72-Hour Beef Wellington 

Alvin Zhou
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I usually make this once a year since it takes a while, but I think it's quite fun! Costco also had a sale on beef tenderloin, which made me very excited.
Instagram: alvin.zhou
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My video style is heavily inspired by Asian vlog channels I admire, such as Zoe, Cat's Kitchen, haegreendal, HidaMari Cooking, EMOJOIE Cuisine, Nino's Home, Cooking Tree, Wife's Cuisine, and more. Please check them out!
I don’t have an exact recipe for this, but here are some wonderful beef Wellington recipes from people who are a lot more knowledgeable and talented in the kitchen than I am:
Binging with Babish: rsvid.info/video/p8XKiZd_0q2Rjbc.html
Joshua Weissman: rsvid.info/video/yp28d7ZmyZuckdU.html
Food Wishes: rsvid.info/video/3L7Qd8yqlorPh9k.html
Guga Foods: rsvid.info/video/1pjCn992roXHZqs.html
ChefSteps: rsvid.info/video/tczXnpx1mmWraac.html

Thank you all for watching!



7 феб 2021






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Sal Sortino
Sal Sortino Пре 45 минута
Thats not medium rare'. Meat is too red.
Паша Сидорюк
Barrie Пре сат
brooooo he's using the good music
Terren69 Пре 2 сата
That has to be the most delicious looking Wellington I have ever seen.
Im The Danger
Im The Danger Пре 3 сата
you are cringe
C C Пре 2 сата
Lmao says the guy with the username “im the danger”
HansDelbruck53 Пре 3 сата
That would look good if the meat was cooked.
Олег Б
Олег Б Пре 4 сата
Ужин онаниста
George Hirsch - Ibanez
George Hirsch - Ibanez Пре 5 сати
Muhammad Nur Raffi
Muhammad Nur Raffi Пре 6 сати
Why Alvin Why U Eating Your Baby
Cara Пре 7 сати
lies, the video is only about 15 minutes 😤
Sparkling Slots
Sparkling Slots Пре 7 сати
Wow that beef Wellington looks amazing! I can only dream of having one someday! Enjoy :)
Schester Boongaling
Schester Boongaling Пре 10 сати
Phat behbeh
Freeblowjob forall
Freeblowjob forall Пре 10 сати
5:00 Bob Ross joke killed me xDDD
Hubumbly Пре 10 сати
Hey, I drink that coffee brand too!
Quaddy P.
Quaddy P. Пре 12 сати
Damn this was good and i didnt even get to taste it 😅
oof Loops ッ
oof Loops ッ Пре 12 сати
when you have to make your own birthday gift and want to be a special lil boy:
D.J. Scottie Ducatti Music
D.J. Scottie Ducatti Music Пре 12 сати
this video makes me aggressive towards Asians
David Bush
David Bush Пре 13 сати
Dave Hart
Dave Hart Пре 13 сати
ASMR .. This video put me in relax mode!! Great work!!
Henry Пре 13 сати
Andreas wg
Andreas wg Пре 14 сати
can you also put the gears you use in the production sir?
Cl. Macock
Cl. Macock Пре 15 сати
is that shit busting nigga!?
Phantom Menacing
Phantom Menacing Пре 15 сати
We stan a king who can cook, watches anime, is a gamer, and has respect for the little things
oddmon Пре 16 сати
i just watched a 15 min emotional video of a man raising his beef
Џон Мастерман
Џон Мастерман Пре 18 сати
An absolute madlad
Owo Char
Owo Char Пре 18 сати
Looks great but what a waste of time. I rather go to a restaurant. That beef wellington is definitely not worth 72 hours of my life.
THE L1GHN1NG Пре 21 сат
isot ve kakaoğlu keke benziod düzeltin
THE L1GHN1NG Пре 21 сат
çok haklısın.
