BTS Carpool Karaoke 

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James Corden hits the carpool lane with international superstars BTS to sing songs off their new album "Map of the Soul: 7" and cover Bruno Mars' "Finesse (Remix) (feat. Cardi B)" and "Circles" by Post Malone, before finally taking a detour to a PLYOJAM dance class where James attempts to convince V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin, SUGA and J-Hope he's got good enough moves to become the 8th member of BTS. #BTSCarpool #BTS #BTSxCorden
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25 феб 2020






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Anubhav Sharma
Anubhav Sharma Пре 26 минута
Still here admiring JK hitting those notes sitting down.. Well he can do it in his sleep. I think its my 15th time watching this.
hobi Пре 27 минута
PRE SAVE BE!! www.bts-be.com/
ツBel Пре 34 минута
i don't know for y'all but for me namjoon translaiting to korean during american interviews is so 😳😳😳😳
Sophia The first
Sophia The first Пре 46 минута
I think is right because Jimin face look like a baby mochi "cute"
Student Ashly SUBRAMANIYAM Пре 55 минута
No one: Literally no one: James Corden: Knowing every single song that comes on! LIKE WHAT!?
Farwah Sattar
Farwah Sattar Пре сат
This car turned into concert stage 😄😄😃
Farwah Sattar
Farwah Sattar Пре сат
Their English is like 😂😂😂
Tiktok bd
Tiktok bd Пре сат
808rosie Пре сат
you are lucky you meet bts
itsEthan Пре сат
World's Most Handsome Man in the back hidden.
Deadpool Пре 2 сата
i dont know bts that well and im not a fan of the music (never actually listened) but the dude in the middle is literal sunshine and he's making me crack up laughing
Deadpool Пре сат
@reira rei thanks! good to know!
reira rei
reira rei Пре сат
That's J-Hope and if you ever need some of his sunshine, do check out his videos and music 💜
Choird Amin
Choird Amin Пре 2 сата
Jada Long
Jada Long Пре 2 сата
I can’t with Jin 😂💀 “Yeah, I’m WWH Worldwide Handsome, you know?” Ive fallen in love with all of them and I have no idea what to do or who I like the most and ughhhh my life is so hard 😭
Flo Brez
Flo Brez Пре 2 сата
BTS are adorable. I can’t stand James Corden.
Diego Ramirez
Diego Ramirez Пре 2 сата
BTS is the Kings Of K-Pop no one comes close at the moment
Flattypatty Пре 2 сата
13:36 j-jimin- Namjoon- j-hope- 🤭🥴
frinces gallandez
frinces gallandez Пре 2 сата
Jin is so handsome😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Mansi Priya
Mansi Priya Пре 2 сата
Tae is a babyyyyyyyyyy❤️❤️😭😂
bushra I
bushra I Пре 2 сата
I'm new in this fandom I'm really proud to be a directioner and now also an Army discovering bts during quarantine is one of the best thing happen to me I'm glad I listen their song,mv and watch interviews and get to know them 💜
reira rei
reira rei Пре сат
Welcome Fam 💜
Leïla Marques
Leïla Marques Пре 3 сата
Il jungkook chante trop bien et danse trop bien
happyirene Пре 3 сата
I dont know how many times i watch this video
Nanshu Dev
Nanshu Dev Пре 3 сата
Literally became an Army after watching this video.
Light it up like dynamite
Light it up like dynamite Пре 3 сата
RM : Traffic In Los Angeles is terrible Le Mumbai : Hold my beer 😂😂
Nanshu Dev
Nanshu Dev Пре 3 сата
BOSSY 101 Пре 3 сата
13:36 JUST WOW
BOSSY 101 Пре 3 сата
Jin at 12:12 : What have I done? lol
stefani neiva
stefani neiva Пре 3 сата
O ruim desse vídeo é que ele acaba...
BOSSY 101 Пре 3 сата
Me being a fan of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and then boom! I'm introduced to BTS....Thanks James
Yarely Hidalgo
Yarely Hidalgo Пре 3 сата
2:38 sometimes I question Jungkook's sanity 😔
Kimberly Aiko Tjandra
Kimberly Aiko Tjandra Пре 3 сата
James: my Korean is bad Jk: same James Army’s: what dah fu** Rm: jkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk are you kidding me
BOSSY 101 Пре 3 сата
J-Hope at 2:49...I'm crying Jin being a savage at 2:54 I DiEd LoL From the guy who says snakeu to this J-Hope @ 3:25 an entire Cardi B rap verse
Elaikah Mae Baltong
Elaikah Mae Baltong Пре 3 сата
woah full of energy hehe..
