3 DAYS with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra! | The Tech Chap 

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What's it like using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? I switched to the Note 20 Ultra 3 days ago, and I want to share my real world impressions using Samsung's latest flagship smartphone! Full Review Coming Soon! Amazon US: amzn.to/2FahxDT l UK: amzn.to/33JQolD (Paid Links)
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10 авг 2020






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The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Пре месец
Hey Chaps! Are you tempted to buy the Note 20 Ultra? 🤔 (also apologies I can't share more concrete info like photos and side by side tests - but I'll share everything in my full review) 👍
F Pack
F Pack Пре 4 дана
@Jayed AL Sabit hey Brudda don't get the tab really no need the note is a phone tablet more than enough
F Pack
F Pack Пре 4 дана
Nah can't tempt me if I already got one
cymanca Пре 26 дана
Love the functions of the S pen but despise the slippery texture and the location/position of the button
Daxesh Shukla
Daxesh Shukla Пре месец
Does support 45 watt charger?
Keyth David
Keyth David Пре месец
@Andre Pol yes I've notice the battery life is quite dire. Hope that settles. Speed wise the apps are instant to open and I don't really play games so that's all good. Such a shame about the battery 😞
Hi! Which would you consider is the best phone overall? This or the Huawei P40? Thanx
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Пре 7 дана
Sorry I am 6 feet and hands are much bigger than yours. Almost like you have little girl hands. Just saying. I have US version and I love it.
itypar Пре 10 дана
Where did you get that spiderman wallpaper?
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Пре 13 дана
Where did you Get this Spiderman paper on your phone I would like to know where you got back that is really cool
Udaykumar Kumar
Udaykumar Kumar Пре 16 дана
Bro wallpaper link bro
Syum world
Syum world Пре 17 дана
Amazing phone
mohammad basiri
mohammad basiri Пре 18 дана
note 20 ultar or p40 pro ? camera ?
Daud Qamran
Daud Qamran Пре 22 дана
Note 10 plus does better justice
Arvind Zish
Arvind Zish Пре 24 дана
Need that spoderman wallpaper
crisybelkis Пре 26 дана
I saw many videos and comments on Note 20 Ultra. Can someone tell me some good things about Exynos instead of Snapdragon. Exist some point that Exynos win? Please y will buy the phone but is kind of sadly some phones are better in other countries.
crisybelkis Пре 26 дана
I love your wallpaper of spiderman... Is coming with the phone? Or where you get it?
Xiao Huyang
Xiao Huyang Пре 28 дана
Love it when the british say bloody
Aamir Lila
Aamir Lila Пре месец
How do I get the spiderman wallpaper? I want it
John Rommelt
John Rommelt Пре месец
With all the Colors Hype: The Only 512GB UNLOCKED phone you can get is BLACK.
D_MAGIC_BOSS Пре месец
So would you recommend the S20 Ultra or the Note 20 Ultra?
notAyoutuber Пре месец
11:10 Who else thought he was gonna say "a quick word from our sponsor"
Lachie Eyers
Lachie Eyers Пре месец
Anyone got this and having battery life issues? I'm getting 2-3 hours screen time if that. Just browsing Facebook and instagram. First samsung ever and I'm not happy
adisbern Пре месец
He has a wife? Why does he not wear a wedding ring?
adisbern Пре месец
I watch his videos not because of the tech but because of him, he is so handsome! lol
W B Пре месец
Can't do such bad battery life for that price. Storage is too low as well. Processor throttles and overheats far too much for me. It's 20 percent slower than Snapdragon and that's proven with all the tests. You'll only get 5 hours screen time max. I'll stick with my 512gb storage and 8 hours screen time with quad hd 120htz refresh rate.
Jose Betancourt
Jose Betancourt Пре месец
I thought I was the only one who hated the phrase "Daily driver". lol
Pema Drenjong SK
Pema Drenjong SK Пре месец
It's really a wonderful phone.
Vladimir Pereira
Vladimir Pereira Пре месец
I didn't know the tech chap is already married!
Youssef Ramadan
Youssef Ramadan Пре месец
Can I get spider man's wallpaper plz ?
ShadowTheLight Пре месец
Sick wallpaper!
Sebastian Cardone
Sebastian Cardone Пре месец
i LOVE IT . I bought myself one and I got the 128 version But I put a 1 tb memory sim card ! so plenty of space !
Garrett Пре месец
When you realize the camera software has barely improved with samsung
Parshuram Gupta
Parshuram Gupta Пре месец
You like ab divilliers
Neelam Govan
Neelam Govan Пре месец
Where can we get that spiderman wall paper from????
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Пре месец
I use the wallpix app
irwan aziz
irwan aziz Пре месец
I want the spiderman wallpaper for my note 10 . Please share the link .
Hey Now
Hey Now Пре месец
I'm so confused i guess, why doesn't the camera have a resolution setting, its just called video? Note 10 has both settings?
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Пре месец
It does in the settings. 1080p, 4k, 8k
iznaverro Пре месец
Where did you get your spider man wall paper for samsung note 20 ultra?
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Пре месец
Wallpix app
abdul HafeeZ
abdul HafeeZ Пре месец
Who else watching Note 20 Ultra on this video
Robert-Jan van Loon
Robert-Jan van Loon Пре месец
Omi Brown
Omi Brown Пре месец
My app icon badge number won't comes up?
The modern viking
The modern viking Пре месец
The reason EU version isn't as good on photo like the US version is because they went and scammed us there as well in US u get the Sony lens and EU has Samsungs own lens
Antalyan Junction
Antalyan Junction Пре месец
I've been using phones of about that size since the Xperia Z Ultra in 2013(smaller screen but larger body). Pro tip for using large phones one-handed: Get a case with lanyard holes in the side you hold it with (or drill if necessary)(the Xperia Z Ultra had them built in, but Ringke seems to make cases for them), stick a small lanyard loop through it onto a split key ring. Then you can stick your pinky through the key ring whenever you grab it. You end up holding it less carefully because you're not going to drop it, so you don't wrap your fingers all the way around, just lay them flat on the back, and you get an inch or so more reach. Bonus: If you're in a high place taking photos, you don't have to worry about dropping it. I know they have stickers or cases with something similar on the back to grab, but I find them too inflexible in moving around, whereas with the key ring on a string, you can slide around the phone as needed and it doesn't add a bump(maybe that's a good thing in this case though given the camera bump...)
Nasrollah Karimi
Nasrollah Karimi Пре месец
Wow nice background. How can I take it??
LeafyIsHere Пре месец
Awesome , 10/10. I actually found this funny lol.
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Please don't buy a Galaxy S20 Ultra.
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