An American's Guide to Balasevic, Part 1: Pub - Professor Skye's Record Review #225 

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Can you love someone without truly trying to understand their culture? Probably not. Thus, I am undertaking the herculean task of comprehending the monumental importance of Djorge Balasevic to my wife, her home country of Serbia, and her spiritual home region of Voivodina. One album every year. I should, I hope get there soon.
Join me on this journey as I try to go beyond the cool to get at the true.
If you want to hear the album, here it is on youtube in its entirety...




24 дец 2019






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Vuk Djokic
Vuk Djokic Пре 15 дана
Znaci, matori, rasplakao si me trudom na gitari. Vrh je !!!
suncu91 Пре 18 дана
37:35 Geese and turkeys have the same slang term as the word bimbo. But I don't think that's the point of that verse. In that song, he says that "rooster not only chased cute hens but also geese, ducks, and turkeys. principle is the same, everything else are just shades of color" Basically, he wasn't really that picky with his partners.
monteyocho Пре 19 дана
Another great singer if you want to listen is Miladin Sobic, you will not be disapointed. :)
wudzah Пре 19 дана
His texts are full of linguistic subtleties which a non-Serbian speaker can difficultly understand. Let's be honest, his singing is worth shit, but it is the choice of words he uses in his songs that manages to touch the soul. I never liked Balasevic very much for his inconsistent political views and often hypocritical discourse, but I am really sorry that he died so young.
Hepo Cube
Hepo Cube Пре 20 дана
He is to my mom what he is to your wife. I grew up having him always being asociated to my mom being happy. Since he passed I always feel like she lost a dear friend. This video is so beautiful and well made that you made my day.
ERDELMAN Пре 22 дана
I laughed so hard when you talked about Patak - it was so funny - it just demonstrates how you lack proper understanding of Serbian language or other Slavic languages for that matter so you put yourself in a position to draw wrong conclusions. There are genders in our language, Patak is male duck or a drake and female duck is Patka with an A at the end of the word so when Balasevic writes " taj je skak'o i na guske i na patke a tek na curke, cim je bilo neke sanse ma princip je isti, sve su ostalo nijanse" He sings or writes NOT about a Cock but about the Rooster, he uses word Pevac and not Horoz or Kokot...Pevac is a word used for a rooster in Serbian and it literally translates to Singer in English (He who sings). Do you get the metaphors here already? So he writes about his Rooster mounting not only Chicks ( "Dobra koka" is used for describing hot babes) but also his rooster mounted Geese ( tall women), Ducks (short women) and even Turkeys (big fat and not so good looking women) as soon as he had opportunity, because the method was the same and the little details (shades) did not matter....So he sings about youth spent on chasing skirts because his dick was as good as that of Rocco Siffredi ( so to say) and he criticizes the new generations for being too picky and choosy and advises them to let their roosters have fun while they are young . xD Another thing you don't understand is the cultural context that the song is about, you don't know about traditional Lolas and Bekrijas in Vojvodina, culture of Kafana that was still important while Balasevic was growing up in Yugoslavia. Ask your wife to translate song Predrag Živković Tozovac - Ja sam lola to you and you will know what Lola or Bekrija is... They eventually settled down but often feel nostalgia about younger days and this Balasevic's song is about that as well...
Tanja Novak
Tanja Novak Пре 23 дана
OMG! You made me cry talking about Đole, hugs and love to your wonderful wife from Croatia
Trnec Пре 23 дана
*Au al će ovo da bude popularno u Srbiji...*
Flute Jovana
Flute Jovana Пре 23 дана
Felt really nice listening to this. Thank you 👌😊
KalifUmestoKalifa Пре 23 дана
Boža, whose english namesake would be Theo (Boža is short from Božidar which means God's gift same as Theodore), is not saying something like: money has no meaning. He has a sort of mantra to fight bad luck or jinx and he is basically saying to his opponents: Money won't help, Fortitude won't help you, nor hard gazes, nor sticky fingers, because I cheat a little better after all. Now, it might have some deeper meaning, idk, I was never that good at analizing poetry. As for The Rooster, in English it's very obvious what is the other meaning, but in Serbian using the rooster as a slang for penis is rare enough and he actually sings about a rooster so it's a lot more subtle, it's like a joke most people didn't even get until with the rise of internet it became widely known. The thing one has to understand about Balašević is that he is in a way the first standup comic in Serbia, his concerts are famous for his little stories in pauses between songs. And he always had one or two joke songs per album, partly to break the tension of too much pathos, partly because he is just that kind of guy. At the same time melancholy and humorous.