Jade RS
Jade RS Пре 3 сата
okay its a fact im totally in love with BTS
Jessica Chia
Jessica Chia Пре 3 сата
I don't know what he said, but let's laugh HAHAHAHAH I DIED
Anna Murphy
Anna Murphy Пре 4 сата
BOSSY 101 Пре 4 сата
I AM SO DONE WITH SUGA RM: He said he can;t speak Korean well. Suga: We know WE KNOW LoL
LegendaryGamer 787
LegendaryGamer 787 Пре 4 сата
Can we talk about 8:08 jungkooks little "sometime"
Hani Seokjin
Hani Seokjin Пре 4 сата
Hobi is so funny and interesting as always💜
kiera gray
kiera gray Пре 5 сати
why would you have these boys in ur car james
chiara giacomini
chiara giacomini Пре 5 сати
idk but the boy in the middle makes me happy
cam louis
cam louis Пре 5 сати
13:36 my heart melt when I see Jiminnnn !!
Louisse Cruz
Louisse Cruz Пре 5 сати
They should do another one. It's really fun like if u agree too
Honey _
Honey _ Пре 5 сати
They look so innocent wearing their seat belts
Sophia Campbell
Sophia Campbell Пре 5 сати
I have made a name for j-hope and it's sunshine ♡♤◇♧
Kaycee Castro
Kaycee Castro Пре 5 сати
amaltea.a Пре 6 сати
Ezrah Raguin. Pastrana
Ezrah Raguin. Pastrana Пре 6 сати
JIN SAID :'idont know what he said,but lets laugh' HAHAHAHA
moonchild Пре 6 сати
I forgot how fun this video was 😅💜
joonie licious
joonie licious Пре 7 сати
BTS will make an OFFICIAL COMEBACK with their NEW ALBUM “BE” on NOVEMBER 20 for the title track our goal is to reach 105M VIEWS - 10M LIKES in 24 hours and 7 MILLION PREORDERS for the album spreaad
Em's World
Em's World Пре 7 сати
this was the video that changed me into a fan... I didn't know who they were but I was immediately drawn to J-hope's happy smiling face. I thought, surely he must be the heartbreaker of the group? When I learned he is the most under appreciated I was really surprised! How can you not feel the magnet of his smile?! 😂🥰
Nazly Chavez
Nazly Chavez Пре 7 сати
#1 AvaMaxFan
#1 AvaMaxFan Пре 7 сати
*they are all so freaking talented*
Dizz Dizz
Dizz Dizz Пре 7 сати
If I was a young girl while this band was out, I’d defintely have a crush on the one aaall the way in the back to the right. I think his nickname is V? Am I right? Haha. Oh... And not in a creepy way lol, I just mean he’s a cute kid and I know he’s the one I’d have liked when I was a younger teen haha but now he’s so young I just see him as a cute boy... BUT of course I can still tell if someone is handsome or not no matter their age LOL. And I think I’d have liked him because he’s so good-looking that he’s almost pretty and I aaaalways liked the “so cute he’s pretty” one in every group lol (and I dont mean that offensive.. as he becomes an older man I bet he’ll become very handsome but for now he’s cute). I’m sure he’s a nice young man too and he’s certainly talented lol I just dont know much about them cause I’m a little too old for them. But I always enjoy when I see them on TV, & most of the Kpop groups honestly; They’re always very entertaining. These poor boys lol. All they ever do is dance for hours a day, for years at a time, and James (or whoever planned the segment) is like, “So now that you’re finally getting to do a relaxing segment, sitting in a car for a few hours chatting and enjoying music.... do you want to cut that short and instead go to an aerobics dance class to learn a bunch of choreographed dances? Oh... and then also teach some of the class after you’re super tired and sweaty?” LOL 😂 Also, I didnt get this joke.... is “Mochi” the nickname of Jimin?! Or is that a term of endearment in Korea (I know mochi is food so i thought maybe it’s like how we call people here “honey” or “cupcake” or something sometimes to mean like sweetheart)... but for anyone? Also, at first, Jimin used to be the most popular one, right? Like when they first came out and everyone didnt know each member, he was always the one people seemed to like? Right? I know everyone still likes him, I mean they also like the other boys as much now that they know everyone... now I think it’s spread pretty equally? But he was the favorite at first, right, or am I imagining this lol? (Not trying to offend anyone or say anything rude; I’m just curious and this was how it seemed from an outsider.. bc i heard Jimin’s name all the time long before the others’ names, and more often)
reira rei
reira rei Пре сат
Dont worry Dizz 💜 there are plenty of older fans in the fandom up to the 80s. As one as one feel the boys are emotionally healthy for them (whether it's the message of loving yourself or just having them to cheer up your day) there's really no need to care two hoots abt what others think. (May be interested in this video - rsvid.info/video/16fchp54lIWtj8U.html) I think in the west, RM usually attracts more attn first as he speaks English. Generally the maknae line trends a lot after TV performances.
