Cartographers of the Brain: Mapping the Connectome 

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Scientists are attempting to map the wiring of the nearly 100 billion neurons in the human brain. Are we close to uncovering the mysteries of the mind or are we only at the beginning of a new frontier?
PARTICIPANTS: Deanna Barch, Jeff Lichtman, Nim Tottenham, David Van Essen
MODERATOR: John Hockenberry
Original program date: JUNE 4, 2017
WATCH THE TRAILER: rsvid.info/video/0byYg8Rjxou5odk.html
WATCH THE LIVE Q&A W/ JEFF LICHTMAN: rsvid.info/video/zZWXmMh01qSrjMk.html
Imagine navigating the globe with a map that only sketched out the continents. That’s pretty much how neuroscientists have been operating for decades. But one of the most ambitious programs in all of neuroscience, the Human Connectome Project, has just yielded a “network map” that is shedding light on the intricate connectivity in the brain. Join leading neuroscientists and psychologists as they explore how the connectome promises to revolutionize treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders, answer profound questions regarding the electrochemical roots of memory and behavior, and clarify the link between our upbringing and brain development.
MORE INFO ABOUT THE PROGRAM AND PARTICIPANTS: www.worldsciencefestival.com/programs/wired-life-mapping-connectome/
This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.
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- Mapping the Brain 00:00
- What is a connectome? 06:02
- Santiago Ramón y Cajal 10:18
- Is the brain signal electricity? 17:09
- Who inspired you to do this work? 25:56
- Brain development in youth 29:45
- Do the maps we have now help us explain the brain? 32:43
- A series of subtraction and progressive processes. 39:17
- What is a Von Neumann machine 46:08
- How can we develop new synapse responses in an adult brain? 50:45
This program was recorded live on 6/4/17 and has been edited and condensed for our RSvid channel. Watch the original full livestream here: rsvid.info/video/u6bEY6eLsoelcac.html

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6 апр 2018






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The Benjamin Dixon Show
The Benjamin Dixon Show Пре 13 дана
i'd recognize John Hockenberry's voice literally anywhere.
Jose Trujillo
Jose Trujillo Пре 18 дана
Very, very exciting video! Awesome!
bhuvaneshwar joshi
bhuvaneshwar joshi Пре 26 дана
Is which portion of the braindoes a yogi in the state of samadhi register!s his consciousness ?
bhuvaneshwar joshi
bhuvaneshwar joshi Пре 26 дана
How can theneo cortext functions like meditating on a thought be monitored,in what terms_feelings orthought awareness? HOW DOES KNEOW OF CONSCIOUSNESS AT THOUGHT LEVEL OR EVEN META THINKING LEVELS?
Grant Castillou
Grant Castillou Пре 2 месеца
It's becoming clearer that with all the brain and consciousness theories out there, the proof will be in the pudding. By this I mean, can any particular theory be used to create a human adult level conscious machine. My bet is on the late Gerald Edelman's Extended Theory of Neuronal Group Selection. The lead group in robotics based on this theory is the Neurorobotics Lab at UC at Irvine. Dr. Edelman distinguished between primary consciousness, which came first in evolution, and that humans share with other conscious animals, and higher order consciousness, which came to only humans with the acquisition of language. A machine with primary consciousness will probably have to come first.
Billie Walker
Billie Walker Пре 3 месеца
Yea, but to say that we have the most powerful brain in the universe - takes an ignorant.
Semih Çorbacı
Semih Çorbacı Пре 3 месеца
45:47 I understand you, dude.
Semih Çorbacı
Semih Çorbacı Пре 3 месеца
Awe-inspiring topic, many thanks!
Glenn Zarmanov
Glenn Zarmanov Пре 3 месеца
Renee Fisher
Renee Fisher Пре 4 месеца
So brilliant. Thank you for sharing
Tim N
Tim N Пре 4 месеца
imagine that in 200 years we will all have live in humanoid robots who we need to care for from the day they get plugged in.