Tanja D
Tanja D Пре 24 дана
Try Serbian movies, you will get even deeper into the culture! Preporučila bi ovo za sve one koji žele da proniknu u Balasević-a: www.delfi.rs/knjige/9812_tri_posleratna_druga_knjiga_delfi_knjizare.html
Tanja D
Tanja D Пре 24 дана
You are fab! And your wife has an impeccable taste in YU music!
andlaz Пре 24 дана
didn't you hear Boy Named Sue in Boza Pub and The Gambler as a leitmotif? He was definitely influenced by Cohen but will add the Western Country as a whole. Although he is important to Yugoslavia as Dylan to USA, esthetically he is closer to John Paine, to me at least.
megamillionfreak Пре 24 дана
Balasevic was from Vojvodina, the part of Serbia north of the river Danube, where the history, society, culture, ethnic composition and even speech are significantly different from those of Central Serbia, Belgrade or Serbian lands and culture/speech in Bosnia and Montenegro, or Croatia (in fact, come to think of it, these would be well understood/shared by listeners from Eastern Slavonia region of Croatia which borders Vojvodina). There is no way that gets translated. It's probably being lost on 2/3 of non-Vojvodinian Serbs (and other Serbo-Croatian speakers) as it is. It's a level of "metadata" that is probably a greater part of his creation and any kind of translation of his art is risking communicating close to nothing to target audiences.
Marijana P. R.
Marijana P. R. Пре 24 дана
I share your wife's name, and her love for Balašević. Cried for a week... While I do agree too much is lost in translation, I also believe there is an emotion in a lot of his songs that you can link into even if you don't understand a word. Hard to explain, I would even say the more I think about it and analyse it, the less I feel it. So I like to just close my eyes and listen with a quiet mind. I like Slovenska a lot, also Život je more.
lemilega Пре 24 дана
unfortunatly his words can not be translated to any language in the world.....is his accent and ancent words....great stuff
Slaven Arkaimovski
Slaven Arkaimovski Пре 24 дана
His surname is Balashevich or Balašević in southslavic,and word Pub is Bar,a pleace were people drink alcohol.
INeedToGoNorth Пре 24 дана
We had more freedom in Yugoslavia in comparison to other communist countries. Culturally we were more leaning toward the west. That's why our music, art in general, was so progressive for that time. I would suggest you also check out some of our movies from that pre-war era.
Nemanja Stanimirov
Nemanja Stanimirov Пре 24 дана
Ima mnogo stvari vezanih za balaševića što retko ko ko nije sa ovih prostora ne može da razume. Ovaj gospodin priča o "muzičkom" delu balaševića, o njegovoj muzici. A, poenta "balaševića" samo u jednoj dimenziji, nije o muzici nego o rečima, o stihovima.. Jednom prilikom je pričao kako su ga negde da li u engleskoj pitali šta znači "ore nebeske njive", a on je na koncertu saljivo prokomentarisao, znate sekspir je odavno mrtav, jedino bi on to mogao da prevede. Da, to je jedan aspekt balaševića, njegovi stihovi. Često se šalio kako ni on sam ne može da zapamti reči svojih pesama, jer za razliku od mnogih drugih umetnika, pogotovo ovih sa eng govornog područja, u njegovim pesmama bilo je 10x, 20x više različitih reči i stihova (da ne preteram, možda i više), drugi aspekt balaševića je njegov humor, na koncertima naravno, ono u čemu mu ni jedan umetnik bilo gde u svetu nije ravan, ni jedan, ono između pesama, i treći apsekt je sam performans, njegovo recitovanje, građenje pesme, dinamika.. Realno gledao sam samo 25min videa ovog coveka ali, jebote čovek čim je krenuo bilo šta o balasevicu odmah je omanuo.. Muzika je nebitna.. Covek je koristio razne žanrove. Pa mozda sam se i ogresio, možda je naveo ovo sta sam sad napisao. Ali zatražio je da mu se objasni šta je balasevic. A to ne mogu na svom engleskom. Nisam se uopšte doticao njegovih stihova i onoga o čemu je pevao. Već o onome šta je on kao umetnik.
Milena M
Milena M Пре 25 дана
I ran into this video by chance. And it was like you were talking about my own experience. I was born ('81) in and grew up in Bor, my parents weren't born there so we were all outsiders of sort. I liked exact the same music as your wife, but no matter what music you like listening to you simply LOVE Balasevic and it's very hard to explain to anybody who doesn't understand the language and soul of Yugoslavian people. Don't know if your wife and I ever met (there is strong chance that we did)... My best to Marijana and you, your relationship sound amazing and it's what Balasevic would want for everybody and what he had in his life. We are al crushed by his passing...
najtofni n
najtofni n Пре 25 дана
I might be wrong (not from Vojvodina or Serbia, I'm Croatian), but all nouns are gendered in Serbo-Croatian, and "patka" is female. Usually, when doing allegory the female gendered nouns would represent girls/women, and male gendered ones boys/guys. In Dalmatia (I'm not from there either :D), the slang would be "galeb" (seagull) for guy and "riba" (fish) for girl.
