре месец
Erin Lindsay 🤠 18:38
Bruna Borsolari Liciani
Bruna Borsolari Liciani Пре 2 месеца
Why is he screaming? Lol
Gruff46 Пре месец
its his personality lol, you gotta go back to his oldest videos to hear him speaking normally
Naima T
Naima T Пре 2 месеца
ok but why are you yelling at me mate? like, did my youtube recommendations think that I need to be yelled at?
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