Andre Sant65
Andre Sant65 Пре 5 месеци
Excellent interviewer! Excellent guests!
Rudy Nadiaa
Rudy Nadiaa Пре 5 месеци
James Elger
James Elger Пре 7 месеци
Take two copies of one brain, then reconstruct without crossing any connections at the cellular level. Then start both as one allowing connections to grow based upon observed neural development.
Daro Darius
Daro Darius Пре 8 месеци
I will definitely listen more to what Jeff lichtman has to say about the brain. His vocabulary is extremely rich and he knows his stuff very well.
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Пре 9 месеци
this is the least funny episode of Arrested Development but educational.
Andy Gant
Andy Gant Пре годину
Brain produce knowledge,or is a product of knowledge!
thom grunauer
thom grunauer Пре годину
Too short needs to be at least another 5 hours longer
mandar Kumthekar
mandar Kumthekar Пре годину
Very engaging and informally conducted. Love all panel.
James Elger
James Elger Пре годину
Industrialize the process, replace burial rituals, make the implementation of hell a crime in any sense. There no such thing as human waste, and time for a solution to every problem of mental or intellectual nature. No need nor reason for mind controls, nor forced programming.
James Elger
James Elger Пре годину
In the long run, going from 1/3rd the volume, to adult, is a key to digitally expanding the brain, adding more neurons, becoming smarter, thinking faster, parallel computing power by doubling the sum of neurons, and all without loss of self.
Matt Simms
Matt Simms Пре 7 месеци
How would we digitally expand the brain? I would to speak more about this with you if you don't mind.
James Elger
James Elger Пре годину
Live Forever!
James Elger
James Elger Пре годину
Repair, and diagnostics algorithms, producing, a living nanobot network, of modelled working nanobot replacement cells. We become the most advanced technology, and keep artificial intelligence out of office.
James Elger
James Elger Пре годину
No less human, and never defined as dead. We are designing the space worthy minds and bodies we need to live forever. Reserving the Earth, and it's gravity, for the biological phase of life, space, and virtual reality, and nanorobot cell replacement of heart. lungs, bones, muscle and skin. Eat make battery, rechargable reserve, radiant energy rooms for recharging. Re integrating new organs, keeping the cardiovascular for cooling. Into space.
James Elger
James Elger Пре годину
We need to address rights after digitization, and not build cannon fodder to be shelved for war but, active for work.
Gregory Bond
Gregory Bond Пре годину
Quality conversation, excellent panel. Thanks for posting!
Nima Nematollah
Nima Nematollah Пре годину
I'm so excited as a medical student... who knows maybe one day I can be a part of HCP
cwtrain Пре годину
What a perfect moderator. Bring him back.
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper Пре 2 године
So can we focus on this rather than something that can possibly end All life like idk a fuckin super hadron collider.
Sone Пре 10 сати
Dumb comment
john hopkins
john hopkins Пре 2 године
If, in fact, AI can begin to emulate (create?) intellect, how, as humans would we be able to recognize/qualify it?
Fergus Moffat
Fergus Moffat Пре 2 године
For all the pessimists out there the Europeans are turning on a 34 exaflop supercomputer in the next 12 months , that's enough to simulate the humans brain in real time. The Howard hughes institute just scanned 50 millions synapses in 1 day. And Open waters MRI will let you scan millions of human neurons in real time next year, allowing us to unlock the function of the the cortical column , and use a 34 exaflop computer to reverse engineer it with machine learning. AGI in 5 years max
Fergus Moffat
Fergus Moffat Пре годину
IIIIIawesIIIII Пре годину
Fergus Moffat Is that true?
dbwellX Пре 2 године
Who came from nervegear?
ShibaBo1 Пре 2 године
Virtual Reality With this Please
jdt2003 Пре 2 године
This is way better than a Fox News Panel. I wish 2 million viewers would watch this nightly.