MravacKid Пре 25 дана
One important point about many of his songs, is that it's all written from the standpoint of someone from a bygone era. Boza zvani Pub, Lepa Protina Kci, Ratnik Paorskog Srca, Pesma o Jednom Petlu and Za Sve Je Kriv Toma Sojer all have a rural, sorta 19th-century vibe to them. About people living in simpler times, in smaller communities. BTW, "Predlog" means "Suggestion", and the song is (apparently, I'm not a poet or scholar either :) ) about romancing a woman. As for Toma Sojer, it's about a bunch of kids reading the book and wanting to emulate Tom Sawyer's famous escapades, by going on an adventure of their own. And I never saw "Lepa Protina Kci" as being creepy, but rather as him being so awestruck by the beauty he saw that he didn't dare move away. And of course by the rest of his life not being important as it was without her. Unrequited love, and all that. And finally, about the word "petao". Yes, it has the same literal meaning as "cock" in English, but the alternative meaning is far less obvious and pronounced. The song is ambiguous enough that you're never quite sure if he's talking about a real rooster and memories of his youth, or the other kind of memories of his youth. :)
Manja Parent
Manja Parent Пре 25 дана
You seem to be really nice guy so I truly hope for you once to be able to grasp Balasevic. I am on the week 4 of emotional shock, not even capable to start mourning...You can translate more or less anything on the google, but if you wish to understand a bit more of social/cultural implication I'd be glad to help. I am a bit older than your wife and surely have different view/explanation. Regards,
Kate XY
Kate XY Пре 25 дана
I'm bilingual Bosnian and English, and I have some knowledge in some other languages (this will become important later on). I've always been a lover of music and poetry- and I found this- English is the worst language to translate lyrics or verses to. Of course, in many translations to other languages, stuff is lost in translation, but in English it happens to the point where it's painful to read. Unless it is the older English expressions that are not used anymore- that, in turn, alter the age of the song/poem to be translated- it is practically impossible to translate while keeping the emotion, rhyme, structure, metrics... Some part has to suffer definitely. And I'm not talking only about Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian languages. I'm fluent in Turkish and I have speaking knowledge in German and Arabic- and translation of Arabic and Turkish masterpieces of poetry and songs is... pretty much horrifying. I once also read Desanka's poem in English- and this woman is my favorite out of all poets- and it was so different and I just never wanted to see that English version again. With Arabic it's sort of expected with the difference in letters, but then I notice that Arabic translations to Bosnian are not nearly as bad. Even Turkish and German translations to Bosnian are better at keeping the emotion than the English translation. I sort of do hate that every single language I have knowledge in has a better feeling to it than English. I think English language is honestly insufficient against the rich vocabulary and beautiful complexity of the Serbian culture... It is quite difficult I guess to learn our languages. But I think if you're really passionate about Serbian poetry and singers, if you really want to see it the way it is- this means not only learning about the culture, but sadly learning the language too. Perhaps at least taking the original version of the songs of Balasevic and discussing every word and aspect of the song... It takes time- but it takes time to learn anything good really. And Serbian culture is full of things like that :)
Ivan Lasić
Ivan Lasić Пре 25 дана
Jesen stiže dunjo moja
Tompa Noname
Tompa Noname Пре 26 дана
P.S. Šarlo Akrobata is the way Charlie Chaplin was called in ex-YU. Try to listen to Pankrti (Slovenia), Paraf (Croatia), Leb i Sol (Macedonia), and sooo much more...
Tompa Noname
Tompa Noname Пре 26 дана
R.I.P. Djordje Balašević.
cmilemile Пре 26 дана
This is so beautiful! I can't understand who disliked this fabulous man!
Ivan Tucakov
Ivan Tucakov Пре 26 дана
Combine Leonard Cohen and Robin Williams and it is not even close. RIP Djole, we miss you so much.
Blaž Habjanič
Blaž Habjanič Пре 26 дана
When it comes to the song Boža zvani Pub, Balašević also sang live the parody about the soap opera Dynasty in 1984, when it was broadcasted in then Yugoslavia, to the melody of that song, in case you didn't know. Just google "Đorđe Balašević - Dinastija" and ask your wife to translate its lyrcs, which are even funnier than those of Boža :))
Ten Fivesmiths
Ten Fivesmiths Пре 26 дана
ah so another thing and it kinda ties to my previous comment. You said that a communist in the 70s performing american doo-wop music from the fifties sounds "inauthentic" compared to the rest of the album which features more traditional balkan folksy sound. However, the communist in the 70s very much listened to american 50s music, not so much by choice, but by the fact that most media was dominated with american and other colonial cultures at that point. It's VERY authentic and actually goes with you point that your wife had to slowly ease you into Balašević, some of the songs on his album sounded more "commercial" (the ones you didn't really like) but it was very much authentic to our inability to not listen to it haha
Yanosh Cerovcevic
Yanosh Cerovcevic Пре 26 дана
I grew up on Balasevic. My dad is from Banja Koviljaca, and I remember listening to some of the most popular artists from there. I deeply appreciate this series. You put into words why I took a liking to Balasevic at such a young age.
Ten Fivesmiths
Ten Fivesmiths Пре 26 дана
Your intro with explaining how your wife had to ease you into Balašević because it would hurt her to dismiss it is something a lot of us ex-yu (and I bet other places too) people have when we interact with people form imperialist backround. I have friends and family who are UK and Irish and if I'm listening to something from my country that moves me and they scoff at it, it hurts on an unimaginable scale. Because we grew up aquianted with your culture and had no choice but to. And you scoff at ours.