moonchild Пре 6 сати
There’s nothing wrong with calling them pretty, haha. Btw Jimin’s nickname is mochi because he used to have chubby cheeks when he was younger (like mochi) ☺️
Ivana Sanchez
Ivana Sanchez Пре 7 сати
I don’t know what the songs are saying but it looks like fun :)
Olivia Laina
Olivia Laina Пре 7 сати
enjoy this video like never before, really I dream with me and Jimin´s dance class :´)
•moonchild •
•moonchild • Пре 8 сати
For new people: Yellow Shirt front seat- RM, Leader, rapper Kim Namjoon Red shirt, second row, "mochi"- Jimin, Main dancer, super sweet, vocalist, Park Jimin Sunshine, center seat- JHope, Hobi, Hoseok, Main dancer, rapper, Jung Hoseok (our sunshine) Nice vocals, light blue shirt- Jungkook, kookie, youngest, main vocalist, bunny, visuals, Jeon Jungkook "I dont know what he said but lets laugh"- Jin, vocalist, oldest, funny, likes dad jokes, acting major, "worldwide handsome", visuals, Kim Seokjin Middle seat, back row- Suga, rapper, gummy smile, NOT cold hearted, super sweet, chill, laidback, Min Yoongi (yoon-gi not yoon-ji) Last but not least- V, Visuals, vocals, dance line, VERY handsome, Taehyung, called tiger bear etc, Kim Taehyung Choose your bias! Bias- your favourite member OT7- you love all the members equally (im an ot7) Army Bomb- official lightstick Army(s)- bts fans I purple you- I love you, made by taehyung, research it for more info! 💜- purple heart, use this instead of the red heart (if wanted) Theyre super positive, we would love if you became an army!! They advocate(d) self love! Super amazing boys. 💜 Quiz: You know about them now, I'm gonna quiz you! 1. Who is the one on the right? 14:48 2. Who is this? (Tan-ish shirt) 14:56 3. This? What is his role? (Yellow shirt) 15:04 4. Who is this one? (Light blue shirt 16:18 5. One on the left? 3:42 6. Which one has a gummy smile/raps and what is his name? 4:15 7. Loves eating, super handsome, joker guy?
# Pjk
# Pjk Пре 8 сати
I’m proud of our BTS who r spreading Asian music 🤗🙆🏻‍♀️💜💜
# Pjk
# Pjk Пре 8 сати
I just don’t understand how it got dislikes 👁👄👁
# Pjk
# Pjk Пре 8 сати
Let’s be honest We r not the 1time here 😂
# Pjk
# Pjk Пре 8 сати
2:50: Jk: what Jhope : following Jin I don’t understand them but let’s laugh 😂 Jk:😂
Personal Пре 9 сати
hearing them sing without effects on their voice is better right
hope Phiri
hope Phiri Пре 9 сати
This makes me wanna check out BTS but my battery is at 7% have to wait till tomorrow 💔❤❤
laladrea Пре 9 сати
still watching this over and over again 🥺🥰
Claudia Vendramin
Claudia Vendramin Пре 10 сати
V: i am good boy me:dead
Itz Meh
Itz Meh Пре 10 сати
This video turned me into an army I’m so glad that i just turned into an army and not before cuz damn the new vids of them are the best
Millie Koslover
Millie Koslover Пре 10 сати
Why do I keep finding myself here? Not complaining tho :)
Janvi Arora
Janvi Arora Пре 10 сати
J hope is legit the person who is life of the party.