Cos Thee
Cos Thee Пре 2 године
Fake. Racist propaganda
Brian Holiday-El
Brian Holiday-El Пре 2 године
The music that played during the remarks concerning Cajal, where from comes it?
Sofyan Taim
Sofyan Taim Пре 2 године
بسمك اللهم اعني على قول الحق كلنا نعلم ان زبل من صول الحيونات ويعطي لشجر نمو وكذالك لنباتات القصد اذا شخص لمع الكلام لك لا تعطيه انتباه اما اذا خلعك بكلمه تجرحك قد تصحى من غفلتك ومن غير فلسفه اللهم لا حول ولا قوت الا بلله العلي العضيم والله اكبر والعزت لله سبحانه
Sofyan Taim
Sofyan Taim Пре 2 године
بسمك اللهم اعني غلى قول الحق الله سبحانه عندما خلق الانسان علمه الاسماء كلها والكن بنفس الوقت يقول فما اتيتم من العلم الا قليل القصد طاقة الدماغ مهما وصلة من العلم يتاثر الجسد اذا حمل الدماغ اكثر من طاقته الا يحمل والكن هناك الهام من الله عزوجل يزودك من فضله بلعلم لكي تتعلم من العلم من غير قراءة الكتب لكي تستطيع ان تحمل هذا الكم من المعلومات اما اذا أردت ان تقراء لكي تصل لهذا المستوا عليك ان تكون بقو الف حصان لكي تتعلم ربع ما يلهمك الله عزوجل اللهم لا علم لنا الا ما علمتنا سبحانك الله اكبر والعزت لله سبحانه ولا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له سبحانه
MAGA 817
MAGA 817 Пре 2 године
Obviously designed by a creator.
Anthony Cannella
Anthony Cannella Пре 2 године
Excellent conversation all around. Expert panel, incredible host, exciting information, and a bang of humor at the end.
Anthony Cannella
Anthony Cannella Пре 2 године
I think David is a computer
NightMonkey Пре 2 године
Just checking on how SAO nerve gear progress is going...
Locktum Пре 2 године
same lol
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown Пре 2 године
"Brainbow" is a great name, but "brainting" was a close runner up
Stephan Giger
Stephan Giger Пре 2 године
2. guy from the left: has anyone proven he's not AI?
Gami Cross
Gami Cross Пре 2 године
Wasn't the Brain Initiative started by the Obama Administration already tasked to map the brain and have results by 2020?
Christian Gingras
Christian Gingras Пре 2 године
The wiring diagram doesn't fully explain the complexity of what a brain do. Two computers of same power may perform different tasks ; one play video game, the other compute complicated formula. Two brains with same capacity may share similar connectome. One will use his/her brain power like Newton or Einstein, the other may use that brain power in less spectacular way. Beside the raw input of data presented to the eyes, ears, etc, brains also perform recursive processing, using the result of the current stream of thought as input to the visual or audio input, repeating a cycle of processing using internal feedback. Such system create more complex pattern than just using input...processing...output
Sky Acania Dev
Sky Acania Dev Пре 2 године
That is not correct. Neural system "memorize" through wiring. So, it would be like knowing the wiring diagram and contents/states of each individual memory units of a computer.
Christian Gingras
Christian Gingras Пре 2 године
After learning two or three languages, is it easier to learn the next one? Yes if all the languages you learn are related. For example, after german and dutch, it is easy to learn swedish then danish. I made a personal challenge to learn languages which have no common origin: Russian, japanese, chinese, inuktitut, vietnamese to name a few. After feeling to trail behind most people for years, came a time where i realised that i was alone in the race, all the competitors slowed down and i am alone at the finish line.
Merle Patterson
Merle Patterson Пре 2 године
A principle investigator should never pet lab rats for fear of losing their subjective emotional disconnect from their experimental subjects. It's very cold and sterile in these evironments sometimes. But, it is progress, as they say.
