Cardi B Defends Kylie Jenner In 'WAP' Music Video As Fans Make Petition For Her Removal | PeopleTV 

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Cardi B explained that husband Offset is friends with Travis Scott and that she has gone to Kris Jenner in the past for advice.
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Cardi B Defends Kylie Jenner In 'WAP' Music Video As Fans Make Petition For Her Removal | PeopleTV




10 авг 2020






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Коментара 40   
Matt K.
Matt K. Пре 16 дана
Oh boy groupies, more "important" news from your good friends at People T.V. Real people care about real things.
Tom W
Tom W Пре 17 дана
Birds of a feather f*ck together
Sheree Roberts
Sheree Roberts Пре 26 дана
so why even put her in this video ? as songs saying hoes in this house so obviously all classed as hoes then she just walks in and out she could have bust few moves she only one that don't so that probably is why every one hating on her I suppose 😕
Brittany Field
Brittany Field Пре месец
Kay Jo
Kay Jo Пре месец
If you got a problem with someone being in a video because of their race, IDGAF what race you are, you are a racist! Point blank! black people don't like when white people are racist against them would make them think it's okay to publicly be racist against a white woman? It's jealousy all these haters are jealous of Kylie because she's hot af🔥 she's popular she's successful & rich so of course she's going to have haters! This world is becoming a big joke!💯 Everybody thinks that they cry racism they going to get their way but don't realize they are the ones being racist! #BlackLivesMatter #KylieJenner🔥
UniQueLyEviL Пре месец
Carol Baskin STFU
Coded Carlos
Coded Carlos Пре месец
I really dont get why kylie is being slammed for just being in a video leave her alone dang all she did was appear there and yall having a problem? Smh
1Bucsbabe Пре месец
So gross
Pablo Cáceres
Pablo Cáceres Пре месец
Really? We have civil unrest, the earth is burning up, people are dying from a pandemic and THIS IS WHAT Y'ALL ARE PRESSED ABOUT?! You idiots need to get your f--king priorities straight.
Reyna Hernandez
Reyna Hernandez Пре месец
Carol basking wants to be the only person having tigers as pets smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ just send all the tigers to this thirsty bitch 🤣🤣
Panem et Circenses
Panem et Circenses Пре месец
Okay .. the points about the cats sound thoughtful. As for the rest of this gossip piece .. who are these people and why does anyone care about this crap?
true quartz
true quartz Пре месец
How about, Cardi had Kylie in the video because she wanted to? Jesus people.
Emma Perez
Emma Perez Пре месец
Carol baskin killed her husband and has tigers and wild cats living in cages and has the audacity to complain about a music video!? Can they just arrest her already
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Пре месец
People are so disrespectful let all the girls play their roles, get paid and why can't everyone be happy with that, that's what's wrong with the world today. To much hate!
Israel Gonzales
Israel Gonzales Пре месец
I bet it was a white girl complaining cause that all they do is start shit smh😂
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Пре месец
Watch out Cardi, Carol gonna feed you to those cats
Jimin’s Testicles
Jimin’s Testicles Пре месец
Internet just so toxic these days
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Пре месец
Shut up carol
Skitz Waz
Skitz Waz Пре месец
2020 went to shit and peoples biggest worry is Kylies goofy ass being in a music video.... *smh*
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Пре месец
People acting like they created the music video smh
Zoey Yoli
Zoey Yoli Пре месец
That’s why you killed your husband Carol.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Пре месец
People are so weird and sensitive these days ..the complaining about Kylie part is nothing compared to the freak complaining why there's wild cats in the video !! Wtf
REOPEN 9-11 Пре месец
Oh, honey, ignorant, media-washed fans of establishment-hookers like these don't understand the concept of animal protection or ethics...you are wasting ur breath (on them at least), but SO glad you addressed it.
Bekka Cantu
Bekka Cantu Пре месец
No it doesn't carle
Niko Wilson
Niko Wilson Пре месец
I have a LYRIC VIDEO REMIX to WAP on my channel! It's hella entertaining. I think we easily take the crown on the Remixes to this enticing ass song.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Пре месец
What do they MEAN Kylie CANT SING what was she gonna do 😂😭 Normani Can Dance THATS what she did Kylie struted that’s her talent
Glendys Suarez
Glendys Suarez Пре месец
why y’all hate on kylie sm wtf she’s doing great like I love her idc
kristin Пре месец
The fact is, all Kylie is capable of is walking down the hall.
BradleeUwU Пре месец
So people can make petitions to take someone out of a music video but can sign a petition to get justice for someone’s murder- what a world
Jace Pickering
Jace Pickering Пре месец
They were just friends and wanted her to be in the video
mariama ツ
mariama ツ Пре месец
She literally just walked and opened a door while looking pretty, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS? 👁️👄👁️
Retarded Faggit
Retarded Faggit Пре месец
Why people so sensitive
Mc Nasty46
Mc Nasty46 Пре месец
So she looked fine a.f
Elizabeth Webster
Elizabeth Webster Пре месец
Shut up carol
Andrew Gutmann
Andrew Gutmann Пре месец
Watch out Cardi, Carol gonna feed you to those cats
Liso Salmoino
Liso Salmoino Пре месец
People acting like they created the music video smh
emmy mboungou
emmy mboungou Пре месец
bruh why tf is carole baskin commenting on this im dead
Aaron Clorox
Aaron Clorox Пре месец
Carole Needs to shut up and go dig up her husband !!!
Ericshizz 1992
Ericshizz 1992 Пре месец
Can't Photoshop the imperfections on their body in certain parts? That's ok, just reduce the quality for moment to make it less noticeable
Emily McCullough
Emily McCullough Пре месец
how she was so pretty! those people arnt fans of kylie >:( there fake
Technology Belitt
Technology Belitt Пре месец
What do they MEAN Kylie CANT SING what was she gonna do 😂😭 Normani Can Dance THATS what she did Kylie struted that’s her talent
kookieMONSTER Craig
kookieMONSTER Craig Пре месец
Carol Baskin still trying to stay relevant
Destinee Moore
Destinee Moore Пре месец
i honestly don’t understand why y’all are so bothered i think her fine a** killed it😂🤷‍♀️
Dominic Baptist Dominic
Dominic Baptist Dominic Пре месец
I bet they’re all liberals
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