3 Hour 4K Amazing Aerial Views of the Earth with Relaxation Music 

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This video is 3 Hour 4K Amazing Aerial Views of the Earth with Relaxation Music
Please enjoy aerial journey of beautiful places on the Earth.
From Forests, Mountains,to Rivers and Lakes enjoy all types of scenic views.
Thank you for watching Primal Earth Sounds.
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Beautiful Nature of the Earth
Primal Earth Sounds



13 мар 2021






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Борис Дунаев
Борис Дунаев Пре 10 сати
Места Земли прекрасны, а вот музон совсем не в жиляку.
Relaxing Nature
Relaxing Nature Пре дан
All that nature conveys a lot of peace and harmony!
Michael Seida
Michael Seida Пре дан
oh my godness, how beautiful. it's a meditation. thanks for so much, work, creation, countless cutting hours... and love. all the best to you and everybody who is involved. ⭐️ 🌏 🌸 greetings from austria, michael
Rivi_ Cleber
Rivi_ Cleber Пре 4 дана
Maravilha de imagens, de encher os olhos - podemos compartilhar um pedaço delas ?
Marta Akh
Marta Akh Пре 5 дана
Amazing wonder of nature
Diana Pais
Diana Pais Пре 6 дана
Judeea Пре 7 дана
Diana Pais
Diana Pais Пре 7 дана
problems early this morning, that i can't remember what the HS gave me my mom wants me to go back to the hospital to get this tube put back in me stomach.............OR I WILL DIE OF HUNGER WHAT A FOOL! so it's well tape to my stomach
wheely04 Пре 9 дана
Thanks for the great pictures. The thumb rises high. Regards from Germany wheely04
Diana Pais
Diana Pais Пре 12 дана
thank u lord, man is so unworthy of ur love! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Veronica Пре 12 дана
listening to on my new Bose 300 soundbar installed in front of my computer system setup!!! ..sounds incredible! great channel!! awesome relaxation~
Сергей Леший
Сергей Леший Пре 13 дана
hello from RUSSIA
RADIO WAVS Пре 17 дана
dolores perez mendieta
dolores perez mendieta Пре 19 дана
Pero que preciosidad de imágenes y que música tan preciosa...les felicito .. gracias por regalarme estás imágenes tan sumamente impresionantes
malati saha
malati saha Пре 20 дана
Amazing beautiful,peaceful.its nature.love nature ,embrace the beauty. Its calm and relaxing. Thanks for sharing
fluxcapacitor Пре 21 дан
Wonderful video.what a beautiful world we have....anybody has list of musics in this video? Shazam can't find most of them.
Cil Dagout
Cil Dagout Пре 26 дана
I don't imagine too much, but I believe in what I have seen the n my eyes.. .. if I leave this planit is mean I betrayed mom, my planit but of course I want to see what is out of the planit..m don't know who will let me see other universe?
Motionless Nature
Motionless Nature Пре 27 дана
Wishing everyone who reads this a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, peaceful day:)
MMRandy Пре 4 дана
thanks you :)
Ben Moss
Ben Moss Пре 27 дана
@Motionless Nature Thank you! You as well!
Motionless Nature
Motionless Nature Пре 27 дана
@Ben Moss You are very welcome Ben, I hope you have an amazing day:)
Ben Moss
Ben Moss Пре 27 дана
Thank you for the encouragement. It means so much to me that people care
Mandie Smith
Mandie Smith Пре 27 дана
Música Medieval
Música Medieval Пре 28 дана
Ei, você que está lendo este comentário: Não desista do caminho do autoconhecimento, você não está vendo este vídeo por acaso, acredite no DESPERTAR, vibre na energia do AMOR e siga em frente! ❤️
razony Пре 29 дана
Absolutely PERFECT for this Time & Space!
SHAROBEY OZ Пре 29 дана
Очень красивые виды.!!
RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악
Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️
Adeel G
Adeel G Пре 29 дана
Tum bhi khobsurat ho
razony Пре 29 дана
...and so are you!
Sharon Higby
Sharon Higby Пре месец
God made exquisite things in and on this earth and in the sky above. Life it too short to see it all. Too bad we can't visit it all in person! Next life we will have much more time. This video is beyond extraordinary!!
Dtox - Relaxing Videos
Dtox - Relaxing Videos Пре месец
😍😊Magnificent video, 🌟thank you for sharing👌👍🏻
Patrick Maurer
Patrick Maurer Пре месец
the first video where I was there was a timestamp for every location along with GPS coordinates. Imagine taking a year off and just making it a point to travel to each of those locations. Amazing video, brings out the Wanderlust in me.
