$3000 vs. $500 Suspension Upgrade 

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$3,000 Suspension vs. $500 Suspension. Is the extra money worth it? We find out.
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9 авг 2020






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Коментара 40   
Jt Santos
Jt Santos Пре 4 дана
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful....
ItsPickle666 Пре 8 дана
I don’t have one rn but I am going to be buying a 350z eventually, for now should I start buying parts for one🤔
A J Пре 8 дана
“I’m sorry I broke it” damn Nolan 😂😂
Ryan Crozier
Ryan Crozier Пре 11 дана
I feel bad for anyone who is using subtitles xD
Marc - Oh !
Marc - Oh ! Пре 12 дана
Wasn’t that guy on Hyperdrive on Netflix?
Yaqoob Nazar
Yaqoob Nazar Пре 10 дана
Yes,his name is aaron parker,dude has a sick rx7 on which donut did a feature of
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson Пре 13 дана
anyone else notice they deleted some footage at 17:49
krASHExxx Пре 15 дана
I already use butcherbox. So I'm already ahead...
Ralph Lazio
Ralph Lazio Пре 15 дана
“More better?” Huh?
Bigwill71M Пре 16 дана
Question should be does cheap upgrade bolt ons performs better then stock?
Anthony Velez
Anthony Velez Пре 17 дана
There is a time and place to go for the cheaper alternative, exhaust, wheels, seats, but suspension and tires is never one of those times.
Ian D
Ian D Пре 18 дана
that alignment dude looks like the drift guy from need for speed heat
Nirvash Пре 19 дана
wtf is with these subtitles.
FireStormUnleashed Пре 19 дана
Really love this series, so informative! I'm also pretty happy to have a ND Miata, where you can tune toe, camber and caster from the factory :)
Nathan Bradfield
Nathan Bradfield Пре 21 дан
This makes me want to buy a 350z so bad. I constantly look on Facebook market place. Lol.
Johnny Gonzalez
Johnny Gonzalez Пре 23 дана
$600 still isn’t bad
TheresOnly1Stef Пре 23 дана
@ 3:15 i SWORE that was James' hand on the tire and not Nolan's lmaooooooo!!!
TheSoundOfTwang Пре 23 дана
James: "Even Nolan went faster" James: Slowest time by far
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Пре 22 дана
why did I not know there is a cardboard cutout of zach jobe, and why do I love that
Guillaume Fracchia
Guillaume Fracchia Пре 23 дана
Donut media: buy only expensive parts. Tesla’s are good.
K4ID Пре 24 дана
Whats the intro music
Will Arthur
Will Arthur Пре 24 дана
anyone else notice the "ah man down" at 12:45 was in the same key as the background music?
William Walker
William Walker Пре 25 дана
Feel good about the meat you’re eating 🤣🤣
xxxdemonitation Пре 25 дана
What would toe improve with your wheels
xxxdemonitation Пре 25 дана
Or are they just checking that to make sure it’s centered since they are replacing all the shit
Abhimanyu Prakash
Abhimanyu Prakash Пре 25 дана
Could you do an episode on air suspension vs coil springs?
StonedNamikaze Пре 25 дана
A lil heavy on the ads nah?
Atom Helios
Atom Helios Пре 26 дана
Came for car stuff got food porn 👌👌
Edgar Lozano
Edgar Lozano Пре 26 дана
Are we really just going to ignore the part when he said they haven’t blown up a car in a couple of years ? No one else is curious? 😂
Ghost717 Пре 26 дана
When in doubt, swear at your car more - Nolan 2020
That RX-7 You Just Saw ツ
That RX-7 You Just Saw ツ Пре 26 дана
Should this be a youtube originals?
Kiraro The Kitsune
Kiraro The Kitsune Пре 26 дана
So this entire series boils down to: "I don't have money, so Low is good enough and will only go Hi when it looks like shit or can kill me."
Fxrgottn Пре 27 дана
Watching these videos has made me buy a 370Z
GrɆg Пре 27 дана
I feel like you guys should randomize the expensive and other between
Zachary Hassan
Zachary Hassan Пре 27 дана
also, who curbed hi car's wheels
Zachary Hassan
Zachary Hassan Пре 27 дана
why did I not know there is a cardboard cutout of zach jobe, and why do I love that
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega Пре 28 дана
I love how Nolan says “Be Kind” but he’s always losing his shit and gets frustrated
Immortal 454
Immortal 454 Пре 28 дана
Shout to the fucking lowcar team dude. They put up with so much bullshit😂
Justin H
Justin H Пре 28 дана
Can you wear out aftermarket sway bars. I've had mine on for about 10 years. I was told there shot but I don't believe them
Justin H
Justin H Пре 14 дана
@loud Ring i found that out after i posted it. Did some digging, but if I didn't. That info would of been help. Thanks, and you're right too. It ended up being the rubber bushings
loud Ring
loud Ring Пре 16 дана
I don't see how a sway bar wears out. Maybe they meant the rubber part holding up against the chassis. Or the end-links that attaches to the lower control arm but it's not the bar itself unless the vehicle it was attached to was in a accident and the bar got bent. Hope this helps.
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller Пре 28 дана
anyone notice the weird cc
Alens Roms
Alens Roms Пре 29 дана
I BEG you please do this with 2 e46 bmw 330ci's, that shit would be sick.
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime Пре 29 дана
Someone whose been here long enough explain this channel to me... do they own it or does a company own it? Or do they own the company that owns this channel? OR is this gonna be another SMOSH situation
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