Théo Goldberg
Théo Goldberg Пре 3 године
They are so useful to Mankind! I am so impressed because I can't quite say so myself !!!!!
Alan Alldredge
Alan Alldredge Пре 3 године
"...and this is how the brain solves its own problems with dynamics". A brain can only function and or evolve in abstract spacetime because objective spacetime must possesses a future "time slice" of any evolutionary advancement or "next" particle state. All particles are frozen and static in objective spacetime geometry, limiting the brain to both a-causal function and evolution. In block time, there are no physical forces/functions involved concerning the electrochemical pathways that are being charted here. Time models such as RED (retroactive event determination, Sky Nelson) or Relativistic QM (Rovelli) do allow for evolution and causal function. In these Special Relativity models based purely observation BEING frame of reference, the brain function are branched superposed macroscopic states collapsing to determined ones upon interaction. With these interpretations, the particle does not represent function, it represents a state after the "function of observation". I like how they did admit "it might as well be free will". The material sciences now need to also adopt a non-linear, "causally open" time model to escape this physicality paradox that materialists cling to.
T N Пре 3 године
Ahhhh I love this
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Foxiepaws ACAnderson Пре 3 године
It's like a road map then with the different types of connection being like different roads, from motorways to farm tracks and waterways (rivers, canals, brooks and streams...I think if you look at it like a world map with all the roads, waterways and shipping lanes it would be easier to envisage).
resistradio Пре 3 године
Commander Data! What are you doing with that phaser?
Dávid Danos
Dávid Danos Пре 3 године
Oh I love this moderator! They are amazing and engaging!
Mal-2 KSC
Mal-2 KSC Пре 3 године
He has gotten a whole lot better. In past years, he had a habit of stealing the scene and occasionally derailing the discussion -- something some of the newer hosts continue to do. The balance of guidance versus allowing things to flow has much improved over Hockenberry's past WSF appearances.
quinxx12 Пре 3 године
What I wonder is how important it is that we have an "accurate to every single neuron" accurate model. How chaotic does the brain behave when it comes to deviations. Like, how different will the whole brain activity pattern look, if the neuron next to the actual neuron we wanted to stimulate becomes stimulated. When I think back to what I've learned about the visual cortex I think that neurons are pretty well sorted so that closely spaced neurons do almost the same. So I assumne that the next neurons in the row will very likely also be interconnected.
MrJamesLongstreet Пре 3 године
Nooooooooo not Dangleberry
Hostile Пре 3 године
Food for thought. :D
sanjuansteve Пре 3 године
I would imagine that studying a brain before and after/during large doses of the hallucinogenic drugs would provide significant insight with all of the new synapse connections lit up, no?
sanjuansteve Пре 2 године
I find myself to be virtually immune to LSD and shrooms and think I or others like that would be an interesting and potentially valuable addition to any such study.
NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse
NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse Пре 2 године
That is a wonderful idea, in progress today, if i can trust the publications. You should be able to find something at least on the effects of psychedelics on PTSD patients.
Sophon Пре 3 године
Please, someone tell me the name of the piano song at 10:26
Sophon Пре 3 године
Théo Goldberg
Théo Goldberg Пре 3 године
If you are emotionally receptive to the GNOSIENNES then the GYMNOPEDIES by Satie will ravish your ears as well !
Mevlinous Пре 3 године
+goudi mag thank you. Been wanting to know the name of this for over a year
goudi mag
goudi mag Пре 3 године
Erik Satie - Gnossienne
ferkinskin Пре 3 године
Brilliant. Thank you and the speakers.
Jenkkimie Пре 3 године
A very interesting panel. I love that I get to experience this particular time in human history and our quest to scientific discovery. As a young Neuropsychology student I hope that one day might be able to contribute to this journey for discovery in some small way. A universe upon itself, Astronauts of our own kind as I say.
Guillermo Raphael
Guillermo Raphael Пре 21 дан
@Dane Antonio Awesome! Took roughly 15 minutes but it reallyworked!