Seek & Learn
Seek & Learn Пре месец
Hey, you! Yes, you. The random person that I will probably never meet. I truly hope that you will find success and happiness in your life. Today is going to be a great day - make sure to live it to the fullest. Stay safe from the team of Relaxing Music Life (your RSvid channel for relaxation music). 💖
Relaxing Sounds of Nature
Relaxing Sounds of Nature Пре месец
Chic Style and a Winning Smile
Nice video, thanks for sharing your experience with us! Have a relaxed week!🎧🎵😎
Meditation and relaxation
Meditation and relaxation Пре месец
Within you, there is healing for the wounds that mistreat your soul. Be patient with your pain, take care of your suffering and seek your regeneration. You will shine again!
Silvana Triches
Silvana Triches Пре месец
The waters and sea views are astonishing
William Reyes
William Reyes Пре месец
Excelentes videos. Muy agradecidos de ese gran esfuerzo que hacen ustedes, por contribuir al desarrollo espiritual de las personas con esas imagines tan bellas. Por favor, en los próximos videos, si no muy costoso para ustedes, incluir la información de los lugares donde realizan los videos. Desde República Dominicana en un lugar del Caribe, William Reyes
chimera1uxe Пре месец
Non HDR 😂
Wanderlust Tours
Wanderlust Tours Пре месец
Thanks for showcasing this amazing video. Beautifully captured. Greetings from New Zealand 💟💟
Wanderlust Tours
Wanderlust Tours Пре месец
Thanks for showcasing this amazing video. Beautifully captured. Greetings from New Zealand 💟💟
Wanderlust Tours
Wanderlust Tours Пре месец
Thanks for showcasing such an amazing video. Beautifully captured. Greetings from New Zealand 💟💟
Hello World
Hello World Пре месец
The gifted difference resultspreviously help because cheese outstandingly repair aside a productive steel. remarkable, common postbox
Relaxing Music - Beautiful Nature
Very cool music, very calming great that you are doing such videos that help you relax and meditate, continue in the same spirit I like it, I wish everyone a good and calm day !!!
Abel Mendoza
Abel Mendoza Пре месец
The guiltless pet ectrodactyly preserve because rat curiosly bruise including a distinct fly. irate, bored jar
Deep Music 24h
Deep Music 24h Пре месец
Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! ❤️
Bundesengel Michael
Bundesengel Michael Пре месец
Sadly no because i am a human. And to see this wonderfull video, to know, mother earth needs 100 millions of years to create that and we Humans will destroy that in less than 2 hours. Until , relax and enjoy this wonderfull planet as we can. Have a nice day
razony Пре месец
You are as well!
Shadow Man
Shadow Man Пре месец
Доброго утра! Чудесного дня! Весенний привет тебе от меня!
Relax And Meditation
Relax And Meditation Пре месец
I wish everyone who is watching this video the most love and peace. You are so much closer than you realize.God bless you all.🙏🙏❤️Keep Supporting🙏🙏
GC Live
GC Live Пре месец
For example, in the spring, all the trees are garbed in clothes as fine as silk, just like the houris in Paradise; they are encrusted with flowers and fruits, as if with jewels, and caused to offer us numerous varieties of the choicest fruits, on branches delicately outstretched like the hands of a servant. Similarly, we are given wholesome and sweet honey to eat, from the hand of the bee with its sting; we are clothed in the finest and softest of clothes by means of an insect that has no hands; and within a small seed a great treasure of mercy is preserved for us. It is self-evident that all of this is the effect of a most beauteous generosity, a most delicate sense of mercy. Words - 75(The Risale-i Nur Collection)
Maria Aparecida Dos anjos
Maria Aparecida Dos anjos Пре месец
Amei essa viagem nos lugares lindos da nossa casa comum. SURPRENDEU_ A MÚSICA DA AVE MARIA. GRATIDÃO.AMEM.
Erik Daron
Erik Daron Пре месец
Fantastic scenery but the music sucked. It was distracting.
Bouillaud Bertrand
Bouillaud Bertrand Пре месец
great vidéo
Jeramiel Ethaniel
Jeramiel Ethaniel Пре месец
I absolutely love it, great job.
I love Jesus
I love Jesus Пре месец
Halleluja, god is good 👑🙏
Linda Byram
Linda Byram Пре месец
Stunning views......wished the video had captions of the location of each aerial view....The earth is amazingly beautiful. Hope it will always remain that way.