Barbara Rodin
Barbara Rodin Пре 26 дана
Who uses patka for a dick XD. I think you're way off. Patka in this sense is probably a woman (it's a feminine noun in Serbian)
MačakPodŠlemom Пре 25 дана
We do use it , at least in Belgrade, and maybe in some other parts of Serbia, as a slang. But it doesn't have anything with this song.
LizFirestarter Пре 26 дана
I've accidentally stumbled onto this video after the one where you speak of his death. As a child of Croatia, raised on Đorđe Balašević music thanks to my parents, I'm impressed with much of your understanding of his music. I wholeheartedly agree with your wife, loving Balašević is a very spiritual thing for us, and each of his lyrics has both universal and personal meaning. Dating an Irish man, I understand why she hesitated in revealing this to you. It's hard to say these lyrics in any other language. The rooster and duck bit was funny, but no, a "patka" is a female duck. From what I always took to it, the rooster picked those meant for him and does not, but didn't care. I can relate it in some odd way to Olivera. There too, Đorđe talks about he wrote songs to other women because he didn't know she existed (his wife).
Ivana Berić
Ivana Berić Пре 21 дан
I always imagined older women when he said "patke" in the Rooster / Cock song. I only realize it now. In the sense - he didn't mind women of any age and kind, he wasn't picky. I really enjoyed the video and the comments, made me really emotional.
Ilija Marovic
Ilija Marovic Пре 27 дана
The guitarist you mentioned..Josip Bocek. He was the guitarist in Korni Grupa, a progressive rock band. Yes..socialist Yogoslavia had a progressive rock scene, and a very good one. You should check this album: rsvid.info/video/mtSVo7WE1qyqgLM.html
Karmen Kerman
Karmen Kerman Пре 27 дана
Oh yes 29:20 it is your Tom Soyer and that is centrally important if you want to understand.....Djordje Balaševic was internally litle boy ready to make stupid thing’s whole life....poet on litle boy hart...
MačakPodŠlemom Пре 27 дана
Very important thing about Balašević's discography: his bands Rani mraz and Žetva performed only his songs and lyrics. The only important difference between this part of his career and the later solo one is that he had regular band with regular co-singers, but all the creativity of both bands regarding lyrics and melodies belong to him. So you can be totally OK by taking those as an integral part of his solo work. But, I guess you know all this by now.
Vladimir Pejić
Vladimir Pejić Пре 27 дана
Here I am, spent my first hour at work listening to your heartwarming analysis of Balašević. A true love letter indeed to your wife. Wish you all the best, continue to love each other so much! ❤
Augustin Prlic
Augustin Prlic Пре 27 дана
At that time you have musician how actually know the Yugoslavia is near end of life on of musician is Đole (Balašević). Music from that period of time is pretty important for region we live (Bosnia, Croatia, Monte Negro, North Macedonia, Slovenia) also you tasted sweet and sorrow of that period of time. Balašević is not cup of tea for me for that period of time I listened Azra, Bijelo Dugme and Idoli but you got I point for understanding, even for people how live in ex YU Đole music know meaning lyrics is huge. Personaly I not from Vojvodina region, Balašević is huge singer for common people and many love Đole music, 'panonski mornar' is soul from that time. Đole if you look ... rest in peace.
Teshikajikato Shikachi
Teshikajikato Shikachi Пре 27 дана
Greatly appreciated your interest in our culture but about that genocide thing, you should check again with your wife. Only genocide there was made on us.
Borut Jurisic
Borut Jurisic Пре 27 дана
If you wanna talk about it, understand more... feel free to contact me. My wife (also Serbian) is from the same street as Balašević... and I'm a non Serbian, but still understand the stuff, so I can help out. But let's start with Za sve je kriv Toma Sojer: It's about how books of young adventurers, who can get away with something has influenced his life. As kids, they were pretending Danube was the Mississippi and that they were like Tom and Huck, so they stole a boat to have an adventure... but soon they got stuck and an old fisherman toed them back home, where he ended up getting whooped by his dad. OK, and I have to give you extra credit for Pesma o jednom petlu... No, when he's mentioning the ducks... it's in the context of he was chasing them - all of them - chickens, ducks, turkeys (but all female), saying it didn't matter what kind of a girl it was... she'd go after them. However, your reference about a Cock chasing Dick... it's funny, but yet, that might have a special, even deeper meaning meaning. Also in his concert he was making a joke about it, how the old Rooster would get rid of competition... The old Rooster would challenge the young Rooster to a running contest, but as he's old, he'd ask for a bit of a head start (just a few steps). So when they start running, and the farm owner comes alone - the farmer thinks the young Rooster is trying hump the old Rooster, so the farmer shoots the young Rooster for being gay and useless on a chicken farm - so the old Rooster gets rid of competition. OK, and I know you made this 2 years ago, so you probably got answers already... but PUB actually means the Jack (the card - as in Jack, Queen and King). So - not a kid anymore, but not a grown man eaither.
nambrvan Пре 27 дана
There were 3 Yugoslavian poets in pop-rock music: Balasevic, Dzoni Stulic and Rambo Amadeus.
nambrvan Пре 25 дана
@MačakPodŠlemom Marcelo is very very good, but it isnt that style.