Janvi Arora
Janvi Arora Пре 10 сати
The best thing happened to me in 2020 is discovering BTS.Following them from the past few days and there is no going back. Watched all their songs , interviews etc and it is safe to say that i am an army. These 7 guys are blessings on earth.
reira rei
reira rei Пре сат
Welcome Fam 💜
Yourlocalhomeboy Пре 9 сати
Ah, recommend checking out their variety show (Run BTS) on Vlive! They play games, have fun and you get to know them personally better there! There’s like 100+ episodes😳😳
Audrey LZM
Audrey LZM Пре 10 сати
This video was the reason why I became an Army and the reason why my bias is RM. I mean just look at him with those glasses!
happygolucky Пре 10 сати
5:14 *"DaBleo(W) DaBleo(W) EHch(H)"* *Worldwide handsome, you know* ! How cute. I'm dead bye🥺
Ana Cris Montero
Ana Cris Montero Пре 11 сати
Loveta Geesey
Loveta Geesey Пре 11 сати
They are so funny.You can tell they are happy and comfortable on James Corden's show
Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph Пре 11 сати
Omg did anyone notice Taehyung goofed a little around 16:18 and got embarrassed and laughed. He's so cute!
Gabi Arcanjo
Gabi Arcanjo Пре 11 сати
My dream was that I could be on that dance class but I know I would pass out seeing J-Hope dancing that close
Gabby Montes
Gabby Montes Пре 11 сати
i’m currently obsessed with BTS & can’t get enough of this video 🥺🤍 precious angels
solo mate
solo mate Пре 11 сати
My lonliness has been frgotte n seing all of u entertaing 😊😊☺lots of love
aho Пре 11 сати
This is how I found out about BTS. Now I can watch it over and over 😄
Joyce M.
Joyce M. Пре 11 сати
Please can someone tell me the name song at 8:55?
nancy Пре 11 сати
@Joyce M. No worries ❤️
Joyce M.
Joyce M. Пре 11 сати
@nancy Thank you love 😘
nancy Пре 11 сати
The song is called Black swan by BTS
That One awesome girl
That One awesome girl Пре 11 сати
Only words in jins English vocabulary: wwh world wide handsome, YoU KnOw
That One awesome girl
That One awesome girl Пре 12 сати
5:36 I’m good boi
ʟʏɴ. Пре 12 сати
im having a kinda bad day but reading the comment section makes me happy aaa, thank you for giving my children a chance, i'm so glad you like them!! 💜
ʟʏɴ. Пре 12 сати
.. the bad day is because someone just judged my other children's because of their clothing in their comeback today and said that its "unsual" for men and.. it's weird coming from a friend who used to be ok with these stuff and they said "bye im closing it" like.. u dont need to say that if u dont want to watch.. it brokes my heart huhu
이문동찐따 Пре 12 сати
soooooooo cuuuuuute!!!!
《Multifandom girl》
《Multifandom girl》 Пре 12 сати
Me and Jimin are the same lol
Belle Slay
Belle Slay Пре 12 сати
It would be nice if (after COVID) James Corden invites BTS to do the legendary musical crosswalk! It would be phenomenal and for sure millions of ARMYs will love this idea!!!
