Can LeBron, AD and Kyle Kuzma Become LA's New ‘Big Three’? | NBA on TNT Tuesday 

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After Kyle Kuzma hit the game-winning shot for the Los Angeles Lakers, the crew discusses whether Kuzma can become LA's third star player.
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10 авг 2020






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Коментара 40   
CleverMan Пре месец
Lebron gotta shave his head
qazi faisal
qazi faisal Пре месец
Lakers have two players fragile AD and lbj Portland has nerc, Mello, cj, Trent Jr and dame and some decent subs. Lakers have two players and a whole lot of nothing after that.
alida flus
alida flus Пре месец
nah dude, they didn't play their starters because they weren't playing well. bench was making 3s can't do much about that.
My Pal Dan
My Pal Dan Пре месец
boo hoo Lebran. Boo hoo
Rocky Howard
Rocky Howard Пре месец
Shaq, you were the best! Even after retirement ! But you’re on the side now of rioters, murderers, defunding police! How could you?
Erik Erazo
Erik Erazo Пре месец
@2:06 Lebron was going to help Kuzma until he realized he was going to trade him soon.
alida flus
alida flus Пре месец
Bron played 3rd gear all game, sometimes neutral. Porter little tongue out, that gonna cost him.
Angelo23 Пре месец
Am i the only one who want to see Derrick Rose win a championship? i want him to win with the lakers because the lakers looks the the team thats been havin the most fun in the league
GJ Williams
GJ Williams Пре месец
ZERO pressure. They clinched #1 already. Same situation in the playoffs...and they dont even run that play for Kuzma.
Пре месец
Simbarashe Kanda
Simbarashe Kanda Пре месец
so the nuggets bench was giving the lakers a hard time
Florante Balili
Florante Balili Пре месец
They will never be a big three because Leshit wants all the credit to himself to prop himself to the Goat debate.
rooseveltheath Пре месец
Lakers are overrated ASF 😂
Florante Balili
Florante Balili Пре месец
Not believing this big 3. Leshit only wants the credit to himself to lift himself to the goat debate. I pity Kuz, he is another pawn like AD, Love and Kyrie to Leshit's push for the goat title.
Nasty Nate 316
Nasty Nate 316 Пре месец
Nasty Nate - problems rsvid.info/video/vNC1kcuEraizfdk.html check it out
Dennis Bogle
Dennis Bogle Пре месец
ItsJustJodie Love
ItsJustJodie Love Пре месец
Absolutely..there's no one that can stop any one of the three
jayblue Contreras
jayblue Contreras Пре месец
Caruso is the x factor. Kuz is kool . but kcp need to step it up. Was up with jr smith ..
Thomas Vargas
Thomas Vargas Пре месец
They ain't got a chance if there lucky they will barely get out of the first round. But DEFINITELY are gonna have trouble after that
Mason Albert
Mason Albert Пре месец
Agree Shaq, Kuz get more plays called for him as his defense gets steady, which Kuz getting there. D Wade lookin sharp, look like he could run it too.
Mason Albert
Mason Albert Пре месец
Shaq feeling frisky, did I see that desk tilt up?
Mason Albert
Mason Albert Пре месец
Bron played 3rd gear all game, sometimes neutral. Porter little tongue out, that gonna cost him.
ironsights 702
ironsights 702 Пре месец
They need to start Kuz
thomas johnson
thomas johnson Пре месец
Cosch look like Sub zero
Andre Thomas
Andre Thomas Пре месец
We just gonna ignore Bol bols quarterback pass down court
Isaac Robinson
Isaac Robinson Пре месец
We've been quarantined so long that even Mike Malone grew his hair back
Kevin Hagberg
Kevin Hagberg Пре месец
Lakers are going to leave Kuz in the dust this summer lol
Rakista258 Пре месец
They have Lebron and AD but running play for Kuzma to seal the game???? 😂😂😂
MSmiljanic 1918
MSmiljanic 1918 Пре месец
Simple answer - no!
Roman Caesar
Roman Caesar Пре месец
Mpj .....better than kuzma
Brandon Goodfood
Brandon Goodfood Пре месец
Shaq: You look GUD BABYY 😄
Jake Graham
Jake Graham Пре месец
This is the only time Candace Parker can relate to how many fans nba players are playing in front of
StoryLV777 Пре месец
If Davis get injured 🤕 it’s a rap for a season!
StoryLV777 Пре месец
F*#% No!
Lets Talk Now Tv
Lets Talk Now Tv Пре месец
MPJ is making the Bulls look like idiots with every bucket he scores.. if the starters sat the 4th for Denver and LA wins by a 3 that’s cause for concern what’s to celebrate
GPRHX Flick Пре месец
Amazing group of analysts. Id like more of this than those other Analyst who exaggerates. Also the roasting things that Shaq always did for additional comedy skit 😂
Aldrin Joshua Mallari
Aldrin Joshua Mallari Пре месец
enhance audio please
Cruz the world
Cruz the world Пре месец
Love to see kuzma become a star in the next year or two while LeBron is still one of the top players. Got to get a couple of championships out of this nucleus.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Пре месец
I didn't know blacksketball was back. 🙄
Ahmed Adel Sorour
Ahmed Adel Sorour Пре месец
N Marbletoe
N Marbletoe Пре месец
Denver wants to be in 3rd not 2nd: better to play Utah than Dallas!!
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