MačakPodŠlemom Пре 25 дана
@nambrvan It's true, he drank until he drank his brains out. It's amazing he's still alive. Nevertheless , we would be so lucky if we could have some new author just a fraction as good as any of those that we mentioned here.
nambrvan Пре 25 дана
@MačakPodŠlemom Rambo made mistake, thought he can control situation and make everything more circus, but at the end he was just regular show in circus. Bora drank his whole life thats his religion ...
MačakPodŠlemom Пре 25 дана
@nambrvan Rambo didn't sell himself with Eurosong? give me a break. Agree about Bora, although I understand it somehow, he is really old and his health is ruined since long time ago, so his brain is not what it was. Still, his old works can't be ruined by his recent behavior. Balašević also has many things negative to consider regarding his personal life, and I personally don't like his "recent" works (like last two decades), but he is still a giant with his songs, poetry, and even his books. I think of them all, Arsen lasted longest, he was fruitful artist and author even in his 70-ies. Štulić is a disgrace for more than 30 years he didn't do a single good song, all we here from him is endless self pitying rants and complaining about those who "robbed" him etc.
nambrvan Пре 25 дана
@MačakPodŠlemom Bora sold himself ... it was all lie. Rambo is poet and philosoph, with different area of interest ... agree for Dedic.
Kiki Riki
Kiki Riki Пре 27 дана
Thank you! You are our Brother!
dantes Пре 27 дана
Life ? Its that little thing when on your grave they put year of birth and year of death . And that little dash in between . THATS LIFE - Dzordze Balasevic RIP
Sarmatian Пре 27 дана
The One... The world is a sadder place without him.
KranG Пре 27 дана
First of all I admire your interest to discover stuff in such depth, especially for the love of a woman that you married. It tells a lot about your persona and who you are, and tell your wife she picked THE right one! I guess she is a special one and she deserved it somehow. Just wanna try and help you a bit to grasp some things and maybe get another perspective about his lyrics and depth of his songs. You are on a good trail but as many said its very hard to understand and appreciate to its fullest simply because you have to have same cultural heritage, upbringing, surrounding and everything else in order to do so. I will just write something about "Ratnik paorskog srca" in order to give you an idea and how to look at it. Im not sure im gonna be successful in this, as it makes sense in my head and I understand the meaning fully, but when it comes to putting it into words and explanation... You are right, it is an anti-war song, whose main goal is to tell you (the listener) about the nonsense of a war and how not all people are made for it because they simply dont have the worrior in themselves nor the capacity to ever understand or justify it and to se bigger picture (political, religious, territorial etc). Paor (in this case this solider, his grandfather) was not a coward or bad solider, he is just a person who is not ever made to be solider and a killer. Paor is a word for a peasant, who only cares about his hard work, livestock, nature and such things and thats all there is to him, thats his whole life and his whole universe. He even states in the song that he liked animals more than humans, because he knew that humans are evil. So he was a very pure soul who will never understand the purpose of war, killing, occupation because simply it was never a part of his life. Thats why the title "warior with a peasant heart" meaning no matter what uniform, profession you give him deep inside he will always remain just that, a peasant. He tells the story about war through his own perspective and a lot of things will never make sense to him. The punch line and the whole moral of the song is at the end when he says "al zao mi konja". Which can be taken in two contexts, first one as it its,through the characters eyes, where he feels more sad for the killed horses than killed soliders, because he was a peasant and they represented huge sentimental value to him and he knew how innocent they were, in his mind and his life they were more vaulable and better than people, which I explained in the beginning. And the other context you can observe as Balasevic himself telling you, zao mi konja, which means Im sad for the stupid idiots that gave life in vain and died. Konj = horse, but its an insult as well and can be used when offending or depicting someone in a negative way (jerk, idiot, dumbass, or in english you donkey = konj) ! Hope this helps, and I only did it as a payback for your efforts to understand us better. Regards from Sarajevo for all people who have a pure ❤
Boki Fetish
Boki Fetish Пре 27 дана
predlog means sugestion
Djordje Radovanovic
Djordje Radovanovic Пре 28 дана
you are a man who really makes a good cross-section of Balasevic's work, but you really need to learn more about the history of the Serbs. This is what a man born and raised in Novi Sad at the time of the creation of the music and songs you are talking about tells you. Or you do not need?
Nikola Grmusa
Nikola Grmusa Пре 28 дана
Noooo, patka or duck, doesnt have gender in a casual talk. Patak is male and patka is female. But for some reason dick=patka 🤣
Nikola Grmusa
Nikola Grmusa Пре 28 дана
Women from these parts ( ex YU ) Will do this to a man...🤣 Good video 👍👌👏
igi pop
igi pop Пре 28 дана
dude is cool but he still doesnt get it:) nice effort but nope you only scratch the surface:) cleuless as fck:)
Jelka Pavkovic
Jelka Pavkovic Пре 28 дана
I grew up listening to him.He was one of the kind.His songs are as deep as an ocean and yet so simple , funny ,heartbreaking ..I don't think there will ever be another one like him .