Dane Antonio
Dane Antonio Пре 21 дан
not sure if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instapwn. Just google for it if you wanna try it
alien RS5
alien RS5 Пре 3 године
Finally an upload a wonderful discussion but i felt like they barely scratched the surface would love to learn more
Ace Пре 3 године
I know the state of the world looks bleak, but underneath our skin, colour, and faces is virtually the same brain. The brain is us. We should not waste time fighting wars, we need to work as one to understand us better.
William Stowaway
William Stowaway Пре 2 године
If only army had science as a compulsory subject. That will stop wars
Sky Acania Dev
Sky Acania Dev Пре 2 године
I don't see why we cannot do both.
sea of happiness
sea of happiness Пре 2 године
Ace actually the world have never been better, wars at low as well as violet deaths, crime at minimum, less poverty. Careful where you get your info from
Jorbz150 Пре 3 године
A) Wars are generally bad, but it isn't as if all wars are about racism, so I'm not sure what that has to do with skin color. In fact, some times wars are fought to stop racist regimes, as in World War II. B.) We don't all have virtually the same brain. In fact, it appears that certain differences in brain structure are responsible for differences in cognitive ability. For example, people with Multiple Sclerosis seem to lack significant myelin formation. C) Even though our brains are different, that doesn't justify unnecessary violence. Your implication is "Our brains are the same, so harming each other is bad." No. Our brains are different, but harming each other is still bad.
Sunita Palissery
Sunita Palissery Пре 3 године
What a wonderful session. Happy to note that we can continue to learn life long.
Théo Goldberg
Théo Goldberg Пре 3 године
Sunita , you' ve said it all !
regularguy8888 Пре 3 године
21 :00 (Italian mobster accent from host.) Making us all feel a bit less stupid for a couple seconds. They should get a speaker with a voice like they do do the whole shoe
ten and e
ten and e Пре 3 године
John does a much better job at moderator than most at these events..He doesn't throw around hackey ass science puns to try for a few chuckles that find them relevant..
John Weck
John Weck Пре 3 године
Greetings everyone. Knowing the brain hardware is important, but what about the software system(s)? I think it would benefit everyone to get a more detailed discussion about the nature of software. All computational systems have both hardware and software at their cores (with the software as the payload). Hardware means a hierarchy based on physics particles. Memory systems are information storage machines. Software means the information stored in memory systems. All softwares exist separately from their respective hardwares (or the memory system would not function). All softwares provide their own levels of organization, like a little informational universe (this is why game-worlds are made of software). All intelligence (problem solving) comes from software systems only. Only software can be in intelligent control of anything. In animals, minds are built by the learning process, meaning moving information into a memory system (and so learning actually means software building). More software means more intelligence (this is why you get much smarter as you age). If you erase that software, you go to zero intelligence. The cortex is a vast memory system, so it contains a vast software system. We call that cortex software a mind (or a person). All mind related words (like perception, thinking, motor control, knowledge=high-quality software, personality, etc.) exist as software structures and processes. The sum of your mind software exactly defines your identity. There is no hardware component to a mind. Its your software mind that's free, not the hardware brain. You make minds out of information only (not atoms, not cells, not tissues, or in computers, not electronic hardware). Most of what psychologists do is software manipulation. Things like delusions are really software errors. All informational connections (like sensors, effectors, datalinks) going to and from any brain, are going to the software, not the hardware. Genomes work the same way (without the learning). The hardware includes the DNA memory system and error checking mechanisms. The genome is the software portion of the computational system, which intelligently manages organism assembly and maintenance. In order for the Cambrian explosion to take place, the governing computing system had to be sufficiently powerful to reliably handle the added complexity constructing and maintaining a sizable multi-cellular form (including all the extra biological levels of organization). This is why the eukaryotes were so successful. Books, same thing, the writing is the software (pure information) stored in the book memory system hardware (a hierarchy based on physics particles). So many of the most important systems we deal with are software systems. Thanks for listening. ;)
Павлик Герман
Павлик Герман Пре годину
sounds like it's what these people are doing. All bio-researchers are essentially reverse engineers
Jeff D.