juan pablo araujo arraga
juan pablo araujo arraga Пре 21 сат
So smooth. AND funny subititles
juan pablo araujo arraga
juan pablo araujo arraga Пре 21 сат
Amazing video. I enjoy it a lot
halpysbane Пре 21 сат
No sharing? I see how it is
Jawad Пре 21 сат
14:17 i cried too man it's ok
ObzTicle Пре 22 сата
bruh, why did it feel like I should get emotional over some food
Rymle Пре 23 сата
if any asian mum saw that on the plate the first thing she'd say is "WHY IS IT RAWWWWW"
Pe ba travels
Pe ba travels Пре 23 сата
I sincerely hope, that you did not put warm meat In the fridge ?? If you did that, ppl will get sick with bad stomach
BarnabyMcTavish Пре 23 сата
imagine he spends 72 hours on a Beef Wellington just for Gordon Ramsay to comment something about it being horrible. Lmao
Dominique Warner
Dominique Warner Пре дан
Bro it's like my fifth time watching this video. I came for the recipe I stayed for the Latin jazz 😂. I finally ordered everything I'm giving this a shot this weekend. Can't believe I just remembered to like and subscribe.
Asketism Пре дан
Was that beef even warm in the end?
День Сурка.
День Сурка. Пре дан
Оно же не сырое?
lnx Пре дан
tadı nası anlatsana
Chie Satonaka
Chie Satonaka Пре дан
Seriously the effort you put into the editing. The whole calm/chill vibe you created with this video. I'm so happy now. Your videos feel like I've been out all day at work, mentally exhausted and coming back to pure bliss. The captions are so cute too. "When it snows, the world feels happy".. My heart.. oh my gosh. Thank you :)
Jake Edelstein
Jake Edelstein Пре дан
cheeky review bra reference 13:35
Rebel Riza
Rebel Riza Пре дан
If Gordon Ramsay looked at this he would be ok proud someone made a good Beef Wellington
beck andbulow
beck andbulow Пре дан
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Rysea Пре дан
I like how he measured time in anime episodes
His master's voice
His master's voice Пре дан
8:52 me too ;)
Nic Janos
Nic Janos Пре дан
Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal cooking vibes going on here. Anyone else?
Nayeema Akhter
Nayeema Akhter Пре дан
Ayy Alvin next video when?
Szoke Barna
Szoke Barna Пре дан
So pre plastic times, was impossible to make beef wellington
dominque dudink
dominque dudink Пре дан
Yeah but is it as good as a frikandel broodje????
Epica242 Пре дан
im so making this..
Kathy McGuire
Kathy McGuire Пре дан
Can you please tell me how to make it Alvin?. I am 11 years old and my dream job is to become a chef. I want to learn how to make a beef Wellington Because I want to show my parents my talent! And because it is yummy. If you could tell me (and other people) it would be greatly appreciated! I also want to say that I love your videos and I’ve watch everyone of them, they also look very yummy, especially the 100-hour brownie. Thank you for reading this if you are. Sincerely Dylan McGuire :)
VP007: EN vtuber clips
I love how some of the tags on this video have Gordon Ramsay or Hell's Kitchen in them.
Mackie McCauley
Mackie McCauley Пре дан
Wow ,that was beautiful and I can only imagine how it must have tasted. Well done!
Nina Rose
Nina Rose Пре дан
Alvin, this video is lovely. This is art. I love watching cooking videos and I've loved watching yours in the past, but this literally made me cry? It's so good. Thank you!
Game Green Gang
Game Green Gang Пре дан
Michal Jinoch
Michal Jinoch Пре дан
What was baking temp. and time my friend? Thanks :)
cappie2000 Пре дан
13:40 - I felt my mouth get 340% wetter..
Octavio M. V. Oneto
Octavio M. V. Oneto Пре дан
The beauty of not having kids...
BarrelTrain4129 Пре дан
(He doesn’t really have a kid)
BarrelTrain4129 Пре дан
He has a kid, but like he said he keeps his babies in the fridge
Ive tried a one hour wellington and couldnt even make it well, I dont know if 71 more hours would help but its worth a shot!!!
Paolo Mancuso
Paolo Mancuso Пре дан
is the shroom burned?
BarrelTrain4129 Пре дан
Moritz F.
Moritz F. Пре дан
you really deserve 800 million subscribers instead of 800k
dorickey Пре дан
wenas estus momos en video el futuro es hoy oiste viejo
Foxy Playz
Foxy Playz Пре дан
You had me at the oil fight :D
redshirtspeaker Пре дан
Cooking ASMR.
Purple Pockets
Purple Pockets Пре дан
This is a beautiful video.