Predrag Filipovic
Predrag Filipovic Пре 29 дана
Only America , England and ex Yugoslavia are have rock ' n ' roll scene on the world.
Predrag Filipovic
Predrag Filipovic Пре 29 дана
Sorry Balasevich
Predrag Filipovic
Predrag Filipovic Пре 29 дана
Balashevic or on cirilica Балашевић. Поздрав из Србије.
Aleksandar Galovic
Aleksandar Galovic Пре 29 дана
Ohh man...You really love your wife... and understand what Balasevic mean to us. Bravo, good man.
Milos Nikolic
Milos Nikolic Пре 29 дана
Vreme je za Moskrija
Aleksandar Stefanovic
Aleksandar Stefanovic Пре месец
I am from Serbia and please listen to me... I am 5 minutes and 11 second into this video and I know that you have a good wife! I think you know it too. Just try not to forget that in hard times. Also, we dont have his favorite song. There is new one for every stage of our lives
Damir Cizmek
Damir Cizmek Пре месец
Nikolina Otržan
Nikolina Otržan Пре месец
I don't understand your confusion... that song is about a rooster, but all in all, hats down to you for trying to figure it all out. I'm sure Marijana appreciates it :)
milan bosnjakovicb
milan bosnjakovicb Пре месец
jugoslavija je san, a volim da sanjam,
Davor Babić
Davor Babić Пре месец
This was amazing
ned Пре месец
Funny, only one comment not in english yet not a single american or english native commenting. Still, respect for trying to bring different culture closer out to world.
Professor Skye's Record Review
I am happy to say that quite a few American have told me that they discovered Balasevic's music because of the channel. Wish there were more.
m m
m m Пре месец
goose, ducks, turkeys, is metaphor for other races. but goose and turkey are also metaphors for loony girls.
Maki Wien
Maki Wien Пре месец
Divno. Respect!
Milica Bijedic
Milica Bijedic Пре месец
For some things you are spot on... For some waaaay of... If you want add me on fb and I will be more then happy to try to explain it to you... Because of this album I learnd to handle the gramophone.
Antonela Srzic
Antonela Srzic Пре месец
Noone can sing his songs as good as he did it. But you ar an exeption! : )))
Domaci Macak
Domaci Macak Пре месец
tenk ju. derz lots of it det ju dont andrstend, bat kip trajing
Peace Forever
Peace Forever Пре месец
No worries bro, Serbian nationalist will grow on you in time.
Sanjin Agic
Sanjin Agic Пре месец
Balasevic is everything to us normal people from ex Jugoslavia :)
RedFox Пре месец
One thing you didn't mention is that Balasevic never wanted to be a singer he always wanted to be a writer of poet songs for someone else. U razdeljak te ljubim song was an accident and he played that song in Pula at a festival. The festival managers ask him to do some changes but he refused because he didn't like that song anyways and he didn't like that festival too. So he appears in blue jeans and a shirt and played that song and he won. After that it's history. He was living some utopia lifestyle like everything is ok and we can live all happily. Yes, you should buzz his door either his wife will open or one of the kids and if he is at home he will come out and sign for you. Lepa protina kci was one of his most favorable songs! On 37min you are totally wrong about that song its nothing about male organs or etc you mention. He lived in Vojvodina which is a prarie and its famous for geese, ducks, and chickens. He was just singing about the life of his favorite rooster. Nothing else.. Djordje B is an institution of one uthopia Yugoslav period from 1960-1988. He is unique cause nobody sing and writes like him. Boza Pub really exist but not under that name he mentions once so he dedicated that song to him same for the song Covek sa mesecom u ocima . You need to search for Djordje Balasevic speeches and books he explains everything there.
ZraNSxHC Пре месец
the point od the cock chasing geese and ducks is that vojvodina is a region with about 25 nationalities so it just means he liked every type of women
Nela Vukotic
Nela Vukotic Пре месец
Greetings from Novi Sad! 🥰
Marko Guzina
Marko Guzina Пре месец
First video of yours I'm watching. Yugoslavia wasn't your tipical "behind the iron curtain" country. Western LPs were available as was exposure to western culture, far more than the eastern block culture. This is regarding your "why would he do a 50s American music homage?" Thanks :)
Robert Borbely
Robert Borbely Пре месец
Bravo za video. Jedan od najboljih albuma Đoleta, neka mu je večna slava.
billuvill Пре месец
Cant believe you missed that Boža Zvani Pub is ripped straight out of Cash's - Boy Named Sue
Zeljko Tomic
Zeljko Tomic Пре месец
I completely agree, the best way to fully understand the culture in whole Ex Yugoslavia, is to listen everything Balasevic wrote. It's not easy though. He once said "Words are my toys", completely right. He has few books and movies also. Your channel is amazing, it really surprised me. I was offten thinking how great it would be if Balasevic sung in English, so the world can hear.