Jeff D. Пре годину
Christopher Inman reverse engineering perhaps
Christopher Inman
Christopher Inman Пре 2 године
how do you develop a software language at the machine level if you don't know the machine level?
Christian Stender
Christian Stender Пре 3 године
this was really quality neuroscience. thank you!
Duck Tale
Duck Tale Пре 3 године
If you plot for "truth" you have to unplot the lies first. Otherwise you are just digging in the dark.
caulky Пре 3 године
2 quadrillion is 2,000,000,000,000,000.
life42theuniverse Пре 2 године
quadrillion (n.) 1670s, from French quadrillion (16c.) from quadri- "four" + (m)illion. In Great Britain, the fourth power of a million (1 followed by 24 zeroes 10^24; in the U.S., the fifth power of a thousand (1 followed by 15 zeroes 10^15)... at world science festival (1 followed by 12 zeros) 10^12
quinxx12 Пре 3 године
22:00 But why now? We could spend this money to get at least all people on an existential minimum and to work on a new system which is not enslaving people and animals. Once we have sorted out our big social problems between nations and what not we can direct our focus onto those bigger things like the connectome and living on the mars. But right now we have much more urgent things to do!
quinxx12 Пре 3 године
ovidiu dans This actually makes me super happy. I think it's super important that we realize that we have a very ignorant position towards our intellect bks it served us so well. But it's really not a tool for everything and it's the reason why most people are unhappy with their lives.
ovidiu dans
ovidiu dans Пре 3 године
quinxx I am loving the "mentality of a caveman using super powerful tools" idea, plus you hit some good points there. More ideas exchanges like these are needed in between us as a specie to reach the level that you were talking about. Also the "sick foundation" analogy...It's a nice new perspective I have learned today. Thank you :p
quinxx12 Пре 3 године
The more powerfull the tool the more responsibility you get. If it's going to be used to win some war it is not a good investment! Before we can use such advanced technologies we first have to fight our primitive animalistic natures like hatred and jealousy. Which is why at least influential and intellectual people have to start with things like meditation and such.
quinxx12 Пре 3 године
ovidiu dans Although it is a laborious task we still have to try to reach some sort of healthy equilibrium between people. I'm not talking about trying to make schooled engineers or scientists out of everyone, but about a mentality shift. We need to realize that despite of our differences we all sit in the same boat and see the enormous potential if we all work towards the same endgoal, to make the best we can out of humanity (and the world) and see what we can achieve. But you all have this "I against the universe" mindset because you think you're something separate from it. In our system right now technology is mainly used to have the edge over someone else, to gain power, which is something you could call "survival behaviour" as if we would still live in the savanna. But thanks to science we reached a level where this is not necessary anymore. But still we have the mentality of a caveman using super powerful tools. If you keep on growing with a sick foundation like that you might get somewhere but only sluggishly and you will have to fight the symtoms of the sickness over and over again. It's not a sustainable plan, don't you see that? If we would just sit together and invest maybe 10 years (or whatever) and figure out a system which suits the diversity of the world and its rapidly changing nature, everything (also our scientific progress) would rocketshoot. What we are doing is pushing the unavoidable confrontation further back and hoping that it will resolve itself at some point. We never built a solid foundation, all we did was reacting to the environment to ensure our own survival for. Although science/intellect is great survival tool it is not a universal tool which can be applied to every aspect in life. Science itself isn't gonna solve any problems. In contrary if no mentality changes are going to happen science will become more and more destructive the more powerful it gets.