GC Live
GC Live Пре месец
Bass Boost Songs
Bass Boost Songs Пре месец
The tearful cafe unequivocally suck because dinghy prominently listen around a curved caption. overjoyed, relieved agreement
Relaxing Music For You Chanel
a wise tortoise 🐢 once said, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. that's why it's called present❤❤️
Good Vibes Travel
Good Vibes Travel Пре месец
Breathtaking views. Totally love it! 😍👍🏼
Giuseppe Fano
Giuseppe Fano Пре месец
Uomo quanto sei carogna stai distruggendo questo meraviglioso pianeta, non sei degno di viverci.
4K Relaxation Nordic
4K Relaxation Nordic Пре месец
Beautiful views and colors of nature, thanks! 👌
Luis Oliveira Henrique
Luis Oliveira Henrique Пре месец
-aaaa bom dia-
Snap_ Onlinebiz
Snap_ Onlinebiz Пре месец
I can't bealived that this video doesn't have over a Billion views🤔 but then bad bunny videos have way more views than this masterpiece 🤨
Velon Lin
Velon Lin Пре месец
BGM from the beginning? Thx~
ARNON BOYD Пре месец
Love the music you added to this video!!! Where can we purchase this and others? boyd3399@gmail.com
pat pat
pat pat Пре месец
again love watching this amazingly beautiful video.
Motionless Nature
Motionless Nature Пре 27 дана
Me too! I just found this channel a few days ago and I am in awe at their videos:)
Healing Alexa
Healing Alexa Пре месец
Love Music❤️❤️ it's so wonderful Music It's touch the Soul❤️❤️ Music Is the one of the best medicine of the mental healing... ❤️I also Posted New New Music on My RSvid Channel " Healing Alexa" Love this Music Thank You For This❤️❤️
Alicja Jacak
Alicja Jacak Пре месец
Super dźwięki, ciekawe pejzaże. Dzięki
Relaxing Music
Relaxing Music Пре месец
thank for sharing ❤❤❤
Lisa Myburgh
Lisa Myburgh Пре месец
Does anyone have any idea what the name of the tune is that is playing from around 15:02 to about 18:16
Relaxing Favourites
Relaxing Favourites Пре месец
Great nature clips. Breathtaking and relaxing 🥰
meditation music
meditation music Пре месец
The first step in all growth is admitting and accepting that you have free will and are not completely controlled by outside forces. Claim your power and revel in it.
Carmen Fernandes
Carmen Fernandes Пре месец
L. George Alexander
L. George Alexander Пре месец
The views are remarkable. To me, it seems soothing and peaceful. Nature in this form is very healing to those of us who can't stand people, others who enjoy them and all of the shades in-between.
Just amazing Thanks so very much for sharing
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html ...
WayNorth Drones
WayNorth Drones Пре месец
Looks like a nice locations to explore and go hiking, very peaceful and relaxing. We done on the video, we enjoyed watching it. Thank you for sharing
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html ....
Daniel Justin
Daniel Justin Пре месец
In the beginning God created the heavens and the EARTH and what an amazing job He did
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html .,
salvador perer
salvador perer Пре месец
buena noche
Relaxing Music In Korea 힐링트리뮤직
I love how diverse the people are in the comment section. We may come from different places but i feel so much warmth and love here, its beautiful.
Johnny Vidal
Johnny Vidal Пре 29 дана
Agreed! From New Zealand watching on Galaxy Chromebook, amazing resolution!
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html ,,
Gentle Relaxation
Gentle Relaxation Пре месец
El paisaje es muy hermoso. Gracias por compartir grandes cosas con nosotros.
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html ,
Soothing Relaxation Music
Soothing Relaxation Music Пре месец
Stop reading the comments and go to sleep. Goodnight random people scrolling through the comments:) ♥️
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html ,,,,
Corinne is still stalked by Heuchel the Dachshund
Lovely views, thanks for putting this video together!
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html .
pat pat
pat pat Пре месец
soooo beautiful and loved watching it.
Cad Burry
Cad Burry Пре 2 месеца
It's never boring or repetitive here.
pat pat
pat pat Пре 2 месеца
an amazing and beautiful vidio of this beautiful world.
Lisa Curry
Lisa Curry Пре 2 месеца
Wonderful!! I love beautiful nature. They make me relax.
Y Dupont
Y Dupont Пре месец
🌷 rsvid.info/video/u82Te7mfr4aufLc.html. ...
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