Renata Naumoska
Renata Naumoska Пре месец
Woow, Bravo!!!
Tijana Ristanovic
Tijana Ristanovic Пре месец
I ja sam iz Bora‼️‼️‼️ Što je mali ovaj svet 😌 Pogledaj film Beli beli svet, da osetiš pravi vajb Bora 💖
Adora Belle Dearheart
Adora Belle Dearheart Пре месец
You are totally right. There's huge difference being from Novi Sad, and from Vranje, for example. And thank you for trying understand Balašević. The great stuff about him are his lyrics, period. If you don't understand them, or have no heart, you will not love him. He's a poet, not so singer.
Kruno Kartus
Kruno Kartus Пре месец
Excellent introduction to this great man, more then a poet and artist, for Balkan people. When he passed away, the day I think it was one of the saddest days for the whole region in recent time, and that describes Balasevic's importance for our lives and our culture. I come from Croatia and it doesnt matter, it is only the matter of language that separate his art from being a global heritage. I love all his musical styles and artistic changes which are seen from album to album, emotional and amusing long concerts, ¸his special connection with fans and the role he made in a postwar ex-Yugoslavia region where his songs were a universal thing that we shared despite bloody war that ruined once beautiful and prosper society. Balasevic's songs have so many citates used in everyday conversation, so much fun and beauty that I consider myself happy to have been a witness of such a monumental person. Prior to his short illness and hospital, the very last interview he gave was for the Macedonian television and, accidently he ended with words: "I prolonged the ending credits too long, and it is a true end.", saying with a charming smile, and that was the last from him for us. It is impossible to choose a favorite or the best of his songs, because it is truely private thing and many people identify themselves with emotions and characters he described and sang in his songs. Perfomance quality, of guitar, piano, saxofon, violine...it is also not by chance, he always assembled some of the best musicians in the country, because everybody was attracted with his life energy and positivity. Especially it was dramatic during the war and terrible regime in a divided region, once known as Yugoslavia, where he played pacifist and anti-fascist art and activism and put himself and his family on life jeopardy instead of conformism. There are many many heart breaking examples, when he played first concert in ruined Sarajevo, made a song about Vukovar, about liberty in Serbia and, when all ended, when peace arrived but criminals and apaty overtook the society, then he sang only about simple love. Hope you will continue to enjoy his songs together with your family.
Amira Bates
Amira Bates Пре месец
Konacno privodim kraju moju Balasevic playlist, evo prvi dio. Pa ce drugi, treci itd... nasla sam dosta, ali, na zalost ima puno i sto ce izostati jer nije na Spotify ... elem, dijelite dalje, mozda ce i strancima uljepsati zivot nas Panonski Mornar ❤️ open.spotify.com/playlist/63qKyHY1FiB55iVvrdc64c?si=DFm7C39FSgCoYTKt44Ag7A
Amira Bates
Amira Bates Пре месец
Check out my Balasevic playlist here (part 1, more coming) So far, the only artist from our neck of the woods to feature in a superb company of the world’s renowned artists 🌟 “This man had the most beautiful Yugoslavian heart, he was the spirit of the people and his love for them showed no bounds. In return the people chose him as their voice to retell the stories of life which they all identified with. Music to make you smile, to make you sing, dance and cry.........” (DB, the founder, aka my husband 😘) dbfinestkind.com/all-carousels-advanced/?fbclid=IwAR0NqCX3S9G7L6mgQkUYaoIGj3yx0lZjmmw5M17pZB3BSqTe0lTh8n6xfrw
KadmosHarmonia Пре месец
I don't think you're right when it comes to the cock of Balashevich going after the "patke" with the meaning of "dicks", even though "patka" can really have that meaning as well. His verses are: "Za njega nisu bile samo koke slatke, ne, taj je skakao i na guske i na patke" (he didn't think only hens were sweet, no, he would jump even on the geese and the ducks"). Goose is traditionally symbolic of female stupidity (similar to turkey) and is not used as much in slang, whereas duck, a word used primarily in the feminine gender, is used for both female and male sexual organs. Remember that, unlike English, Serbian is a "sexist" language, even more so than, say, French, because it has, in addition, (like German and Greek) the neuter gender. You can look at this 8-second funny video rsvid.info/video/ttO4lsucuZjRsdU.html Translation of the video: And how do you expect the city (of Nish) is going to mark the anniversary of the Edict of Milan? - Oh yeah, my duck is in such a pain because of that... (meaning: I couldn't care less about that) Here, she makes a clear allusion to her sexual organ, albeit metaphorically. But patka can also refer to the male sexual organ, when it's referred to by a male. This I think is the common usage. Patka is actually of female gender in Slavic. Patak is the male counterpart. I lived in Sarajevo before the war and there the slang word "patak" meant 'the green phlegm' in one's nose or throat. BTW I like your references to Brassens which i love very much and there are indeed many similarities to be drawn between him and Balashevich. Unfortunately, not too many people can relate to his art in either North America or in Serbia or Europe outside of Romance countries. I think that Cohen, another similar artist and possible influence on Balashevich, fares much better in that respect.