Koen Th
Koen Th Пре 3 године
3:00 two quadrillion is NOT 2,000,000,000,000 (2×10^12) by any standard. Two quadrillion is 2,000,000,000,000,000.(2×10^15). So, the power of 10 (number of zeros) relates to the latin counting word via p=3n+3. So million=10^6, billion=10^9, trillion=10^12, and so on. The european and former UK quadrillion is 10^24, Here the number of zeros relates to the latin counting word via p=6n. Which does not have the counter intuitive +3 term.
Javier Wagner
Javier Wagner Пре 3 године
Can someone please stop putting people not in the fields being discussed as moderators!! they say meaningless stuff and miss opportunities to follow up and really enrich the question train. uggh.
GST Пре 3 године
everybody is accusing everybody for something in america nowadays, isnt that so ? yet how many harassers end up in courts or in jails ? like, you know, in any other western country would be the case?
N T Пре 3 године
Shocked to see John as the moderator when he was fired from his radio show on WNYC for harassment of colleagues and abuse of interns. He's got a nasty and mean streak according to co-workers.
GST Пре 3 године
they're doing it for years surely they surveyed who attend and surely they got feedback what people want and in what form ;) no need for telepathy from moderators side.
Javier Wagner
Javier Wagner Пре 3 године
Unlikely he thinks or even knows the cognitive scope of all his audience. Fair to assume the attendant are fairly educated and moreover this is in youtube where there are many different types of listeners.
GST Пре 3 године
good moderator knows his audience and asks what he thinks the audience can comprehend and what can interest and entertain them.
Peter Frazier
Peter Frazier Пре 3 године
I was wondering since the brain is biological are there a lot of systems that act like lava lamps differences in pressure and density?
Ross Betts
Ross Betts Пре 3 године
Hey RSvid, stop allowing dislikes without commentary as to why, or is it just your algorithm keeping the average of likes to dislikes for a channel. This video is interesting and very cutting edge, a dislike must come with context.
Clone36 Пре 3 године
Although I don’t understand why the dislikes, it’s still peoples freedom to not like it. Why should they qualify why they disliked it when not every like comes with a comment either?
RoGeorgeRoGeorge Пре 3 године
1. One can kindly ask for something, but I don't think one is entitled to tell others (or RSvid) what to do: "stop allowing ...(insert whatever)...". 2. Once one is forced to justify a vote in order to be allowed to vote, then the end result will not reflect the free will any more, we will end up with flawed/biased statistics. 3. Any kind of voting system _must_ come with "no string attached". This will include voter's anonymity, no justification required, no blame or threatens and so on. If one eliminates any of these, then it is not free will voting any more. Just to be clear, I am curious, too, for why one will downvote this video. Yet, I don't think enforcing justification from everybody else, everywhere on youtube, in order to satisfy my own curiosity (or in order to validate my internal opinions/beliefs/biases/whatever) will be of any good.
Ismir Eghal
Ismir Eghal Пре 3 године
Ross Betts you don't get what this platform is about. Everyone should feel free to dislike it. Yt likes are no scientific quality analysis. they are about opinion of people wich often is not very well justified. Yt is spontaneous and unrestrainig.
tbird81 Пре 3 године
We shouldn't have to justify why we don't like this video.
HowManyTabsYouGotALot Пре 3 године
they are doing what facebook used to experiment with on users years ago.
Luz Gallegos
Luz Gallegos Пре 3 године
🧠 brainbow 🌈
irsan ardiansyah
irsan ardiansyah Пре 3 године
did you know "Terawan Theory" about brain wash
Johncerebro Пре 3 године
Debemos todo a Don Santiago Ramón Y Cajal, gloria de la medicina española, padre de la histología moderna, padre de la neurología moderna.
sea of happiness
sea of happiness Пре 2 године
Johncerebro que cursi, si no hubiese sido el lo hubiese hecho otro, al igual la máquina de Watts en siglo 19 que inició la Rev industrial, nadie es especial son historias cursis contadas para hacernos soñar
Sergio Otero
Sergio Otero Пре 3 године
Johncerebro Padre nuestro que esta en el Cielo, santificado sea tu nombre...
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