Fabio Di Troia
Fabio Di Troia Пре дан
Shader X
Shader X Пре дан
Better love story, than Twilight
R74 Пре дан
that meat is raw. Banned in Argentina :P
Михаил Павлович Корчагин
я блять не понимаю, как можно жрать сырое мясо
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith Пре дан
Damn normally i skip around YT videos but i watched this straight thru with no breaks
Tim Пре дан
Imagine making this for 72 to fins out that the beef is well done and not medium
Adel Eng Sheng Jun Student
Adel Eng Sheng Jun Student Пре 16 сати
I’m fine with that
25 MUSKAN AGARWAL 10E Пре 2 дана
Pl post more videos Alvin...I luv ur channel ❤️❤️😭
Lukas Sitkomirski
Lukas Sitkomirski Пре 2 дана
Ist echt schade, dass Du es allein essen musstest...
BarrelTrain4129 Пре дан
Ich libe ein
B A Weevil
B A Weevil Пре 2 дана
Wow. Nicely done.
Hydro Link
Hydro Link Пре 2 дана
Alvin, did you know there are only 24 h in a day?
Medveczky György
Medveczky György Пре 2 дана
Az igen! Jól néz ki!
Jeg har bogen
Jeg har bogen Пре 2 дана
Hello sir, may I come over for dinner?
Aj capella
Aj capella Пре 2 дана
whats the name of the tool you used to cut the lattice pattern?
CheeterBeeter Пре 2 дана
His surroundings are always so peaceful... Its like a safe place
Epiclife XX
Epiclife XX Пре 2 дана
man,. this video makes me feel soooo peaceful... I never felt like that before. I suscribe! greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina! :)
Cactus Official
Cactus Official Пре 2 дана
I can hear that meat Moo while she's cutting
Abdullah Imran
Abdullah Imran Пре 2 дана
Why did the dude stop making videos?
Little_Miffed_Fool Пре 2 дана
WTF, it says 72 hours, this video is only 15 minutes long
alichay Пре 2 дана
too long
James Clift
James Clift Пре 2 дана
it's almost as if you've perfectly matched the timing of the song from 12:05 to 12:12 with the (quite visually satisfying) laying of the dough - even the individual drops starting at 12:11 seem to be synchronized with the piano that rises up. Wonderful video :) AND - "my excitement is immeasurable and my day is saved" - such a funny coincidence because I was watching the original popeye's review that led to that meme. Perfect video haha.
Atumn Leaves
Atumn Leaves Пре 2 дана
Hey Alvin this was one of the best video I've ever seen of yours it's relaxing and soothing. Pls continue the series. 🙂
patrick holcomb
patrick holcomb Пре 2 дана
Absolutely LOVE the video! Excellent brah! & your commentary, during, was hilarious and spot-on! Thank you for start to finish, editing and posting. very nice my friend! props!
RockyMountain Vibes
RockyMountain Vibes Пре 2 дана
asmr but with making food
MOCHI Moo Пре 2 дана
I have the same ice coffee in my fridge lol.
Zoyyp Studio
Zoyyp Studio Пре 2 дана
Earlier today I made little brownies covered in random shit
Daniel Rziha
Daniel Rziha Пре 2 дана
If food were porn, that would be like the Mia Khalifa of beefs.
Gabriel de Sá
Gabriel de Sá Пре 2 дана
alvin zhou... alvin zhou... alvin zhou... alvin zhooooou... que vai rolar a festa (vai rolar) o povo do gueto mandou avisar
WutAboutLife Пре 2 дана
Is dinner going to be ready soon? Yep, we just ran out of milk, so your father went to go get some more. Okay And Alvin here will finish up dinner around as soon as dad gets back. Okay 3 Days later: Family: (⓿_⓿) Must. Eat. Alvin: *singing to and patting his cut of beef and turning it into the most beautiful piece of food in all of history*
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack Пре 2 дана
anyone who dislikes these videos can kiss my ass these are amazing
Sharky's Machine
Sharky's Machine Пре 2 дана
MrSandman Пре 2 дана
Connie Criscitello
Connie Criscitello Пре 2 дана
What a simply charming video, and a spotless kitchen....I love it.
Havok Пре 2 дана
Was it BUSSIN Alvin?? 😩😩😩🥵🥵🥶🥶
Sir. Jester
Sir. Jester Пре 2 дана
raw btw
ThE LeGiT H 361
ThE LeGiT H 361 Пре 2 дана
this is most perfect beef wellington I have ever seen
Megumi Пре 2 дана
I can hear you voice reading the caption 🤣🤣
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