Abhishek Jaiswal
Abhishek Jaiswal Пре 12 сати
When you don't want to do workout to lose weight you choose dance 😆😆😆💥💥💥💥
An OT7 BTS popper
An OT7 BTS popper Пре 13 сати
*BTS IS COMING BACK ON 20TH NOVEMBER WITH A FULL SELF PRODUCED ALBUM "BE"*."Why are we calling it full self produced album?","Didn't the members produced/helped produce their previous albums too?" Yes they did but this time there is no such sector where the member's didn't participate.Starting from producing the songs,deciding the concept,visual presentation of the members to even album covers* Jungkook even contributed in directing the MV. So we better reach our goals on YT and buy the tracks+stream on other music platforms such as Spotify,itunes,Apple Music,Deezer,Shazam and reach our goal for each. *WE NEED TO GET BB HOT 100 #1 AGAIN THIS CB AND MAKE THEM THE 1ST KOREAN ACT WITH A "KOREAN SONG" TO TOP THE CHART. THIS IS GOING TO BE HARD AND WE KNOW WHY BUT WE'RE GOING TO GIVE OUR BEST AS THE MOST DEDICATED FANDOM OUT THERE. OUR 7 TRULY DESERVE IT* *Here are our comeback goals for "BE"* : *RSvid* ✮ 85-95 Million views in the first 24 hours ✮ 8 Million+ likes ✮ 3.5 Million+ RSvid premiere live count ✮ 200 Million+ views in the first week *Apple Music* ♬ #1 in 30+ countries ♬ #1 on Apple Music Global *Billboard Charts* ♬ Billboard PAK (means perfect all kill) [#1 Hot100, BB 200,Artists 100,Global 200,Global 200 US excluded, Digital song sales, World digital song sales] *Spotify* ♬ 7-8 Million filtered streams in the first day for the title track ♬ 40 Million + filtered streams in the first week for the title track ♬ 45-50 Million filtered streams in the first 24 hours for the album ♬ 200 Million filtered streams in the first week for the album *Deezer* ♬ Debut on Top 5 on Worldwide Chart *Shazam* ♬ 300k Shazams in the first 24 hours #1 on Top Global Charts ♬ 600k Shazams in the first week *itunes* ♬ #1 Album in 110+ countries on itunes Title track #1 in 105 countries ♬ All songs of the album on the Top 200 charts of iTunes in 50+ countries ♬ #1 debut on the Worldwide songs chart ♬ #7 or higher on Global Music Charts ♛ 7 Million pre-orders *Pre-save "BE" here*: www.bts-be.com/ *Pre-order "BE" here*: biglink.to/BTS_BE *20th November 2 PM Korean standard time.Mark your calendar, set your alarms ;)* *Let's have a successful comeback together, enjoy together and give our best. Feel free to copy this. Also remember, Antis are louder in cb season so ignore them, trust the 7 boys you love. Let's break records together it's like breaking Hater's neck virtually ;)* Use this as a motivation 👇👇 *"The album consists the souls of the member"* - Hobi *"I also directed a part of the MV. I hope our ARMY will notice it,I believe in ARMY"* - Jungkook *"We truly have the best fans in the world"* - Namjoon, UN speech 2018
Desi Rodriguez
Desi Rodriguez Пре 13 сати
I sing like Jungkook sing I already lost my sweet voice. JIMIN IS THAT YOU CANNOT DANCE POOR BABY MOCHI, nor can I learn the choreography of "On", you guys already have to know it by heart
Vid eo
Vid eo Пре 13 сати
Samantha Alarcón
Samantha Alarcón Пре 13 сати
This video makes me so happy
fi0rella Пре 13 сати
Now that I think about it Taetae has that heat rash thingy remember? Like a syndrome that makes his skin get an itchy rash when it gets too hot. Aaaaaaaaaand that car was very hoy according to the members! I feel bad for Tae... imagine 6 hrs with that heat and him all itchy! I've had an allergic reaction in senior year, it was the worst! :< I wanted to scratch my eyes off my face. Poor Tae
fi0rella Пре 13 сати
They commented after that it was really hot inside the car and they wee filming like for 6 hrs was it? I would've been SOP cranky 6 hrs inside a hot car lol Why didn't they open the windowssss :< I remember some ARMYs saw the huge car on a platform being pulled, like they do in movies hehe
Purple army
Purple army Пре 13 сати
I really loved the way when taehyung clapped his hands
CEYDA Пре 14 сати
We also want BLACKPINK. Please🙏💗🖤
Inventor of Gravity
Inventor of Gravity Пре 14 сати
Bts will be releasing their new album BE on nov20 2pm kst. BE presave : www.bts-be.com BE preorder: biglink.to/BTS_BE
Giovanna Mousques
Giovanna Mousques Пре 14 сати
5:22 Rm: tell everyone that wwh guy was James's too Jin: HA HA HA YOU A JOKE GUY I CANT HAHAHA 🤣
Giovanna Mousques
Giovanna Mousques Пре 14 сати
Imagine just driving and all of the sudden you look to the side and you see this. I would be the happiest human ever
girl on the edge
girl on the edge Пре 14 сати
1:08 this guy is a KING 👑 and looks so adorable
girl on the edge
girl on the edge Пре 14 сати
James please kidnap 1d I'll rest my case thankyou do a carpool karaoke with Harry, louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn❤✌
salma megag
salma megag Пре 14 сати
16:25 the girl in the space buns literally slayed the ON dance
L E O N Пре 15 сати
Zia Anees
Zia Anees Пре 15 сати
' I don't know what he said let's fake laugh.' Me : dying by laughinggg
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