Vesna Iriskic
Vesna Iriskic Пре месец
Man who was with big,honestly heart...🙏🎶🖤
Davor Popovic
Davor Popovic Пре месец
Excellent reviews, knowledge and understanding of a foreign culture and music. I am really impressed, coming from the former Yugoslavia. I would just like to add, which I believe, an important aspect of the song "Ratnik paorskog srca“, when he says ‘I don’t fell sorry for people and villages, I feel sorry for horses’. To me, this tells a lot about his take on the war, as you nicely pointed out. Thank you for all you coverage on Balašević, especially your emotional and touching eulogy after his death.
Goran K
Goran K Пре месец
Great review! Just wanted to point out that you missed his first two albums - "Mojoj mami umesto maturske slike u izlogu" and "Odlazi cirkus". Some online sources don't list them in his discography 'cause they were released under his early band name - Rani Mraz - and not his "solo" stage name, but they are not to be dismissed. Odlazi cirkus, in particular, is one of his best albums ever.
Thanks The
Thanks The Пре месец
Man, you really love your woman!!! And she really loves Balašević...
Ana Silver
Ana Silver Пре месец
The main point about Đole is his humanity from the deepest part of his soul! Trough his clear humanity based on love and acceptance for everyone and everything he impressed him self trough so many poems. On the Ende the real reason why he was loved all over balcan countries is becouse so many good people were touched deeple and because we understood the deepest meaning of his massages, of humanity and equality, acceptance and love. He was not just a star from the front page he was one of the greatest examples for all of us. I am lucky we had Đorđe in our lives trough all this years! We all will miss him deeply but we still have the music, and we can be the best version of our selfs daily!
Kartikeya A
Kartikeya A Пре месец
And as for wars. The First World War was provoked by the Austro-Hungarians, first by the occupation and oppression of the Serbian people in Bosnia, and then because of their own expansionism. The break-up of Yugoslavia also provoked the West, which interfered in the problems of the former Yugoslavia out of its own interests, then recognized secessionists before any agreement was reached between the people of Yugoslavia, and after that NATO countries illegally sent weapons to secessionists. Not to mention the illegal (therefore bandit) NATO bombing of Serbia over 70 days and nights. А што се тиче ратова. Први светски рат су изазвали Аустроугари прво окупацијом и угњетавањем српског народа у Босни, а потом због властитог ексапнзионизма. Распад Југославије је такође изазвао запад који се из својих интереса умешао у проблеме у бившој југославији, потом признао сецесиоинисте пре него је постигнут било какав договор између народа Југославије, а након тога су земље НАТО пакта илегално слале оружје сецесионистима. Да и не причамо о илегалном (дакле разбојничком) НАТО бомбардовању Србијепреко 70 дана и ноћи.
aureliani66 Пре месец
Excellent video, I enjoyed watching it. Grew up in Croatia, with Balasevic, his music, albums, and concerts but escaped the troublesome 90s and moved out (to the good old United States). He was truly a special one-of-a-kind artist, his concerts were usually very long (4 hours or more), he probably enjoyed it as much as his fans. We already miss him, may he rest in peace!
vladimir cubra
vladimir cubra Пре месец
Sorry man but I can not listen about everything is Serbs mistake. You can try to understand Balasevic but in every is so much that you have to know about history, christianity, love and understanding to try to listen to it.
Ljubi T
Ljubi T Пре месец
Thank you man.. 💖
nikola krivokuca
nikola krivokuca Пре месец
37:30 in that part of song he's trying to explain how the cock was "jumping" on all kinds of poultry. And the different kind of poultry are different girls (all nationalities and races).
Sofija Meta
Sofija Meta Пре месец
wooowww good effort
aerodrom22 Пре месец
That rock concert poster is pure artefact! 😍 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Pedals Fusion
Pedals Fusion Пре месец
The guitarist Josip Boček was one of the greatest guitarist in Yugoslavia. You have to be aware that Balasevic was a such a joker, cha cha cha and stuff like that you didn't understand and that's ok. His lyrics are the point and the music is just the background.
Professor Skye's Record Review
I’m quite interested in Boček since he seems so important z
Pedals Fusion
Pedals Fusion Пре месец
Great video, thanks! You should try with NAPOSLETKU album for example not just the early ones, because he's music and lyrics became deeper and deeper over the time. Now when he left us ... we lost one of the greatest poet of our time.
aleksjazzy Пре месец
Professor Skye, thank you for the effort and try to understanding our culture and Balašević. However, I found it still shallow, full of stereotypes typical for an American view. Missing the key points while emphasizing critiques of a music style, less relevant for Balašević opus as he used diverse music styles from balades to cabaret, with always the best musicians in the region. First and foremost if you are truly into analyzing Balašević, work on freeing yourself from unconscious resistance to pronounce his last name correctly. It gives perception that you are forcing this rather than genuinely approach it. Like "do I really need to twist my tongue again..."
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